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ACCOMODATIONS Best Western Plus Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel 1307 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 428-2828.

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1 ACCOMODATIONS Best Western Plus Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel 1307 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 428-2828

2 Friday, April 10, 2015 6:00AMLoad buses and depart Centennial High School for Virginia Beach 9:00AMBreakfast en route (bring money)* 11:30AMArrive at Great Bridge Baptist Church 12:00PMChoral Warm-up 12:30PMChoral Performance 1:00PMDepart for Tallwood High School 1:30PMLunch at Tallwood High School (sandwich lunch boxes) 2:00PMOrchestra Warm-up 2:30PMOrchestra Performance 4:15PMBand Warm-up 4:45PMBand Performance 5:30PMDepart for Spirit of Norfolk Dinner Cruise 6:30PMBoard Spirit of Norfolk Dinner Cruise 10:00PMDepart for hotel 10:30PMArrive at hotel 11:00PMRoom checks and lights out

3 Saturday, April 11, 2015 7:00AMBreakfast at hotel (provided) 9:00AMDepart Virginia Beach, VA for Williamsburg, VA 10:00AMArrive at Busch Gardens 12:00PMLunch in park (meal voucher provided) 6:00PMDinner in park (meal voucher provided) 8:00PMAwards Ceremony 9:00PMDepart for hotel 10:00PMArrive at hotel 10:30PMRoom checks and lights out

4 Sunday, April 12, 2015 (schedule may change depending on weather) 8:00AMBreakfast at hotel (provided) 9:00AMDepart to Nauticus Museum 10:00AMNauticus Museum 12:00PMLunch at Dave & Buster’s Restaurant 1:30PMVirginia Beach Boardwalk and Beach 3:30PMDepart for Centennial High School 5:30PMDinner en route (bring money)* 8:00PMArrive at Centennial High School

5 Chaperone Groups Students signed up for chaperone groups in class. Chaperone groups are distributed among three buses. Students will check-in with chaperones when transitioning between activities and perusing the park.

6 Students signed up for buses in class. Chaperones are on the same bus as their child.

7 LUGGAGE 1 suitcase 1 carry-on (backpack, sidebag, etc.) Pillow/Blanket Garment Bag for Concert Attire (pack separately from luggage) Please label all luggage!

8 DEPARTURE Students must be at school at 5:45AM. Meet in the auditorium in chaperone groups. REMEMBER to bring everything you need for the bus trip ON the bus, not underneath. Students will be dismissed from the auditorium to load the buses. Buses will be boarded in the following order: –Students with large instruments (bass, cello, tuba, etc.) –Adults –Seniors –Juniors –Sophomores –Freshman

9 Bus Loading Procedures Band instruments will go on the red bus. Orchestra instruments will go on the white bus. Luggage will go on white and blue buses.

10 Bus Loading Procedures Upon arrival, bring your luggage, garment bag and instrument to the designated area for your bus. Concert attire must be in garment bag or carry-on, not in luggage. Bus loaders will load your items neatly and safely on to the bus. Chaperones will load their luggage last. You will take your carry-on with you when your group is called to board the bus. You will not have access to items under the

11 What to bring on the bus… 1 carry-on bag –Bring everything you will need for the drive ON the bus with you, not underneath. Concert attire needs to be in a garment bag under the bus or in your carry-on. You will not have access to luggage before performances. DVD: G/PG/PG-13 (in original packaging). –All movies viewed, even on personal devices, must be appropriately rated for student viewing. Pillow and blanket Snacks and beverages. Due to allergy concerns, nuts and citrus fruit/products are not permitted on the buses. This is serious.

12 Meals Meals en route are the only meals that students need to buy on their own (2 meals). Please follow chaperone instructions and be punctual. Please be safe, especially when crossing the street…even if you see Noodles & Company.

13 Arriving at the Performance Venues On Friday morning, we will arrive at the choral performance venue. Choral students will change into concert attire on site. Band and orchestra students will stay in casual attire. After the choral performance, chorus members will stay in concert attire and we will depart for the instrumental performance venue. Upon arrival at the instrumental performance venue, band and orchestra students will change into concert attire. Prior to departing the instrumental performance venue, all students will change back into casual attire for the dinner cruise. Please change back into what you were wearing. You will not have access to luggage.

14 Performance Etiquette All students will support each other and listen to every performance. No food, drink, or electronic devices in the performance venue. No sleeping. Be supportive of other schools!

15 Room Captains Responsible for distributing and collecting room keys. Must remain in room on check-out day until the room has been reviewed by the assigned chaperones and all room keys are turned in. Luggage will be brought down to bus by roommates.

16 Room Etiquette Keep your room clean. You will not be checked-out of your room until it is clean. Do not place used towels on the carpet or beds. Please keep used towels in the bathroom. Incidentals are disabled. If we receive a noise complaint, the entire room risks being excluded from an activity the following day. Respect your roommates. Be courteous. No boys in girls’ rooms or girls in boys’ rooms EVER. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone present in the room where the violation occurred will be immediately dismissed from the trip at parent’s expense. CHS rules and regulations apply. Failure to comply will not only result in dismissal from the trip, but also additional disciplinary consequences when we return to CHS.

17 Room Checks Be in your room at the designated time. No vending machines, ice, etc. Room doors are taped after the room check. Tape will be removed at a designated time.

18 Busch Gardens Students will have scheduled check-in times with chaperones. Students must travel in groups of 4 or more CENTENNIAL STUDENTS. No exceptions. If for some reason a student accidentally separates from his/her group, he/she must call a chaperone immediately. Failure to comply with the rules above will result in loss of activities or dismissal from the trip.

19 On the beach/boardwalk… Per HCPSS policy, students may not enter the water. Students will be given boundaries for the beach and will be under adult supervision. Bring soccer balls, Frisbees, etc. Please use discretion when choosing beach attire.

20 Arrival Students are not dismissed until buses are clean, equipment is stored neatly in the music rooms, and the directors dismiss you. Students will call home when we are approximately 30 minutes from CHS.

21 Be on time… for everything! Your five minute tardiness = 140 unhappy people. Follow your itinerary. Be respectful of others and be on time…always!

22 CHS Music Department Spring Trip Pledge 2014 I pledge to obey all rules of the HCPSS, CHS and the Music Department. I know that if something is not appropriate at school, it is not appropriate on the trip. This includes drugs, alcohol, attire, language, etc. I promise to represent Howard County, CHS and the Music Department in a mature and professional manner at all times. I promise to treat teachers, chaperones, bus drivers and other students with the utmost respect. I understand that any breach of the code of conduct will result in disciplinary action by the directors and CHS administration. I understand that time management is essential to the success of the trip and I pledge to be on time and respectful to the provided itinerary. I understand that at no time am I permitted to enter the room of a member of the opposite sex. I understand any damage to the hotel room will be the shared financial responsibility of all students assigned to that particular room. I understand that there are no warnings and that if I break this contract my parents will be contacted and will be responsible for my immediate dismissal from the trip without refund.

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