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100% Natural – 100% Effective FOG Elimination Program.

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1 100% Natural – 100% Effective FOG Elimination Program

2 What is FOG? —FOG stands for Fats, Oils and Greases in food production, processing and service facilities. —FOG represents 10% of the organic substances found in waste water. —Most pre-treatment ordinances forbid the discharge of excessive amounts of FOG into sewer systems which cause damage to collection system equipment and treatment plants. —Most pre-treatment programs require FOG-producing industries to install a pre-treatment device like a grease trap. Why is FOG a Problem? —Greasy Floors, Walls and Equipment – FOG causes slippery, unsafe working conditions. —Sanitation Concerns – It causes sanitary issues, increases labor time and outside service costs. —Clogged Pipes and Drains – It creates clogged and slow drains by accumulating in the pipe systems. —Rancid Odors – It becomes rancid and causes foul odors. —Insect Infestations – It attracts pests, including drain flies. —Out of Compliance – FOG, if untreated, causes problems for municipalities which fine operators.

3 FOG Elimination Program Eliminates: –Greasy, Slippery Floors –Clogged Pipes & Drains –Rancid Odors –Insect Infestation –Compliance - Fines –Overall Health, Safety & Environment Issues Grease Buster Drain Buster Grease Trap Buster Drains Floors Grease Trap

4 Bio - Technology —Bio-Technology is the natural use of microbes to digest contaminants, like FOG. —Microbes use oxygen, water and enzymes to naturally convert FOG into carbon dioxide and water. —The surface area of FOG is increased while enzymes break down the contaminants into smaller molecules. —Enzymes act as “knives and forks” for microbes. —The enzymes attract the microbes which consume FOG into carbon dioxide and water. —Once the reaction is complete, the enzymes break free to attach to another FOG source in order to repeat the same reaction.

5 Bio - Technology Microbial vs. Enzymatic —Microbes are enzyme factories providing a continuous supply of complete enzyme systems. —Unlike enzyme-only systems, bacterial systems produce different enzymes based on the specific predominant compound. —Enzymes liquefy a waste; they will not digest it. All an enzyme product accomplishes is to change the form of waste. —There are enzyme products without microbes; however, without microbes, there is no Bio- Technology process. Bio-Technology vs. Degreasers —Degreasers are soap-based and just re-deposit FOG from one surface to another. —Degreasers smear FOG and leave an “oily film” on floors, walls and equipment. Hence, users would “grease the floors.” —Degreasers emulsify the FOG, and it re-solidifies downstream creating problems in lift stations and WWTP’s. —However, Bio-Technology Products chemically break down FOG and consume it transforming it into carbon dioxide and water.

6 Grease Buster TM - Benefits Concentrated, microbe-powered cleaner which digests fat, oil and grease (“FOG”). Digests FOG and food waste converting them into carbon dioxide and water. Unlike degreasers, which only re-deposit FOG, Grease Buster™ digests it completely. Provides a “deep cleaning” by quickly penetrating and removing the greasy film from floors, walls and equipment. Reduces fly infestations and odors caused by FOG. NSF-approved (A-1, A-4), neutral ph, bio-based, biodegradable and all-natural. Mopping 1:16 – 1:64 Floor Scrubber 1:15 – 1:35 Spray–N-Wipe 1:4 – 1:12

7 Drain Buster TM - Benefits —A powder blend of microbes and enzymes. —It creates a foam that engulfs the drain line treating up to 12 feet while delivering microbes throughout the system. —Quickly dissolves clogs caused by FOG, food waste, soap, hair and other organic materials. —Eliminates slow drains and future clogs by consuming the waste that accumulates. —Because of gravity, most drain cleaners collect at the bottom of pipes and, as a result, cannot remove waste on vertical pipes. —Bio-based and all-natural. —Despite chemical and manual treatments, drain lines continue to have slow drainage, clogs and odor problems. —Build-up of FOG, food waste and soil causes clogs, back-ups, pest infestations and odors. —Positively-charged FOG and food particles begin to build up on negatively-charged pipes while the microbes, which exhibit a negative charge, adhere to the FOG and food waste.

8 Grease Trap Buster TM - Benefits A blend of botanical extracts and vitamins. Revitalizes existing microbes to perform at optimum conditions. Reduces grease trap pumping to once every 18 months. Reduces flies by eliminating rancid FOG. Eliminates odors by changing the environment. Special wetting agents remove waste from pipes and tanks. Bio-based, biodegradable and all-natural GRAS-listed ingredients. Use & Application Initial Shock - Pour half the total dosage into all drains leading to the grease trap. Then, pour the remaining dosage directly into the grease trap itself and stir. Regular Maintenance - Administer the recommended amount on a regular basis (1 gallon per 1,000 gallon capacity per month). Prior to Treatment After Treatment

9 Summary —Solves food service problems with all-natural, high- tech, cost-effective solutions. —In the past, “green” products were perceived as safe but ineffective. Now, new technological breakthroughs and all-natural ingredients are meeting and surpassing consumers’ expectations. —Addresses industries’ concerns with FOG elimination and safety, as well as environmental and compliance solutions. Real Solutions - Naturally

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