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2 Bell Work Pg. 5 of your Notebbok What is the job of the Supreme Court?  Interpret laws as it pertains to the Constitution Who was Chief Justice in the court cases we have studied?  John Marshall Why is it important to have a part of the government keep a check on laws of the land  To ensure the laws are in line with the principles of the Constitution

3 Ch 10 Lesson 1 Paired Reading Which court case Established Judicial Review  Marbury v. Madison Which court case decided that federal power always over rules state power (National Supremacy & commerce)  Gibbons v. Ogden Which case establishes implied powers of congress and does not allow states to tax federal institutions?  McCulloch v. Maryland Which court case decided only the Federal Government could negotiate with Native Americans?  Worcester v. Georgia

4 Ch 10 Lesson 1 Paired Reading How did the election of 1800 change the election process?  12 th Amendment – Ballots were then cast for a president and vice president instead of having the most votes decides president and the next most votes decide vice president What is the Judiciary Act of 1801?  Set up a system of courts

5 Jefferson Film Bell Work (bottom of Page 5) What did the Louisiana Purchase do for land size in the US What expedition did this purchase create? What is an embargo? Why did Jefferson call for an embargo?  Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase

6 Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase Why did Napoleon want to sell the Louisiana Territory? Why did Jefferson want to buy the territory? What was the Constitution al issues with the purchase? How was the purchase justified? What was the total cost? How did it affect the size of the US?

7 Lewis and Clark 1. What would the expedition document? 2. What else were Lewis and Clark looking for? 3. What did Lewis describe in his Journal? 4. Who joined the group as a guide? 5. How long did the journey take? 6. How far did they travel?

8 Lewis and Clark Documented many new routes, animals, plants and sites for forts Also wanted to find the Northwest Passage (water route from Atlantic to Pacific) Buffalo, Elk, Antelopes, yesterday beautiful  (uninhabited) Native American Sacagawea 18 months and 4,000 miles

9 Quiz Who sold the Louisiana Territory  A. France B. Spain  C. England D. Denmark The Louisiana Purchase  A. Split the US in half  B. Land area remained the same  C. doubled the land of the US Who was President at the time of the Louisiana Purchase?  A. George Washington  B. John Adams  C. Thomas Jefferson What two reasons did the president want the Louisiana Territory  A Timber and furs  B. Reservations and gold  C. Silver and water  D. farm land and river routes What did the Louisiana Territory cost  A. 2 mil B. 5 mill  C. 10 mil D. 15 mil Lewis’ Journal documented  A. animals B. Plants  C. routes D. all the above Who joined the expedition as a guide  A. Pocahontas  B. Sacagawea  C. Little Bird  D. Nancy Ward What route did Lewis and Clark follow?  A. Mississippi River  B. Red River  C. Missouri River  D. Brazos River

10 Answers 1. A 2. C 3. C 4. D 5. D 6. D 7. B 8. C

11 Louisiana Purchase Map Color map to indicate mountain, rivers, Colonial States, post Revolution land, the Louisiana Purchase, and the route of Lewis and Clark

12 Federalist plan to secede Federalist concern with the Louisiana Purchase What Massachusetts needed for the plan to work

13 Bell Work What Constitutional change took place after the election of 1800 What where the boundaries of the LA Purchase Who was sent to explore the Louisiana Territory

14 Barbary Pirates US refuses to pay tribute to Barbary States Jefferson sends ships to blockade Tripoli who has declared war The Philadelphia was captured and US sailors burned it to keep it from being used by the enemy War ends with the US no longer having to pay tribute but has to pay 60,000 for the release of US prisoners

15 Trade Embargo Britain begins impressment of US sailors violating US neutral rights Congress and Jefferson react with Trade Embargo of 1807 Financial disaster Replaced in 1809 with Nonintercourse Act. Also unsuccessful

16 The Road to War The US lifts trade restrictions with France France continues to capture and sell US ships Britain is seen as the bigger enemy War Hawks press for war against Britain James Madison (now President) asks for a declaration of war

17 Closure Why did Tripoli declare war on the US? How did the British and French violate neutral rights? Why did Jefferson & Congress pass the Embargo Act of 1807? Was it successful? Why or Why not?

18 Vocabulary Pg. 9 Notebook Piracy – Robbery on the seas Tribute – protection money Neutral rights – The US could sail the seas without taking side between France and Great Britain

19 Vocabulary Impressments – forcing American sailors to join the British Navy War Hawks – supported increases in military spending and expansion of US power Nationalism – A strong devotion to one’s country

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