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University of Nevada Wolf Pack Football

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1 University of Nevada Wolf Pack Football
Cameron Norcross Off. Line/Run Game Coordinator

2 The Pistol Offense – Run Game
Able to run all concepts of the Spread Offense Zone Read, Zone Read Option, Zone Read Bubble, Shovel Option Able to have downhill, North/South runs without being under Center Counter Gap, Power, Outside Zone, Horn, Stretch, Inside Zone

3 The Pistol Offense – Run Game
Running Back gets the ball deeper Allows him to set blocks Increases his vision Hides the RB Teams cannot set fronts based on off-set back Able to use all formation in the run game 1 TE, 2 TE, Wing Sets, 2 RB, or No TE without limiting the play selection

4 The Pistol Offense – Inside Zone
Doesn’t tip direction of the play Downhill Run play Initially hides the RB Easier Mesh Point Able to ride the mesh longer RB able to be square Gets into the wall easier RB able to push longer before the cutback Must differentiate from Zone Read for OL

5 Inside Zone – Philosophy
Push Front to LB Depth Change the LOS Create Double Teams Will Always control backside DE Slice, Run Weak, Boot RB must Press LOS

6 Inside Zone – Rules OL/TE RB Center sets Front to near LB playside
Am I covered? Yes – Is the man inside covered Am I covered? No – Is the man outside covered RB 6” x 6” w/ playside foot, controlled speed to inside hip of guard. As you take exchange, square your shoulders. Press the line of scrimmage to cut back.

7 Inside Zone – Rules QB Open cross-over reach. It is very important to get the ball to the running back as deep as possible. Carry out Play-Action fake after the hand-off.

8 Inside Zone – Hit Progression
Jab-Strike Drill 6” x 2” Zone Step, Toes up-field 2nd step 90 degrees up-field through crotch of defender Strike blow on 2nd step, head and eyes up 6/2 Man Sled 4 point punch 2nd step punch Hit and Roll Finish

9 Vs. all fronts with no LB’s
Push the front

10 Vs. all fronts with LB’s Push the front to LB Depth

11 Vs. all fronts and all movements with no LB’s
Push the front

12 Vs. all fronts, movements, & blitzes with LB’s
Push the front – Come off

13 Teaching Hulls Combine Base, Movement, Blitz teaching teams and box areas

14 Play Side – ST and TE

15 Backside – ST and TE

16 Play Side – SG and ST

17 Backside – SG and ST

18 Play Side – QG, C, SG

19 Backside – QG, C, SG

20 Play Side – QG & QT

21 Backside – QG & QT

22 Slice – Wing or WR


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