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Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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2 Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

3 Understand the over all mission  Strive to make your company’s values, goals & objectives as your own.  Take on priorities of your boss as your own priorities.  Superiors value employees who can align and channel themselves as per the vision or mission of the organization or team. 5/5/20153

4 Know The Evaluation Process  Knowing how you will be evaluated is very essential.  Every boss evaluates their employees based on certain skills,behaviours & accomplishments.  In order to impress the higher ups you need to focus on the ones that will be appreaciated,recognized & rewarded  Hence diligently cultivate those skills that you will be judged on and promoted. 5/5/20154

5 Be Dependable 5/5/20155 Trust – make certain to do what you say you would do. Reliability – It is always prudent to under promise & over deliver to come across as a reliable employee. Dependability – when you do the above you will be seen as a person whose word and action can be counted upon. And that will put you in a greater positive light at your workplace.

6 Radiate Positivity 5/5/20156 What To do Let what you speak & what you do at your workplace spark positivity. Be a motivator Be a problem solver Be a person who everyone wants to be with What not To do Don’t engage in gossip & negative back biting sessions. Don’t complain & criticize your colleagues, boss or organization.

7 Make your boss look good 5/5/20157 Offer ideas suggestions that will enhance your team or boss’s profile & when your contribution is appreciated do not let it go to your head and hog all the credit. Instead thank your superiors and credit them for your success.

8 Take ownership 5/5/20158 Take Responsibility for whatever that you do for your organization!!!!

9 Stay Organized 5/5/20159 Be organized personally as well as professionally as per the requirements of your team or your company Make lists of things to do, chart out your daily schedule, prioritize them by urgency & be certain to complete them. By organizing your personal life and aligning it with your work life you will be more productive and efficient.

10 Make A Point To Be Punctual 5/5/201510 Your punctuality shows that you are committed, enthusiastic and dependable. This will go a long way in impressing your boss and enhancing your career prospects.

11 Be Resourceful 5/5/201511

12 Be The Leader 5/5/201512 Leadership is one of the most important qualities when it comes to being a successful professional. Observe study read and apply what you learn into your work,it would be those very qualities that would lead you to be promoted to a higher position. Strive To Lead Than To Follow!!!

13 Sum Up 5/5/201513 Creating a great & positive impression at your workplace is important but it isn’t necessarily a difficult thing in itself. Now that you know at least 10 ways that you can apply immediately, making an impression shouldn’t be difficult for you.

14 Daily Motivation For Your Peak Performance Recharge Yourself With Our Free Video’s Get Connected To The World Of Human Resource

15 5/5/201515 Thank You

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