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Can we work things out with the French?

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1 Can we work things out with the French?
The XYZ affair leads to American dislike of the French and fear of foreign influence in America. American diplomats travel to France to solve foreign (harassing our ships) problems with France. Three French diplomats named XYZ demand tribute and loans before speaking to the French leader. Americans strongly refuse tribute demands. “Millions for defense not one cent for tribute.”

2 I guess they want to be difficult.

3 How will President Adams “protect” America from those evil foreigners?
Fear of Foreign influence leads to new laws passed by President Adams and the Federalist Congress. These news laws called the Alien and Sedition Acts are passed for “American Security.” The Alien and Sedition Acts are seen as unconstitutional and a violation of states rights by the Democratic Republicans.

4 Are these laws for real? Where’s Judicial Review?

5 How will the TJ and the DR’s respond to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison write the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts. These Resolutions call for the nullification of the Alien and Sedition Acts based on the violation of states right. The precedent that states can nullify federal laws is created and will cause problems in the future.

6 Could these cause problems in the future
Could these cause problems in the future? I would place a high bet on that.

7 Will the Federalists keep power after the Election of 1800?
Adams & Pinckney Feds will keep us strong! Jefferson Burr DR’s will make changes for the better!

8 The DR’s win but there’s only one problem. Can you figure it out?

9 The Federalist Congress (DR rivals and authors of those terrible Alien &Sedition Acts) have a decision to make. One of these DR’s will be the next President chosen by the Federalist. Burr Jefferson

10 The new President of the United States in 1800 (ironically with help from Hami) is TJ!
“Dude you won fair and square. Good luck with the power.” “Thanks bro, don’t pull anything sneaky with your remaining time.”

11 Why was the Election of 1800 important?
12th amendment is passed to fix voting and prevent future ties. The Federalists turned over power to the DR’s peacefully, setting the precedent for the future power transitions. The key changes and precedents caused by the Election of 1800.

12 How will President Adams use his reaming time in office?
“What can I do for my party with my remaining time in office?” (Lame Duck yo)

13 How will President Jefferson respond to this?
Adams and Feds lose election of 1800 They become midnight judges at the last minute. Adams becomes 1st Lame Duck President Adams appoints 42 Feds to judicial positions. Feds pass Judiciary Act of 1801 to create new judicial positions. John Marshall is appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

14 How will Marbury vs. Madison change American government and the Judicial Branch?

15 What do I need to remember about Marbury vs. Madison?
Justice Marshall rules Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional creating Judicial Review. This gives the Judicial Branch the power to review laws and declare them unconstitutional. The Judicial Branch now has equal power with the other two branches.

16 How valuable is the Mississippi and New Orleans to the United States?
The Treaty of San Laurenzo, allowed United States the use of the Louisiana territory and New Orleans with Spanish Permission. A secret treaty between France and Spain, gave the Louisiana territory and control of New Orleans to the French. The United States is dependent on the port of New Orleans and use of the Mississippi River, and must try to make a deal with France. “Life is hard as a President.” #dafedssuck

17 The U.S. really needs control of New Orleans and we don’t want a neighbor like France! I will send James Monroe and Robert Livingston to France to try and buy it!

18 How did a Land Deal change America forever?

19 What will President Jefferson do with his new Purchase?

20 What resulted from that long expedition?
No water route dude, but the land is way cool. How about a bonus bro? Results of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Mapped ways through the Rocky Mountains. Documented plants and animals of the Louisiana Purchase. Discovered there wasn’t an all water route across North America. Established good relations with Natives in new land.

21 How will President Jefferson handle the bullies in the Mediterranean?

22 The United States can now trade on the seas without fear of those evil Pirates.
After finally defeating the barbary pirates American ships can travel safely. The barbary pirates attack vulnerable American merchant Mediterranean ships in the. President Jefferson decides to fight them with a built up Navy. Early American leaders agree to pay tribute for safe passage.

23 U.S. Trade England and France went to war (again) in 1803.
U.S. remained neutral. 1806 – France prohibited all neutral trade with Great Britain. 1807 – Britain banned between France, her allies and the Americas. U.S Trade

24 British & French navies began capturing U. S
British & French navies began capturing U.S. ships and searching them for war supplies. The British even began practicing the policy of impressment on U.S. sailors.

25 1807: Congress passes the Embargo Act – banned trade with ALL foreign countries.
No U.S. ships can sail to foreign ports. No foreign ships can land in American ports.

26 The embargo hurt American merchants in a HUGE way.
Lost $$$ and jobs Especially hurt northern states A black market was created where European goods were smuggled into the U.S. through Canada.

27 Results of the Embargo Act
Embargo had little effect on England & France. They just traded elsewhere. Americans did begin to produce more of their own goods. Jefferson’s popularity was damaged. This strengthened Federalist Party. Lost popularity Increase in popularity

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