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Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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1 Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

2 A plan to achieve the sales goal of a business Describes how a business will win, retain and develop customers... A blueprint for success Build a successful sales strategy What is a sales strategy?...

3 What does a sales strategy do?… Build a successful sales strategy ‘Defines the selling activities and allocates resources to deliver the sales goal of the business …’

4 Key elements of a sales strategy?… Build a successful sales strategy 1. Goal and Objectives What is the goal of your business? e.g. ‘We want to become the UK’s leading supplier of solar powered generators by sales within 3 years’ What are the objectives that when achieved will deliver the goal? 2. Target Market (Customer) Who is your target customer group? What /how/why… do they buy? Who is the person you are selling to? What are their needs 3. Products/Services What are you selling to the target market? Why would the customer buy? What is your sales value proposition? 4. Competitive Advantages Who are your competitors? What are their strengths/weaknesses?... What are your competitive advantages ? How are you better, cheaper, faster?

5 Key elements of a sales strategy?… Build a successful sales strategy 7. Resources, Skills and Capabilities What resources (e.g. sales time, money), skills and capabilities (e.g. sales planning, key account management ) are required to sell How will you develop and improve skills e.g. selling skills training… 8. Sales Management How is the sales target set, sales performance reviewed, coaching provided? What performance incentives are provided? e.g. bonus scheme 5. Route to market How will you reach the customer? e.g. direct, channel partners, internet What direct route will you adopt? e.g. sales team, telesales, trade shows 6. Selling Process What are your selling activities? e.g. prospecting, approaching and presenting How will you maximise success during the ‘critical hour’ in front of customer?

6 A sales strategy addresses common business challenges? Build a successful sales strategy Stagnant or declining sales revenues Merger of sales forces after an acquisition New product introductions Launch of a new competitor Expansion to new markets

7 Selling is helping the customer to buy Helping the customer to make up his mind based upon the satisfaction of his/her needs Selling is about going for a ‘win-win’ for you and the customer Selling is not so much about shifting product as making... customers

8 Focus on the customer NOT the company!... Know that customers buy to satisfy needs... Recognise needs are fulfilled by benefits derived from features... Deliver desired outcomes

9 A communication and learning experience Salesperson learns the needs of the customer and the customer learns whether the product will meet needs Characterized by nine activities that are directed at winning customers Successful management of the selling process requires good analytical, communication, decision making, and organisational skills

10 Ways of generating leads 1. Seek referrals from present satisfied users e.g. Balfour Beatty, Coca Cola Enterprises 2. Ask channel partners e.g. Speedy Hire 3. Attend conferences and exhibitions e.g. Renewable UK Annual Conference 4. Engage web marketing and social media 5. Register and advertise with trade associations e.g. Construction Plant Hire Association

11 Step 1 Engage the customer facing team Step 2 Describe the current situation Step 3 Create the ‘Sales Strategy Canvas’ Step 4 Prepare sales strategy document Step 5 Launch/ review progress and adapt

12 Daily Motivation For Your Peak Performance Recharge Yourself With Our Free Video’s Get Connected To The World Of Human Resource


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