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Democratic Style Marbury v. Madison Louisiana Purchase Embargo

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1 Democratic Style Marbury v. Madison Louisiana Purchase Embargo
Thomas Jefferson Democratic Style Marbury v. Madison Louisiana Purchase Embargo

2 Democratic Style Reduce the size of the National Government
Cut the federal budget and reduce debt. Promote laissez faire policies in economic affairs. Decrease the size of government departments, Reduce the size of the army and navy. Ask Congress to repeal the whiskey tax.

3 Democratic Style Reconcile party differences
Retain the Bank of the USA Continue to pay off state debts using federal money. Allow Federalists to keep their government jobs.

4 Marbury v. Madison Who: President Adams, John Marshall, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison What: William Marbury was appointed by Adams on his last night as President. The Democratic Republicans refused this midnight appointment. Thomas Jefferson ordered Secretary of State James Madison to not deliver the appointment papers.

5 Marbury v. Madison When: 1803 Why: Marbury sued Madison.
According to the Judiciary Act of 1789, the Supreme Court could decide cases brought against federal officials.

6 Marbury v. Madison Result: The Supreme Court ruled against Marbury.
The Judiciary Act was unconstitutional. Chief Justice Marshall ruled the Supreme Court did not have the right to decide cases brought against Federal judges. It set the precedent for Judicial Review-power to decide if laws are constitutional or not.

7 Louisiana Purchase Jefferson sends Robert Livingston and James Monroe to buy New Orleans and West Florida from Napoleon. Livingston and Monroe negotiated with Prime Minister Talleyrand. Talleyrand showed little interest.

8 Louisiana Purchase Napoleon’s plan to gain the Americas ended and he needed money to pay for costly wars in Europe. Talleyrand offers ALL of LOUISIANA, not just New Orleans. Livingston offers $4 million.

9 Louisiana Purchase The actions of Monroe and Livingston…
They debated the matter, because they really did not have the authority to buy all of Louisiana. They agreed to offer $15 million and the French accept the offer. (about 3cents an acre)

10 Louisiana Purchase Jefferson was not quite sure whether his position had the power to buy Louisiana. He was a democratic republican and they supported a strict interpretation of the constitution. It does not state in the constitution that the office of president can buy land.

11 Embargo What did Jefferson persuade Congress to do in the situation with Britain and France? To impose an embargo on foreign trade. The effects of the Embargo Act of were… It did hurt Britain and France, but it hurt Americans even more. Supplies were cut off and exports dropped by $80 million. Docks were full of cotton and tobacco. Merchants were hurt the worst.

12 Embargo American merchants protested and turned to smuggling to earn money. After the embargo Act failed, Jefferson he replaced it with a less strict act. The Non Intercourse Act allowed the USA to trade with all countries except Britain and France.

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