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Global ACT Coaching Skills Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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1 Global ACT Coaching Skills Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

2 Global ACT Understanding The Meaning of Coaching

3 Global ACT Let’s take a Small Case … Mr. Shepherd is a sales executive. He has been working in the profile for over a year now and is a disciplined employee. At times, he has been coming late for work everyday.

4 Global ACT What would you do; If you were Shepherd supervisor

5 Global ACT What would you do? If you were Shepherd coach

6 Global ACT Examples of Goal statements  To lose 5 kg from my body weight and be able to run around the park in 15 minutes by January 15 th instead of To be a fitter person.  To have made Rs.10 lakhs net profit from by business by the end of April 2009 instead of To improve the performance of my business  To be able to speak French and understand all what is said in a business meeting in Paris by May 15 th instead of To learn French

7 Global ACT Examples of Reality Statements  I have 3 recruitment consultants I know personally and who I could call to ask for help. I know 4 others but they don’t know me instead of I know some recruitment consultants  I weigh 90 kg which is about 10 kg more than my recommended weight instead of I am overweight  I have tried to clear out my cupboards 3 times in the last 2 years instead of My house is a mess and I can’t seem to clear it up

8 Global ACT Examples of ‘Obstacles/Options’ statements  Next time Geeta asks me to work overtime I will suggest alternatives rather than giving in instead of I will try and behave differently  My Supervisor is OK when I do routine work but when I ask him for any help with special assignments he is unwilling to explain things to me instead of My boss obstructs everything I do  I could ask Mohit for help instead of I could ask some people for help  I currently do a full time job and I am looking after my parents in the evening. My weekends are free instead of I have no time to do this.

9 Global ACT Examples of Wrap Up Statements  To speak to Manish by Tuesday and ask him to give me 5 days leave instead of I will ask for leave  Go to the gym 3 times a week for 30 minutes from next week instead of Go to the gym  Enrol in an evening class for French on Tuesday that will enable be to get conversation in 3 months instead of Learn more French  Speak to Viresh next week about the skills he thinks are necessary to get a promotion and ask for his advice on how to get the experience I need instead of Talk to Viresh about a promotion

10 Global ACT 10

11 Global ACT Daily Motivation For Your Peak Performance Recharge Yourself With Our Free Video’s Get Connected To The World Of Human Resource

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