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How to Use Stowe School District

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1 How to Use Stowe School District E-mail
Open Internet Explorer. Outlook is optimized for Internet Explorer. Other browsers may not have advanced features. Kathleen Nann ©2005 Stowe School District

2 Table of Contents Overview of Outlook Web Mail How To:
Click the button on any page to return to this Table of Contents. Overview of Outlook Web Mail Access your from the Web Login to the Server The Inbox Main Toolbar Inbox Tools How To: Compose a New Message Open and Read an Message Reply to an Message Log off the System Locate a Teacher’s Address Manage Pop-ups Learn about Contacts Add a Contact from a Sent Message Add a New Contact via the New Contact Form Learn about Advanced Features using the Help System Get Personalized Help from Tech Support Download this slide Show

3 Access and Login to your Email
1. Go to the District Web Site 2. Click the link: Stowe School District You can access your from school, home, or any place where you have an internet connection.

4 Login to the E-mail Server
1. Type your network login id 2. Type your network login password 4. Click the button 3. Do not change these options. HINT: You will next see security window asking if you are sure you want to continue. You must click Yes to log in to your mailbox.

5 Outlook Inbox As soon you login in, your mailbox will open to the INBOX Folder Pane Main Window Toolbar

6 Main Toolbar Scroll Arrows Displays the folder that is active
# of Messages/Pages Log Off Button Displays available tools for the Active Folder

7 Inbox Tools Delete the selected E-mail message
Turn off Preview Pane in all folders! Learn about using the program Move or copy Reply Checks for New Mail Forward Click to compose a New message Reply All HINT: Hover your mouse over the icons to see the name of the tool. b

8 Compose a New E-mail Message
5. Click the send button 1. Click the NEW button 2. Type the recipient 3. Add a subject line 4. Type in the message box HINT: Hold down the Shift key and press 2 to type the @ symbol.

9 Read an E-mail Message Double click the message
The message will open in a new window

10 Reply to an Use the toolbar to reply, forward, print, or delete the message This message shows that I have already sent a reply

11 Type your Reply Message Toolbar The recipient’s address and
Save draft Spell check Font Formatting Toolbar When finished, click The recipient’s address and subject line are completed automatically. Type your response above the copy of the previous message..

12 Log Off the Mail Server When you are finished with
your , click the log off button. You will return to this screen. You can now close the browser. HINT: If you are idle too long, you will be logged of the system automatically. Just log in again to get back to your mail box.

13 Locating a Teacher’s E-mail Address
Check Names button 1. Type the first initial and the first few letters of the last name. EX. For Ms. May, Type in the TO: box sgua 2. Click the Check Names Icon 2. If the name is found, Madame Guazzoni’s first and last name will appear in the TO: box:

14 Managing Pop-Up Blocker: Part 1
Pop-ups are automatically disabled on our computers, but you need the POP-UPS in your for it to work properly. Follow these instructions to set up your to allow pop-ups: 2. 1. Click CHECK NAMES In a new message, type any name in the TO: box 3. This window appears: 4. CHECK THIS BOX!!!! Continued 5. Click OK

15 Managing Pop-Up Blocker: Part 2
Look for the Pop-Up Banner at the top of the message window 6. Click on the Banner. A list of options appear: 7. Click ALWAYS ALLOW Pop-ups from This Site.

16 About the Contacts Folder
The contact folder is your address book. Click in the Folder Pane to open your Contacts. This contact folder Is empty.

17 Adding New Contacts the Easy Way! Part 1
Ask a classmate to send you an . Open the message. Right click on the sender’s address. Choose Add to Contacts A new window opens. Contacts should only be added for people not already in the Global directory (i.e., teachers and staff). Only add student addresses to your contacts. Continued

18 Adding New Contacts the Easy Way! Part 2
Complete the form as shown below: Click Save and Close

19 Add a New Contact from Scratch!
You can a new Contact directly in the Contacts folder. 1. Click Contacts in the Folder Pane 2. Click the New Button

20 Add the Information to the Contact Form
Step 1: You only need to complete the following Information: Last Name First Name Display Name No LAST NAMES in the display name! Address Step 2: Click Save and Close On the toolbar Step 3: Send an Type the display name in the To: box Click Check Names button

21 Learn More E-mail Features
To learn more advanced features of the system, click the Help Button on the main tool bar. The Help page will open in a separate window. Some features you may find useful include: Distribution Lists: Create a group list of recipients (a group of students you are working with on a project: Ex.: Boat Project). Appointments: Create a new appointment (eg. “science lab due” which is automatically added to the calendar. Receive a reminder when you log in to your . Use rules to send to a specified folder. Learn how to block senders and manage junk mail. Look in the Help Contents to explore other features. If you Create a signature file (DO NOT ADD ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION( ie last name, address, phone numbers.) Manage Deleted Messages---You have to empty the trash in the deleted messages folder.

22 The Outlook Web Access Help System is just a click away!

23 Contact Tech Support If you need more help with , or have a question about appropriate use: Ask your teacher me: Type knann and click check names tech support: Type tech and click check names Example: tech knann

24 Download this Tutorial
Click here Click here Click here

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