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Working together with the Real Estate community to provide healthy, happy homes.

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1 Working together with the Real Estate community to provide healthy, happy homes

2 Bio Impact TM Leaders in Decontamination Technology

3 Who is Bio Impact? Total Indoor Air Quality Solution Environmentally-friendly antimicrobial products Ozone Doctor commercial generators Services provided through a growing licensee network Decontamination – NOT cleaning

4 In Real Estate a good first impression is vital. Have you had problems selling or leasing properties which are infested by mould or which have nasty smells? Our services can help you sell and rent these properties faster and at optimum price. Our service is not just for homes, it is suitable for commercial property and can help prevent Sick Building Syndrome Houses that smell dont sell How can we help the Real Estate Industry?

5 What our products do Our products will eliminate smells from sources such as: Cooking Tobacco smoke Bathrooms & toilets Pets Fumes – from paint, motor vehicles etc Musty odours Volatile organic compounds often released from new furniture or construction materials

6 Ceiling before treatmentCeiling after treatment What our products do Bio Impact Mould Remover quickly and easily removes mould and inhibits re-growth. Usually eliminates the need to repaint the affected area as shown below. (Mould may eventually return if the dampness source is not rectified)

7 What our products do Our products are proven to be effective against airborne & surface bacteria and viruses Specific products can provide lasting protection against contaminants for Fabrics Carpets Hard surfaces Air conditioning systems Our Bactum Paint Additive can be mixed with any paint to provide long lasting antimicrobial & anti- mould protection

8 What services does Bio Impact offer? Our network of licensees performs the service work Work is carried out at a time to suit the client – the premises must be free of personnel and pets The various antimicrobial products are: Fogged through the premises using our non-thermal fogging machine, reaching every nook and cranny Sprayed onto fabrics Wiped onto surfaces The ozone generator is used after fogging for final air purification and freshness

9 Benefits for Real Estate Agents Better presentation of premises due to absence of mould and nasty smells Better opportunity for fast sale or lease and to achieve top dollar No cost to agent Owner pays, on agent recommendation Tenant pays if deduction from rental bond is warranted Provides a healthier environment for occupants Can assist the agent to show they have met their Duty of Care

10 Avoid Litigation Bianca Jagger sues Landlord for $28m over mould in flat Mould is already a major issue for the US Real Estate Industry & home owners/occupants, and is of increasing concern in Australia. Bio Impact can provide an illustrated report if required, to describe the treatment and results.

11 . Bio Impact - added features Efficient 24x7 service Cost-effective solutions Environmentally friendly products Australian-made and owned Provides a fresher, healthier indoor environment

12 Our prices The requirements of each customer are unique, therefore jobs are generally quoted individually As an example, prices start from $145 for fogging and ozone treatment for a one bedroom apartment We recommend that all Real Estate Agents rent an Ozone Doctor ozone generator for only $40 per week. This will enable them to instantly attend to minor emergencies and maintain their office facilities in excellent condition for the benefit of their staff and clients.

13 Bio Impact Products & The Ozone Doctor are proudly used… …in both old and new Parliament Houses in Canberra, major hotel chains including the Wentworth Hotel, and to decontaminate houses, apartments, and clubs

14 Contact details Bio Impact Telephone: 08 94542564 Mobile 0400216571 Email eddie@

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