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Music Camp Camp Caroline. Wed., September 21 – Fri., September 23, 2011 Forms are due no later than Thursday, September 15 th.

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1 Music Camp Camp Caroline

2 Wed., September 21 – Fri., September 23, 2011 Forms are due no later than Thursday, September 15 th

3 All Centennial music students are invited to attend our annual retreat to be held at Camp Caroline. There are two specific goals of this retreat: To participate in camp related activities which aim to encourage friendship between students and contribute to the overall team spirit of our ensembles. To increase musical knowledge and skill with the opportunity to work with both Centennial music directors and guest instructors. The retreat is scheduled from Wednesday to Friday and students as a result will one and a half days of school. Each student will be responsible for checking with their teachers ahead of time and upon their return to make up any work missed. Attendance at the camp does not excuse students from assigned work while they are away.

4 The total cost of the trip is approximately $195.00 per student and this amount covers food, accommodation, and transportation and clinicians. CHAMP is subsidizing this trip which brings the total camp cost to $100.00 per student. Cheques are to be made payable to CHAMP. (Due September 15 th ) Students are not required to attend this activity and their marks will not suffer in any way should they choose not to attend for whatever reason. Having said that, it is also hoped that the majority of our students do attend as we get to know one another and learn to work together. This activity is a school trip wherein all normal school rules and policies apply and we expect that in all circumstances our students will represent Centennial High School well.

5 Potential Hazards Hazards associated with transportation: –Mechanical breakdown –Vehicle accident –Poor road conditions –Inclement weather –Bus separation –Medical emergencies –Sudden changes of speed or direction –Slipping, falling, etc.

6 Hazards associated with accommodation: –Fire –Evacuation –Tripping/falling –Room invasion/horseplay –Unknown environment –Unfamiliar surroundings –Students not staying in assigned rooms –Pre-existing medical conditions Hazards associated with allergies: - Food - Wildlife - Domestic pets - Environmental conditions

7 Hazards associated with equipment: - Equipment failure Hazards associated with swimming : –Drowning –Muscle fatigue –Broken bones –Sprained joints Hazards associated with terrain: –Sprained joints –Broken bones –Hypo/hyperthermia

8 Hazards associated with walking: –Sprained joints –Broken bones Hazards associated with weather: - Hypo/hyperthermia Hazards associated with wild animals: - Animal attack –Other hazards: –Food allergies, food poisoning, choking, tripping/falling on or over equipment or props, overheating, choking while drinking water, etc.

9 Schedule for Camp Caroline 2011 Bring a bag lunch or snack to eat on the bus Wednesday, September 21 ST 8:00- 8:15Arrive at Centennial with all camp supplies (may be stored in music room) and a bag lunch 11:30Load buses 12:00 Depart for Camp Caroline – eat lunch on bus 2:30Arrive at Camp Caroline – unload/expectations/room assignments 3:00-4:15Rehearsals for band and choir 4:15-5:15Camp activities (swimming or other activity (homework, volleyball, basketball, cards, board games)) 5:30Dinner 6:30-8:00Rehearsals for band and choir 8:15-10:00 Team-building activities (Snack at 9:15) 10:30Everyone in rooms 11:00Lights Out!!

10 Thursday, September 22 nd 7:30 Wake up!!!!! 8:00Breakfast 8:45Band/Choir Warm-up 9:00 -10:30Band and choir rehearsals with guest conductors 10:30 – 10:45 Break 11:00 -12:00Band and choir rehearsals with guest conductors 12:15Lunch 1:30- 3:00Camp Activities (capture the flag) 3:30 – 4:50Rehearsal (band/choir) 5:00Dinner 6:30 – 8:30Camp Activities (Swimming or other activity (homework, volleyball, basketball, cards, board games)) 8:30 Snack 8:45Movie night 11:00Lights Out!!

11 Friday, September 24 th 8:00Wake up and get rooms packed and cleaned before breakfast 8:30Breakfast 10:15 -11:15Band and choir rehearsals 11:30Lunch 12:45 Depart Camp Caroline 3:00 Arrival at Centennial

12 What to Take Clothes for three days and two nights Be prepared for any kind of weather Toiletries: shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Bath Towel Sleeping bag and pillow Swimming suit Instruments, music and pencils $ for the Tuck Shop Theme night clothes – Video Games Please pack as lightly as possible so we can fit you and your stuff on the bus

13 Student Expectations Students will be traveling under the authority of the Calgary Board of Education and the regulations which govern students conduct at school will be in effect throughout the trip. Students will respect the authority of all chaperones and camp staff at all times. Students are responsible to any other teachers for all work missed during the trip. Involvement in any way with alcohol, drugs, or tobacco is not permitted during the trip and will result in being sent home and followed up with school administration. There will be no girls in boys’ rooms and no boys in girls’ rooms at any time. Common areas will be provided for all students. Foul language will not be tolerated Everyone takes part in all happenings during the trip unless prearranged with Ms. Van Lare, Ms. Fehr or one of the other supervisors. Serious problems will be dealt with in this order: Room changes and phone calls home to inform parents of the event. Trip home at parent’s expense and follow up with school administration. Directions to Camp Caroline can be found at: In case of an emergency: The phone number at Camp Caroline (from 9:00-5:00) is 403-722-3939. The after hours emergency number is 403-722-9906 or Dr. Christison 403-657-6414

14 Supervisors In addition to teachers Ms. Van Lare (Teacher in Charge), Ms. Fehr and Mr. Reina, we have four additional supervisors joining us at camp (Mr. Murray Mill, Mrs. Sandi Wiggins, Mrs. Carole Knox and Mrs. Adele Dirks).


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