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Bacteria Elimination Program 100% Natural – 100% Effective.

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1 Bacteria Elimination Program 100% Natural – 100% Effective

2 San-A-Safe TM – Benefits —The “All-Natural” sanitizing solution for a variety of industries. —Results in only 60 seconds of contact time. —Rapidly kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses. —Cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes all-in-one easy step. —Not affected by the presence of organic material. —Safe on all water-safe surfaces and equipment. —NSF-approved as a General Cleaner (A1) and as a Sanitizer (D1). —A variety of applications including foodservice, general cleaning and sports. —Diluted with water at 1:32 or 4 ounces per gallon of water.

3 San-A-Safe TM – How It Works —It does not poison bacteria, like chlorine and QUATS, but acts by destroying the cellular membrane of the microorganisms. —This is a total destruction of the cells’ membranes, resulting in vital bacterial components leaking out into their surrounding environment. This process results in a true “microbial death.” Norwalk MRSA ListeriaAvian Flu E. coli Salmonella

4 San-A-Safe TM – Advantages — Chlorine (hypochlorite) exerts its germicidal activity by inactivating vital bacterial enzymes which support cell growth. It requires a long contact time (5 to 10 minutes) and is highly corrosive. It rapidly inactivates in the presence of organic matter. Strength dissipates in storage and light. — Quaternary Ammonium Chlorides (“QUATS”) are a large class of sanitizers which add organic compounds to ammonia. It requires a longer contact time (5 to 10 minutes). It is very difficult to rinse completely off any surface and is inactivated by soap residues. — Hydrogen Peroxide works best against anaerobic bacteria and is not effective against viruses, bacteria spores and fungal spores. It requires a poor dilution rate with a contact time of 5 minutes. It is not effective against viruses, bacterial and fungal spores and is ineffective in the presence of organic matter. — Alcohols exert their germicidal activity by denaturing bacteria proteins. A long contact time is required (5 minutes at least). It cannot be diluted and is highly flammable. They do not clean and cannot penetrate organic material.

5 San-A-Safe TM – Applications Food Service –Processors, Food Service and Bakeries – Used to sanitize storage bins, floors, walls, work areas and other hard non-porous surface areas. –Restaurants and Bars – Used to sanitize storage bins and containers, sink tops, appliances, counters, tables and other hard non-porous surfaces. –Grocery Stores – Used to sanitize storage bins, closed storage areas, sink tops, appliances, counters, tables and other hard non-porous surfaces. General Cleaning –Hotels – Used for kitchen sanitization and restroom areas, including showers, sinks, commodes, fixtures and other high contact surfaces. –Schools – Used for general sanitizing of hard surface areas in kitchens, restrooms, locker rooms, fixtures and other high contact surfaces. Sports Program –Clubs & Spas – Used to sanitize locker rooms, floors, walls, benches, shower areas, equipment, fixtures and other high contact surfaces. –Gyms – Gym equipment, free weights, mats and exercise machines and virtually any surface with which athletes come in contact should be cleaned and sanitized.

6 Dilution Solutions — The efficient method to prepare and fill ready-to-use cleaning products. — Better chemical performance, no measuring, less waste and greater control. — Simply push a button to automatically dispense the product you need. — Ideal for filling bottles, buckets and automatic scrubbers easily and quickly. — Locking door, easy to install, connects to any standard water supply and is economical. We offer a variety of dispensing units to assist in achieving immediate and positive impacts on savings in labor costs, employee safety and environmental responsibilities.

7 San-A-Safe TM – Wipes Wipes –Pre-moistened wipe (6” x 9”) cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces in 60 seconds. –Easy-to-use alternative to dirty cotton rags which can cause cross-contamination. –Quick, streak-free clean-up of dining tables, countertops, and other hard surfaces in restaurants, bars and dining areas. –No mixing, measuring or testing. –Improves the perception of cleanliness throughout a food service establishment. Dispenser –Hygienic “No-Touch” dispensing, no cranks, levers or dials. –Dispensers meet HACCP requirements. –Portion-control dispensing reduces waste and over- consumption. 450 ct.

8 Summary The original, All-Natural Bacteria Elimination Program. Solves industry problems with unique, high-tech, cost- effective solutions. In the past, “green” products were perceived as safe but ineffective. Now, with new technological breakthroughs and all-natural ingredients, “green” products are meeting and surpassing consumers’ expectations. Changing sanitizing forever by eliminating the concerns of bacteria, viruses and fungi - Naturally. Real Issues – Real Solutions - Naturally

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