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Jersey Panther Football

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1 Jersey Panther Football
LB Play In the 3-3 Panther Stack Attack Dave Jacobs, HFC Jersey Community High School (217)

2 Jersey Panther Football

3 Jersey Panther Football
Inside Linebacker ABC’s Stance- Power Clean (feet under hips; hands relaxed)

4 Jersey Panther Football
Pursuit Must be a relentless attacker of the football ; inside out- “If he’s even, he’s leaving!” We are a RB read team. We read the shoulders of nearest RB Slow flow to (A-C Gap); Inside Run; Press Fast flow to (D Gap); Outside Run; Mirror shoulders of RB and maintain proper pursuit angle Split flow (RB’s cross)-Take the RB coming to you; Stay home; Scrape ; DL will spill the play to you Flow away – Get over Center and maintain IOP; take away cutback High hat – (Pass)- Curl player; Run to

5 Jersey Panther Football
Hit and Shed Must be able to get off blocks; ½ man; Same Foot Same Shoulder = strongest position in football; must emphasize every day! Column Hit and Shed Drill 3 players at a 45 degree angle LB does an up-down , then takes on two blocks and fits up the ball carrier (#3) Emphasize SFSS (Get the foot down before contact!), OALF (1/2 Man), pad under pad, and “Eyes” and “Feet” Tackle

6 Jersey Panther Football
Tackle Must be sure tackler; “Eyes and Feet!” Tackling Drills 4 corner angle tackle “Go”- “Score” 3 on 1 Open Field

7 Jersey Panther Football
Zone and Man Coverage. Zone Drops- must know coverage, alignment, and assignment Zone- ILB’s are Curl/Flat Layers; When playing Cover 2, they will carry the #2 receiver if he goes vertical Man- Jam with inside hand; take away inside; “Chew ear” of receiver; do not look for the ball until he does; Swat technique; “If you can’t win the race, don’t let him out of the gate!”—Be Physical!!!

8 Jersey Panther Football
ILB ABC’s cont. Blitz Technique- keep eyes on the football and NEVER stop your feet!! Take on ½ man when you can. Vs RB = Bull Rush Baghdad Drill!

9 Jersey Panther Football
OLB ABC’s (Ram and Lion) Our outside LB’s are called Rams and Lions. They are physical players that can run. We ask our OLB’s to be able to play a nine technique (DE) and also play a Squat Corner in Cover 2

10 Jersey Panther Football
OLB (Ram-Lion) 9 Technique Stance We will stagger with our inside foot up; our eyes key the near shoulder of the TE.

11 Jersey Panther Football
OLB Read Drill Key movement of TE Shoulder Base Block- Maintain OALF and D gap integrity; Do not run up field; keep shoulders square and feet on LOS Reach Block- NEVER get reached!! ; Live reach drill; Down Block- Squeeze the down block; look for FB or Pulling O-Lineman coming at you. Get head inside (SFSS) and your foot down before contact; Come flat down LOS and “TRAP the Trapper!” ; make the ball bounce by causing a train wreck Flow Away- You stay—Stay home for counter/reverse/ or bootleg; be as deep as the ball Shoulder retreats- contain pass rusher Read Drill

12 Jersey Panther Football
OLB (Ram-Lion) Squat Technique We ask our OLB’s to play flat coverage in Cover 2 Stance- cocked power clean stance reading the last man on the LOS (the OT or TE will give us our run/pass read) Alignment- 5 x 1 yards outside of #1 receiver unless receiver has an extra wide split (bottom of the #’s), then we will line up inside to take away the slant while using the sideline as an extra defender

13 Jersey Panther Football
Ram/Lion Reads If he reads run from last man on the LOS, he will be a contain run support. He has pitch vs option. If he reads pass, he will carry #1 receiver on a vertical route for yards. He uses an alley run technique where he remains square to the QB while turning his hips and run. His eyes go to the #2 receiver. He will run with all wheel routes. If QB rolls away, you must roll over the top with him.

14 Jersey Panther Football
Bracket Technique Against opponents that have a tremendous threat at WR, we will ask our OLB’s to bracket #1. This technique emphasizes our- ”If you can’t win the race, don’t let them out of the gate” philosophy. Our Ram or Lion will beat up their receiver with Safety help over the top.

15 Jersey Panther Football
(Show LB Drill Tape) LB Play In the 3-3 Panther Stack Attack Dave Jacobs, HFC Jersey Community High School (217)

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