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Jefferson’s Presidency “The Revolution of 1800” US Ch 4. 3.

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1 Jefferson’s Presidency “The Revolution of 1800” US Ch 4. 3

2 Whiskey Rebellion Questions Why are the western citizens so enraged by the whiskey tax? Washington took an enormous gamble by sending troops to squash the rebellion, what were some of the consequences he might have faced by sending troops? What where some of the consequences he would have faced should he have not sent troops? Why do you think Hamilton chose whiskey as the product to tax instead of another? What alternatives could Washington have used other than send troops? Washington is known for his “bi-partisanship” is his move in the Whiskey Rebellion out of character? Why or why not?

3 The Election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson Elected 3 rd President. Aaron Burr is vice president Elector’s Mistake causes Tie – Constitutional Flaw: corrected by Amendment XII 1804 House of Representatives Chooses President – Alexander Hamilton persuades house to vote for Jackson.

4 Adam’s Midnight Judges Appointed 42 Federal Judges Federalist Party Server for life

5 Judging Adams Keeps U.S. out of war, preserves neutrality Strengthens the Navy Peaceful transfer of power in 1800 Relationship with France damaged New taxes imposed Party politics become entrenched Federalist Congress and the Alien and Sedition Acts cost Adams his reelection and gave control of Congress to the Republicans. But in weighing his presidency, we have to consider the negative along with the positive:

6 Jefferson Fights the Judiciary Act of 1801 Try to impeach “Midnight Judges” Unfair decisions a basis for impeachment? Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice impeached by House of Representatives Senate does not find him guilty. Establishes that only a criminal act can call for an impeachment.

7 Marbury Vs Madison John Marshall Judiciary Act of 1789 ruled unconstitutional 1 st Time Judicial Review is used.

8 President Jefferson’s Ideals Small Government Less formal president Pay off National Debt Cut Government spending Ended Whiskey Tax Rely on local militia instead of a Standing Army. Republic can only survive if people own land.

9 The Louisiana Purchase Spain gives French Louisiana Robert R. Livingston and James Monroe Negotiates the treaty with France Napoleon Sells Louisiana Territory to US to fund his War in Europe 524,800,000 Acres for 15 Million.03 cents an acre. Doubles the size of the United States. Port of New Orleans


11 “The Corps of Discovery” Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea, Seaman and others Secret Expedition

12 The North West Passage

13 The Essex Junto Northern Federalists Concerned New territory meant new states for South and West Group of Massachusetts lawyers want to break off from the Union.

14 Hamilton’s End Burr runs for New York Governor Hamilton calls Burr a “Dangerous Man who ought not be trusted with the reigns of government” Hamilton dies in dual with Burr Burr accused of treason but acquitted.

15 Jefferson’s Foreign Tensions The War with the Barbary Nations – America’s First foreign war Economic Warfare – Impressment – Embargo of 1807

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