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Simulation– Trashball Review. Who drew it? Ben Franklin.

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1 Simulation– Trashball Review

2 Who drew it?

3 Ben Franklin

4 What does it mean?

5 Colonies need to join together under 1 government in order to survive and defeat the French during the French and Indian War

6 How did the French and Indian War impact the colonists?

7 War led to debt, which led to England taxing the colonies (so the war debt could be paid for)

8 Which group met under the Liberty Tree or Liberty Pole in their colony?

9 Sons of Liberty

10 What kinds of things did the Sons of Liberty do in order to get their point across?

11 Tar & feather tax collectors Destroy things (homes, goods, paper) Set fire to effigies (life-size dolls of tax collectors) Use violence and force

12 What was the end result of the French & Indian War?

13 French lost all of their land in North America.

14 Which act included the following? –Closing the port of Boston –All colonists had to quarter soldiers –Cancel Massachusetts charter –Trials held in England


16 What did James Otis mean when he said, “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!”

17 The colonists did not think it was fair that they were being taxed by Britain and were not allowed to elect representatives in order to voice their opinions about the taxes.

18 Which places were involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

19 England, Africa and 13 colonies

20 What document OFFICIALLY ended the French and Indian War?

21 Treaty of Paris 1763

22 What did the Proclamation of 1763 state?

23 Colonists could NOT move WEST of the APPALACHAIN MOUNTAINS.

24 Who did this engraving?

25 Paul Revere

26 Who started the Sons of Liberty?

27 Sam Adams

28 Which victim has been “left out”?

29 Crispus Attucks

30 What battle is show?

31 Battle at Concord

32 Why were the battles of Lexington and Concord significant to history?

33 Start of the American Revolution

34 Patrick Henry’s famous words to show that he wanted freedom from GB’s rule?


36 Paul Revere was a midnight rider, but who did not receive any credit for being one?

37 Wentworth Cheswell

38 Showing disproval of laws through NON-VIOLENT ways is…

39 CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Examples – boycott, smuggle

40 What act is pictured here?

41 Quartering Act

42 Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. Helped colonists recognize they needed to be free from Great Britain.

43 Common Sense

44 3 unalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence

45 Life Liberty Pursuit of Happiness

46 Common Sense helped to prompt the writing of this important US document.

47 Declaration of Independence

48 Abigail Adams wrote to her husband, “Remember the ladies!” What did she mean?

49 Don’t forget about women’s rights

50 American or British Advantage or Disadvantage

51 British advantage

52 Had the “home field” advantage – familiar with land and conditions

53 American Advantage

54 Got his job b/c he was appointed (picked) by the 2 nd Continental Congress Became the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, b/c he was a virutous man and a good leader


56 3 parts to the Declaration of Independence

57 Preamble – lists 3 unalienable rights Grievances – list of complaints Statement of Declaration – US declares themselves free from GB

58 Why was France so willing to help Americans fight the British during the American Revolution?

59 Great Britain was a long time enemy --- always competing…… a little payback from the French and Indian War!!!

60 Main author of the Declaration of Independence

61 Thomas Jefferson

62 1 st battle of the American Revolution

63 Lexington and Concord

64 Document that officially ends the war with Great Britain Ben Franklin helped to write as well as the French. Boundaries of the US established –

65 Treaty of Paris 1783

66 Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation????

67 Weak, central government No money, no power to tax Border disputes No national army Lack of respect from foreign countries No national court system

68 The NW Ordinance was a system of admitting ______ ________- to the Union

69 New States

70 What did Shays Rebellion make Americans realize?

71 That the current US government, the Articles of Confederation was not so good and we needed to make some changes

72 How was the North and South’s argument over whether or not to count slaves as part of the population solved?

73 3/5 Compromise

74 Significance of the year 1787?

75 When delegates got together to meet and held the Constitutional Convention in order to originally just rewrite the A of C, but ended up writing the US Constitution that we still have today

76 In order to get the Anti- Federalists to approve the Constitution, Federalists added this to the document…

77 A bill of rights

78 How many states were needed to ratify the Constitution?


80 Explain how the Great Compromise was a compromise between the VA and NJ Plans

81 Took ideas from both… Senate – from NJ Plan – each state gets 2 Senators House of Representatives – from the VA Plan – based on the population of a state

82 We looked back on our history and the complaints we had about government while we were ruled by King George III. We looked at the Declaration of Independence since that was a formal list of all our grievances.

83 Government can’t require citizen to house a soldier during peacetime.

84 From which colonial document did we borrow the idea of creating a WRITTEN document as to describe how the government will be structured?

85 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

86 From which document did we borrow the idea of self government and incorporate it in the Constitution?

87 Mayflower Compact

88 How each branch of government makes sure the other branches are NOT abusing their powers.

89 Checks and Balances

90 Principle of the Constitution were PEOPLE have the POWER!!!


92 PRINCIPLE OF GOVERNMENT – certain powers only granted to Federal gov’t (like coining money, declaring war) and other powers only granted to the state gov’t (like est school) AND… other powers they both share


94 Principle (idea) we included in the Constitution that government can NOT do whatever they want, they also have to follow the laws

95 Limited Government

96 What is the significance of the Louisiana Purchase in regards to the US?

97 *Doubled the size of our country *Control of Mississippi River *People could move out west

98 How did GW put an end to the Whiskey Rebellion?

99 Sent out 13,000 militia troops

100 Which goal of the Constitution did the Whiskey Rebellion break? form a more perfect Union establish justice domestic tranquility common defense general welfare liberty for ourselves and our posterity

101 domestic tranquility

102 What law did GW create that helped establish the judicial branch?

103 Federal Judiciary Act of 1789

104 Why did Alexander Hamilton and Federalists argue for the creation of a national bank?

105 Needed in order to help keep tax money collected by Congress (since Congress has the power to tax)

106 What 3 things did GW warn Americans NOT to do in his Farewell Address?

107 Go into debt Make permanent alliances Create political parties

108 In what ways did GW set a precedence?

109 2 terms in office Created a cabinet Being called “Mr. President”

110 What event is described? US sent diplomats to France to get them to stop impressing our sailors. They tried to talk to Prime Minister Talleyrand and the French asked for money to stop impressing our sailors.

111 XYZ Affair

112 Adams responded to the XYZ Affair by saying – “Millions for defense and not one cent for tribute.” What is meant by this?

113 Adams would rather spend millions of dollars to training his troops to go to war with France rather than pay one cent to pay a bribe

114 This political party thought: The US Constitution should be strictly followed Farming should be the basis of the US economy Common people could govern our country... And was lead by Thomas Jefferson

115 Democrat-Republicans

116 What did Federalists think about the following: Who should govern? How to make money? Creating a national bank?

117 Educated, wealthy Businesses, trade and manufacturing Yes, create a bank

118 What were the effects of the War of 1812?

119 Increased patriotism Native Americans weakened Growth of US manufacturing US proved it could defend itself against world’s best military Americans gained confidence in country

120 What is one cause of the War of 1812?

121 British interference with American shipping – naval blockade Impressment (kidnapping) American sailors Americans believed British pushed Natives to fight settlers War Hawks wanted to expand into Canada

122 What right did the Supreme Court gain b/c of Marbury v. Madison?

123 Judicial Review The power of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional

124 Laws enacted by the United States Congress which closed all American ports to exports and restricted imports from Great Britain between the years of 1807 and 1812.

125 Embargo Act

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