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Air Raid Notes

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1 Air Raid Notes

2 Mesh (Franklin Video) Corner route to wide side of field
Z condenses split 4-5 yards from Y. 6 step corner route. Aiming point is the front pylon unless inside the 25 then the back pylon.

3 Mesh Franklin cont. Tag post when safety is down, grass deep.
Y 6 yards. Never deeper. Sets the depth. If walled go over the top. Y always aligns on right. Underneath route(X) responsible for making the mesh happen.

4 Mesh Franklin cont. Don’t look for anything until the mesh happens.
Once the mesh occurs, Determine: Man: Slightly bend the route. Zone: Find the best grass, show the QB your numbers. QB throw to the opposite shoulder (Noose Drill).

5 Mesh Franklin cont. Rules: 1. If you thinks its zone, it is
2. the other guy. Flats must bust their butts to get to the numbers. Width fast. QB – Z to playside mesh to playside RB.

6 Mesh Franklin cont. 5 minutes a day everyday. 10 – 15 Reps
Every look you can. Practice from 15 yardline in.

7 Mesh (Hatcher Video) 1st Play installed Good in Red Zone Simple to Run
A lot of variations

8 Mesh Hatcher (cont) Condense WR’s
SE 6 to 8 yards from tackle Z 10 yard corner route Inside 20 back pylon Outside 20 front pylon TE 6 yards over the ball – set the depth of the mesh. SE make the mesh happen. Y is never wrong.

9 Mesh Hatcher (cont) Settle vs. Zone (After the Mesh)
Vs. Man bend slightly upfield after mesh. Look across at other mesh to determine man or zone. RB’s must get width. Like stealing 2nd. Read – Deep to middle to RB. *Never pass up an open WR whether 1st or last part of read.

10 Mesh Hatcher (cont) Flip Formation TE always sets the depth.
Flip-Z inside Flop-Z outside

11 Mesh Hatcher (cont) Swap tag Z and X swap routes. Swap

12 Mesh Hatcher (cont) Post Tag Read deep to middle to flat.
The closer you get to the goalline, the post might have to condense route.

13 Mesh Hatcher (cont) Wheel Tag Need a big play/close to goal line
Throwing to the RB in the flat often Post must be tagged

14 Shallow Hatcher 2nd Play installed Like a 2 x 2 balanced set.
Tag shallow to anyone. RB always to the side of the shallow. Vs. Zone like to work shallow to IWR. Vs. Man like to work shallow to OWR.

15 Shallow Hatcher cont. Shallow route – Replace the legs of the DL. Always go underneath. BSIWR – Hunt 10 yards. Hunt out a place to sit down. Settle vs. Zone, Run vs. Man Try to widen flat player. If he expands too much, don’t worry about it. Ideal to hit hunt between 1st two LB’s. Remaining WR’s run veritcal RB shoot or arrow away from shallow, width is the key.

16 Shallow Hatcher cont. QB – Shallow, Hunt, RB
Shallow catch the ball and get to the numbers. Shallow can never settle. Try to throw shallow outside the box. Like motioning the shallow guy.

17 Shallow Hatcher cont. Shallow Curl QB Read – Shallow, Curl, Flat
Forget the hunt.

18 Shallow Hatcher cont. Shallow comeback
Comeback on side that shallow is heading. QB – Shallow, Comeback. 1, 2 Read.

19 Y Stick Franklin Teach with Y Corner Z Must outside Release
T Cheat up, fast as possible to the flat 2 1

20 Stick (Hatcher Video) Will throw hot to RB off any strong side blitz.
Y-Best release, 5 yards. F – Cheat up and over, 0 – 3 yards. Like vs. Cover 2

21 Stick Hatcher cont. QB – Peek deep outside 1st, Y 2nd, RB 3rd.
Vs. Blitz – RB. Don’t read defense, key defenders. Read our WR’s not defense. Y turn inside work to sideline. Hole routes – vs. cover 2 throw fade in the hole.

22 Y Corner Franklin Y – Angle to the front pylon unless 20 and in then go to the back pylon. Z – Foot fire, let Y clear, find grass. High vs. wall off. 1 2 3

23 Y Corner Hatcher Vary Formations Y- Outside Release if possible
Short 5 fake stick Z- Stutter run scissors route off butt of Y. Run to grass. F- Swing AKA smash without Z 1 Step Drop. Y, Z, F. Key safety over Y.

24 Y Corner Hatcher

25 All Curl Hatcher Y- 8yd. Curl, 1st Read, work up, inside or out. Stay in tackle box. Z- 15yd. Curl, comeback 1st, if ball isn’t in the air, work back inside. X- 15yd. Curl, comeback 1st, if ball isn’t in the air, work back inside. QB- 3 step from gun, Y 1st, X 2nd, H 3rd.

26 All Curl Hatcher cont 2 1 3

27 Y Cross Hatcher 2 RB 99% of the time.
X – Think TD! Draw safety off the hash. Z – 15 yd curl post. 10, Curl at 15. Y – Under Sam over Mike, run out of 22 yards. Vs. Man yard straight across Vs. 4-4 C3 under 1st ILB over 2nd ILB If Mike get too much depth Y run a curl or call all curl QB- 3 steps, Fade, Y Cross, H. Key WLB H- 5 yard option. Get open.

28 Y Cross Hatcher cont.

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