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How to Become a Leader Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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1 How to Become a Leader Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

2 Leadership

3 What is leadership? Leading people Influencing people
Commanding people Guiding people

4 Types of Leaders Leader by the position achieved
Leader by personality, charisma Leader by moral example Leader by power held Intellectual leader Leader because of ability to accomplish things

5 Managers vs. Leaders Managers Focus on things Do things right Plan
Organize Direct Control Follows the rules Leaders Focus on people Do the right things Inspire Influence Motivate Build Shape entities

6 Leadership Traits Intelligence Physical Personality
More intelligent than non-leaders Scholarship Knowledge Being able to get things done Physical Doesn’t see to be correlated Personality Verbal facility Honesty Initiative Aggressive Self-confident Ambitious Originality Sociability Adaptability

7 Leadership Styles Delegating Participating Selling Telling
Low relationship/ low task Responsibility Willing employees Participating High relationship/ low task Facilitate decisions Able but unwilling Selling High task/high relationship Explain decisions Willing but unable Telling High Task/Low relationship Provide instruction Closely supervise

8 Ways to develop Leadership Qualities
Learn to think more critically Do more to enthuse your team Make your goals and future vision attractive and attainable Learn to communicate clearly Improve your speaking skills Organize and allocate workflow

9 Make sure work is done correctly and on time
Find better ways to do things Encourage progress and recognize efforts Try to match individual skills and work Build team spirit Encourage people to work cooperatively Recognize success and learn from failure Trust your subordinates

10 New Leaders Take Note Challenges General Advice Need knowledge quickly
Establish new relationships Expectations Personal equilibrium General Advice Take advantage of the transition period Get advice and counsel Show empathy to predecessor Learn leadership

11 New Leader Traps Not learning quickly Captured by wrong people
Isolation Know-it-all Keeping existing team Taking on too much Captured by wrong people Successor syndrome

12 Display Your Leadership by
Doing your homework and being prepared Treating everyone with respect and courtesy Sharing the credit, taking the blame Staying focused on a clear vision and setting energizing goals Surrounding yourself with capable people Staying optimistic, even in challenging circumstances Involving and including others Thinking systematically Seeking ways to improve things, do things better, easier, faster or more economically Helping people to reach their potential

13 Thank You

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