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Introduction to Microbe Free Solutions Active Defense Against Microbes We are pleased to present an overview of our antimicrobial protection technologies.

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1 Introduction to Microbe Free Solutions Active Defense Against Microbes We are pleased to present an overview of our antimicrobial protection technologies 1

2 Introduction – Why we are here To bring your hotel chain a revolutionary product and system developed and used in hospital cleaning protocols for a “Certified Clean” room. As you know the general public is aware that germs, microbes and viruses have no borders, making our environments more contaminated. Our consumers are concerned of cleanliness, and the unknown of who used this before me. Lets give our consumers what they want, peace of mind. Fact 70% of adult women carry and use a hand sanitizer on a daily basis. Were are here to bring a technology that protects surfaces 24/7, used in hospital protocols. 2

3 Video Bio Free and Fabric Care These video’s will explain the technical function and attributes of our products. Microbe Free Bio Free video Mpact Fabric Care video 3

4 Track Record of Over 25 years of use MFS- Worldwide is the Authorized Provider of the Microbe Free Solutions Technology TM Aftercare Program in the United States. This chemistry protects hundreds of products, buildings and organizations around the world, including: Starwood Hotels Mystic Lake Casino Regent Hotels Cruise Ship Lines Cruise Ship Terminals The Minnesota Vikings The Phoenix Heart Institute Firestone Rubber Headquarters Northwestern Memorial Hospital Nike Delta Airlines The U.S. Army Virginia Tech The Miami Dolphins The Washington Redskins Jack in the Box Restaurants Sultan Ismail Specialist Hospital Ohio State University James Cancer Research Center and many more… 4

5 Benefits to Best Western Hotel Our Certified Clean system is an integral component for Best Westerns iCare initiative, providing state of the art technologies. Our joint marketing helps build confidence to the consumer. A hotel that will have a fresher smell through the facility. A hotel that feels cleaner to the touch. A hotel that looks cleaner. A certified clean facility and rooms with sticker and handouts Three out of the 5 senses are touch, smell and sight. Our certified clean system address these 3 key senses. One third of our consumers suffers from allergens associated with microbes. Certified Clean is an allergy package. A one time cost of around $40 per room offset any potential liabilities. 5

6 So what do we offer our clients? We provide training and best practices and on-going support and in field implementation. We deliver comprehensive Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Evaluation Services and we have a micro Biologist on staff with full lab facilities We supply Breakthrough Antimicrobial Technology Products and Services. We use the best protocols, practices and products to reduce the risk of liability to the lowest reasonably attainable level. MFS-Worldwide TM Antimicrobial Coatings containing Microbe Free Products and Technology and compatible cleaning products. 6

7 Because of these capabilities, our clients benefit by: Persistent Protection: Measurably cleaner indoor environment by “around the clock” removal of air and surface contaminants. Reduced cost of replacing surfaces deteriorated by staining, odors, and harsh cleaners. Reduced labor involved in everyday cleaning. Easier to clean and less chemicals used in everyday cleaning. Treated surfaces are stain resistance and feel clean to the touch. Less staff absenteeism. Consumers and staff enjoy peace of mind. 7

8 Why Traditional Cleaning Is Not Enough In order for chemical disinfection to work, powerful solutions require adequate dwell times to achieve a complete kill. Housekeeping staff rarely allows sufficient dwell time for chemicals to work. For proper dwell time to be achieved, surfaces must be covered in harsh chemicals for extended periods, making it impractical. Surfaces are being continuously re-contaminated by microorganisms, so even freshly disinfected surfaces are “clean” for a brief time, at best. Studies have shown that some pathogens can exist on surfaces for days, weeks, and even months on end. Microbes can hide in inaccessible areas such as cracks and crevices. Traditional cleaning temporarily eliminates microbes on hard surfaces, but not in carpets, fabrics, or in the air. 8

9 Features and Benefits Effective 24/7 Mold, Mildew and Germs cannot live on any treated surface. Permanent- once applied will endure for the life of the substrate and remains effective with normal housekeeping. Proven technology, scientifically documented & peer-reviewed. Dries within minutes of application. Odorless, colorless. Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, non-leaching. Wide spectrum: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-algal and anti- protozoal. Reduces airborne contamination and odors. 9

