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You’ve Got (new) Mail ! Microsoft 2003 Exchange E-mail for VUSD Teachers.

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1 You’ve Got (new) Mail ! Microsoft 2003 Exchange E-mail for VUSD Teachers

2 From the VUSD home page, click on For Staff, then Web-Based (remote) e-mail system 1 2

3 4 Enter user id and password; you can check the “Remember” box if desired; “OK” 3 For the fastest response, select “No” to the encryption ***; Enter user id and “Connect” *** If you don’t say “no”don’t say “no” ShortcutShortcut to this “yellow page”

4 If you don’t say “No”: Typically the connection takes longer; say “Yes” to proceed

5 Shortcut to this Page: Enter username and password a second time and Log On; Right-click in the “Blue area”, “Create Shortcut”; a shortcut will be placed on your desktop BackBack to Login Page

6 Shortcut to this “yellow” page: Right-click in the “yellow area” and left-click “Create Shortcut”; a shortcut will be placed on your desktop BackBack to Login Page

7 The Default View:

8 The pane on the left displays all of the folders in your mailbox account; the folder contents can be collapsed or expanded Collapse or expand

9 Mail that has been opened; Un-opened mail (bold font) Mail of high importance Mail with an attachment Symbols: You have replied You have forwarded

10 Organize your messages into folders Delete messages Check for new mail Position reading pane, or turn it off eMail Toolbars: Find Names in the Global Address Book Search for a particular message by sender, subject, etc Compose new messages, contact lists, appointments, etc. Reply to a single sender, reply to all recipients, forward to another recipient

11 Compose New Mail: Click on the “New” button; for recipients who are members of VUSD, name can be typed in the [To;], [Cc:], or [Bcc:] fields as: - first initial last name (ateacher); or - First Name Last Name (Another Teacher); or - Last Name, First Name (Teacher, Another) For multiple recipients, separate names with semi- colon and space: ateacher; gteacher For recipients who are not members of VUSD, full e-mail address must be used:

12 Compose New Mail, cont: When you are not sure of the recipient’s name or alias, click on the To button In the Find Names Dialogue box, type the first or last name of the desired recipient and click the Find button; select the correct name from the list that appears and click the To, Cc, or Bcc button; Find additional names, or Close and click Send

13 Compose New Mail, final: Indicate Subject of e-mail, compose body of message, Format as desired, Send Formatting Options:

14 Sort Mail: Double-click on the Heading to sort mail by: Importance Sender Subject Date Rec’d File Size Flagged or, click on the down-arrow next to the Messages button Flag a message for follow-up action (i.e. a task to complete): right-click on the flag icon to the right of the message; left-click to choose color for flagging

15 Search for Mail: Click on the search icon; choose search parameters in the dialogue box; click Find Now

16 Add Attachments: Compose a new mail; then click on either the Attachment button or the Attachment icon (paperclip) in the tool bar; Use the Browse button to navigate to the file(s) you want to attach; then click the Attach button and Close

17 Delete Compose New Appointments, etc. Find names in Global address book Check for new messages; check for reminders Search for appointment Print Daily, Weekly, Monthly View Calendar Toolbars:

18 Compose New Appointment: Click New button on Calendar Toolbar; Complete fields in the appointment dialogue box; Click Save and Close Click on Recurrence button for regularly- recurring appointments

19 Create a new contact: Complete information; Save and Close Contacts (single entry):

20 Create a new Distribution List (multiple names): Name the List; then type email addresses, or select names from Global list using the Find Names tool Add each name to distribution list, then Save and Close

21 Delete e-mail: 1.Highlight e-mail, click 2.or, highlight e-mail, press “delete” on keyboard 3.or, highlight e-mail, click and drag to “deleted items” folder 4.or, highlight e-mail, click “organize” icon, choose “move” to deleted items Choose multiple e-mails to delete: depress Ctrl Key while selecting with mouse click Permanently Delete: Right-click on Deleted Items folder, left-click on “Empty Deleted Items”

22 Create Folders: Mailbox Name Select the folder where you want a sub- folder; right-click on that folder and left-click on “New Folder”; or, left-click on “New” on the mail toolbar and left-click “Folder” Name new folder and “OK”

23 Organize Mail: Mailbox Name Click on the Move/Copy icon; Select the folder you want to move/copy to; click on the “New” button to make a new folder if needed; then click on the Move or Copy button Select (highlight) the e-mail you want to move/copy;

24 Add Signature, Choose Font for e-Mail: Select Options icon in bar on left; under messaging options, check “automatically include my signature” and “edit signature”; Save and Close Choose Font size and style for outgoing e-mail messages

25 Rules: Select Rules icon in bar on left; select “New Rule”; Complete the information in the dialogue box: Name the rule Set parameters (usually a word in the subject field, as in “SPAM” Determine action (as in “Delete it”) Save and Close

26 Questions? Russ Audino ( Russ Audino Mark Blanton ( Mark Blanton Donna Bronzan ( Donna Bronzan Charlene Brown ( Charlene Brown Deborah Helm-Stewart ( Deborah Helm-Stewart Terri Lieberman ( Terri Lieberman Click on the Help icon for detailed help and How-to’s...... or Contact your Tech Coach:

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