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NAU Professional Unit Conceptual Framework ESE 424 January 21, 2008.

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1 NAU Professional Unit Conceptual Framework ESE 424 January 21, 2008

2 The Vision… “We seek to prepare educational leaders who create tomorrow's opportunities for young people.”

3 The Mission… “We strive to prepare competent and committed professionals who will make positive differences for children, young adults, and others in schools.”

4 Philosophy “We believe effective educators (our candidates) must have strong content background, professional competence, and dispositions to be confident, open- minded, ethical, and empathic.”

5 Values Learner-Centered Education Commitment to Diversity Innovation and Inquiry Advocacy Lifelong Learning

6 Candidate Dispositions Confident Open-Minded Caring and Empathic Ethical Reasoning and Behavior

7 Confident Openness to Feedback Is open and responsive to feedback from others Commitment to Effective Communication Demonstrates thoughtful, effective verbal and non-verbal communication and listening Commitment to Professional Development and Growth Demonstrates a commitment to continual improvement through reflection, inquiry, and remaining current in knowledge and professional practice.

8 Open-Minded Commitment to Respecting Diversity Is sensitive to community and cultural norms and is responsive to, and respectful of, individual and cultural differences such as class, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, language, and sexual orientation as well as experiences and ideas that do not reflect the individual candidate’s particular history. Demonstrates a belief that all students can learn and a commitment to supporting the growth of all learners. Commitment to Collaboration Demonstrates a willingness to collaborate with others to improve learning and development

9 Caring and Empathic Upholds Principles of Safety and Well- Being Demonstrates concern for, and protection of, the physical and emotional safety and well-being of self, students, and others

10 Ethical Reasoning and Behavior Behaving in a manner consistent with the standards of legal and ethical conduct (e.g., professional conduct with candidates, parents, colleagues, professors, etc., academic conduct consistent with the NAU Code of Conduct; protecting privacy and confidentiality of candidates). Professional Conduct Recognizes and fulfills professional responsibilities and habits of conduct (e.g., dress, language, preparedness, attendance, punctuality, composure, honesty); serves as an appropriate role model for students Committed to the Profession Demonstrates a positive attitude and commitment to the profession and understands the broad role of educators in the school, community, and society

11 The Slippery Slope

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