10 What Makes Our Products Green “Hyper Green” Is the term given to our system because it is permanently bonded to the surface covalently and therefore never enters the environment. Fresh Start is essentially a modified sand molecule with a saline bonding agent. It is as harmless to the environment as sand and is EPA approved –It is not solvent based—It dose not vent off gasses—It contains no VOCs– It contains no CFCs– It contains no ODCs. 10

11 How is Fresh Start Different It’s highly durable, permanent bond characteristics, eliminates the need for reapplication. It’s made from sand, uses no poisons ( Silica – Carbon – Nitrogen). Its mode of antimicrobial defense is “physical” disruption of cell wall integrity coupled with a positively charged Nano-particle (Nitrogen) which electrocutes” harmful microbes on contact. It Is non – toxic, non – flammable and non- hazardous. It is safe for adults, children and pets. 11

12 The MFS Line-up All of our chemicals are formulated for compatibility with one another. Together, they form a complete team of solutions designed to tackle any Microbial contamination problem, from mold, mildew and odors to bacteria and viruses. MFS can provide trained crews for comprehensive professional surface prep, proprietary electrostatic application and ongoing maintenance of our complete system. MFS can also do training and certification of on site crews and cleaning staff. 12

13 mPerial: Cleaner and primer for our molecules Our workhorse for soft and hard surfaces, this registered cidal cleans, sanitizes, disinfects, deodorizes, and prevents static, mold and mildew. Great for hotel rooms, conference rooms, restaurants, floors, walls, counters, drain areas, kitchen facilities, halls, weight rooms, elevators, food storage facilities, exercise equipment and athletic gear. Safe for use on food-contact surfaces. FDA An all-around, institutional surface disinfectant, cleaner, detergent, virucide, fungicide, mildewstat, deodorizer, and sanitizer. Wipe, mop, or spray on application. Preps surface for application of mPale Antimicrobial. Perfect for maintenance of mPale treated surfaces. Kills 99.9% germs to sanitize surfaces. 13

14 mPale Antimicrobial Coatings Surfaces are protected between cleaning with the long term antimicrobial protection. Bonds invisibly to any surface. Dry, odorless, colorless, non-leaching, extremely long lasting. Perfect for hospitality, front desk, rooms, hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes, schools and anywhere a higher degree of cleanliness and odor control matters. Protects locker rooms, washrooms, urinals, handrails, wrestling mats, surgical suites, emergency rooms, ICU’s, exam rooms, ambulance interiors, etc. HyperGreen Technology bonds to surface and does not migrate. Converts treated surface into a large-scale, indoor air cleaner. Withstands normal housekeeping protocols, including steam cleaning. Free of poisons or harsh fumes. User friendly. 14

15 Our specially formulated cleaner and disinfectant for carpeting. Penetrates through the fiber to the backing, where dirt and germs hide. Acts as a wicking agent for our mPerial Cleaner and Disinfectant. Helps prevents stains from setting into treated surfaces. mOxie Carpet cleaner 15

16 Fresh Start Laundry 100 Plus Detergent is specifically formulated as a regular use detergent that imparts an invisible shield on laundered items that protects against the odors and stains associated with mold and bacteria. Can be used in commercial or residential laundry. Environmentally friendly. Contains an EPA registered antimicrobial. Eliminates odors and stains. Controls odors and stains on garments from bacteria and mold. For use on towels and sheets, athletic wear, hunting items, and other items that can be laundered in water. Odorless, no scents added unless requested. Colorless, unless color is requested. Fresh Start Laundry 100 Plus Detergent. 16

17 WHAT IS FRESHSTART LINEN? FreshStart Linen is an effective and economical bed bug killer. It can be used in Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Cruise Ships & More. It’s the cost effective, 100% natural, non-pesticide solution you’ve been looking for. Environmentally friendly, and is safe to use around people and pets. FreshStart Linen naturally and effectively freshens bedding in hotels, hostels, homes and more without staining bedding or using harmful chemicals or ingredients. In September 2009, Snell Scientifics conducted treatment tests of FreshStart Linen. An impressive mortality rate of 98% was shown within 30 minutes after the applications and maintained a high mortality rate throughout the study. Linen Fresh Bed Bug Treatment 17

