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Campus Computing Basics The College of St. Scholastica.

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1 Campus Computing Basics The College of St. Scholastica

2 Topics Policies & Security CSS Computing Environment Network Basics GroupWise (e-mail) Basics CSS Web Page Basics

3 Policies Faculty & Staff Handbooks – Technology Policy – Highlights –Prohibits use of network to violate the legal rights (including rights of privacy and publicity) of others –Prohibits distribution of viruses –Keep all passwords confidential –No spamming on the network

4 Security More to come on how to properly protect your college issued computer.

5 CSS Computing Environment Help Desk Computer Labs Hours and Location Printing Deep Freeze Software Training AV Equipment Tablet PC Cart

6 Help Desk Ext. 5911 Tower 2400 Hallway Student Technology Assistants (TAs) TAs are here for any questions you may have –Computer problems –ResNet questions –Printer problems –AV equipment checkout

7 Help Desk Hours Regular Computer Labs –Monday-Thursday: 7AM-Midnight –Friday: 7AM-5PM –Saturday: 9AM-6PM –Sunday: Noon-Midnight

8 Computer Labs Computer Labs Teagle Lab - T2412 - this lab is used frequently for classes during the day. Micro Lab - T2410 - this lab is not used for classes. CIS lab - T2420 - this lab is used frequently for classes during the day. 24-Hour Lab - T14 - this lab is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Science Commons Lab - S3114- this lab is not used for classes. Library Lab - this lab is on the main floor of the Library. Somers Hall Lab - this lab is only available to residents of Somers Hall.

9 Printing in Computer Labs Printing metering in computer labs –250 Free B&W printouts –3¢ a page after –50 ¢ a page for all color printouts Scanners –Available in each computer lab –Text and Image scanning

10 Deep Freeze Program Do NOT save anything to the C:\ drive on the lab computers. Wipes out any programs that have been added or customized changes that have been made to the computer. Ensures that everyone will see the same items and settings on the computer each time they log in.

11 Software Training Windows MS Office Suite 2003 GroupWise Netscape

12 Audio Video Equipment Technology Classrooms –LCD projectors –PC –VCR/DVD player –Training Video Click to open in windows media player.Training Video Call the Help Desk for reservations

13 Tablet PC Cart 24 Tablet PC’s Wireless ready Turn any room into a computer lab Available in Science and Tower Hall Please call the Help Desk for reservations

14 Tablet PC Cart Checkout Procedures Faculty and Staff must pick up the cart –You will need to sign and note all equipment present. Do not leave cart unattended Students must sign for tablet used Tablets are to be returned to their respective slots Make sure tablet pens are not missing Help TA push cart back

15 Network Basics Novell Network Logging into the Network Changing your password Network Drives Wireless Network

16 Novell Network A network is a series of computers connected together. Novell Netware –Network drives access –Network software access –GroupWise Email

17 Logging into the Network User ID: First initial plus up to 7 letters of your last name with no spaces –Username look up: puter_accounts/account_lookup/ puter_accounts/account_lookup/ Password: CSS ID number

18 Changing Your Network Password 1.Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard 2.Click on the Change Password button 3.Type your old password (note: you will not see any characters as you type your password). 4.Type your new password twice as prompted. 5.Use your new password at your next login. Note: Your GroupWise password will change also.

19 Network Drive K: drive (Personal drive) –Save all of your work here! –100 MB of space –Look for UserID or K: –Private and secure –Information is backed up every night

20 Network Drive R: drive (Shared) –Do not save personal items here –Accessible to all network users –Look for Global or R: –Backed up every night

21 Wireless Network Tower –Storms Den –Computer Labs (2400 hallway) –IT Area (1100 hallway) Science –Commons Area 3 rd floor 1 st floor Look for this sign

22 GroupWise Email Changing your password Receiving/reading email Sending an email Deleting in GroupWise

23 Changing your GroupWise password 1.Click on Tools 2.Choose Options 3.Double-click on the Security icon 4.Type your old password (note: you will not see any characters as you type your password). 5.Type your new password twice as prompted. 6.Use your new password at your next login. Note: Your Novell Network password will change also.

24 Reading Your Email The small envelope icons on each line indicate whether an e-mail item has been read or not (open envelopes have been read, closed have not).

25 Sending an Email 1.Click the Create New Mail button on the toolbar 2.Type the name of the recipient(s) in the To: box. 3.Press the Tab key to move to the Subject: field. 4.Type the subject of the message. 5.Press the Tab key to move to the Message: field. 6.Type the message. 7.Click the Send button on the top to send the message.

26 Deleting Email To delete a message after reading it, while the message is still open, click the Delete button located in the lower right side of the message window. To delete a message while viewing all messages in the Mailbox or other folder, click the message to select it and press the Delete key on the keyboard. Note: Either method sends the e-mail to the Trash folder. Messages remain in this folder until they are automatically deleted after five days.

27 Daily Announcements Come out twice daily at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Send messages to "Students Announcements." The Daily Announcements cannot comprehend attachments. For sale items can be posted on the web bulletin board

28 CSS Web Pages Home Page Faculty & Staff Page Banner Web GroupWise Web Access NetStorage

29 CSS Home Page Visit the Faculty and Staff home page for links to resources at CSS.

30 Banner Web Personal Information Pay Stubs Time Sheets Banner Web is a system that allows you to access employee services on the Internet. Faculty Members Please Read

31 GroupWise Web Access You can access your email from the Internet. GroupWise Features: Email Calendar Tasks Notes

32 NetStorage Use NetStorage to access your K: and R: drives from the Internet.

33 End Thank you for taking the time to look at the Campus Computing Orientation. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please call the Help Desk at x5-911.

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