18 WHAT IS FRESHSTART ODOR CONTROL? FreshStart Odor Control is a live bacteria that is sprayed in a vehicle or room. It creates multiple enzymes that attack and destroy different odors in the environment. Foul odors can negatively affect every person. HOW DOES IT WORK? It is a living bacteria, that when applied or sprayed in an environment, creates an enzyme that feeds on odors such as pet urine, smoke, cooking, athletic odors, mold and mildew. It is also proven effective against a wide range of other odors. It is a living bacteria that creates an enzyme that constantly reproduces, doubling in size every 15 minutes. HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? Our odor controlling bacteria works after just 2-3 hours upon contact, and will keep working until the odors are gone. Unlike other products that simply mask or encapsulate the odor, ours targets the source and eliminates it, so the odor does not return. Once the bacteria works through all of the odors, it disappears, leaving the surface odor-free with a Fresh Start. Fresh Start Odor Control 18

19 Chlorine Dioxide is the most EFFECTIVE (even on smoke) treatment in the odor removal industry! Odor Rescue combines the power of Chlorine Dioxide with a safe and easy ‐ to ‐ use delivery system for hospitality. IMPROVES your air freshness by going after the source of odors without masking, hiding or absorbing like other products. WATER activated. SIMPLE to use and painless to the pocketbook. LEAVES no residue. BIODEGRADABLE & recyclable. Treatment time is approx. 6 hr. U.S. & International Patents EPA Approved Fresh Start Odor Rescue 19

20 The primary method is Electrostatic Spraying with our specially designed gun, which employs electro charged particles directed to the target surface, ensuring a uniform application. Third is hand wiping of high-touch surfaces. Secondary is a fogging action using fogging blowers or canisters. Application Methods For Our Protective Solution 20


22 Compare Our Costs ( Total cost is based on a hotel room of 240 sf $76.55 ) ( Total cost is based on a hotel room of 240 sf $76.55 ) Fresh Start iMperial cleaner and primer Material Cost for 240 sf= $00.06Fresh Start iMperial cleaner and primer Material Cost for 240 sf= $00.06 Fresh Start mPale molecule preventive Material Cost for 240 sf= $35.00Fresh Start mPale molecule preventive Material Cost for 240 sf= $35.00 Fresh Start Odor Control (urine-pets) Material Cost for 240 sf=$12.60Fresh Start Odor Control (urine-pets) Material Cost for 240 sf=$12.60 Fresh Start Odor Rescue (smoke) Material cost for 240 sf=$12.00Fresh Start Odor Rescue (smoke) Material cost for 240 sf=$12.00 Fresh Start linen fresh (bed bug) Material Cost for 240 sf=$12.98Fresh Start linen fresh (bed bug) Material Cost for 240 sf=$12.98 Fresh Start mOxie (carpet shampoo) Material Cost for 240 sf=$03.41Fresh Start mOxie (carpet shampoo) Material Cost for 240 sf=$03.41 Fresh Start Laundry plus (laundry soap) Material Cost for 10 lbs=$00.50Fresh Start Laundry plus (laundry soap) Material Cost for 10 lbs=$00.50 22

23 Thanks for your time today as I value it as our most valuable possession we all have, and we all will some day in the future trade any thing we have, for just a few more. A special thanks to Marie May senior product mgr. To help MFS to develop a certified clean program to work with your-----(I CARE INITATIVE) I welcome any feed back and ? You might have Again thanks Kevin Kahmann VP of new business development ( 23

24 MFS System is a marketing differentiator. using a disruptive technology. Installing peace of mind for the customers experience. Producing confidence to the consumer and facility. Front Desk – Producing; peace of mind, cleaner fresher, feel better, allergy clean system with Tri-fold brochure and certified clean stickers that marries with the iCare initiative. Back House – Mold and mildew, biological clean ups, smoke and pet odor’s, that produces quicker clean up and less chemical use and help prevent stains and odors in the facility. 24

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