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I, Harley was born in 1997 in Austin, TX. i enjoy soccer, football, baseball, wakeboarding and of course mountain biking with his dad. He is currently.

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2 I, Harley was born in 1997 in Austin, TX. i enjoy soccer, football, baseball, wakeboarding and of course mountain biking with his dad. He is currently attending Caraway Elementary. Harley likes to hang out with his friends when he’s not doing homework. He enjoys going to his lake house and go on the boat. “I was inspired to write this story because I love mountain biking. Even though my favorite sport to watch is football, mountain biking is my favorite sport to do.

3 Do not read this book straight through from beginning to end! These pages contain many different adventures you can have. From time to time as you read along, you will be asked to make choices. Your choices may lead to SUCCESS or DISASTER!. The adventures you have will be a result of the choices you make. After you make a choice follow the directions to see what happens next. You have been warned!!

4 You are a pro mountain biker that is about to become a legend. You are going on tour for a huge world class race that is giving $50,000 dollars to the winner. Your name is Harley Busfield and your mountain biking team mate’s names are Jim, Bobby and Joey. Your first race starts in 5 minutes but you notice a flat tire on your bike. You half to sprint to the fix it station. You get a tire and sprint back to your bike. Rip off the old tire and put on the new one when you notice that you don’t have a tire pump. So you ask Jim if you can borrow his, you pump your tire up, get ready and return Jim’s pump just in time for the announcer to say” racers line up at the starting gate”. So you “hop” on your bike and ride over to the gate. But half way there you see a sigh that says intermediate and expert. If you choose expert click here If you choose the intermediate trail click here

5 You choose intermediate I see. Well you made the right choice because when they expert they really mean it! Anyway you’re lined up at the starting gate, you’re so pressured you don’t know what's happening! But when you finally get out there you don’t sweat it! The coarse was so easy you start to calm down and relax a little, until you remembered you were racing for $50,000 dollars! Then you got it together! But when you were about to speed up you see a huge ramp probably 30 feet in the air. Then you see a huge burm. You gonna have to go across one of them! If you would like to jump the ramp click here. if you would like to go on the berm click here.

6 Hi, oh well this a surprise no one ever rides the expert trails anymore, but if you think your in for it knock yourself out, [literally]. Why do you ask, well I'll tell you, I could only see thirty feet of the trail until it curved into the dark and creepy forest. Plus I herd that the trail was only 6 inches wide all the way through. But Your not pressured at all because your just positive your going to blow through it. But the trail was just the opposite. The trail turned out to be just a trail of mud about afoot and a half deep. You struggle until you get to the gravel and realize your back brake is jammed with mud and won’t work! You have a choice, to stop right there and fix it or you can ride it on out and see what happens. if you would like to fix it on page8 click here!! If you would like to ride it out on page 7 click here.

7 The burm was about 15 feet tall with nothing but sharp rocks and rushing water on the other side! So if you sell over the top you’re pretty much a goner. But if you make it around the burm there is a huge hill at the end of the burm that you’re Shirley to suffer a “little”. But lets not worry about that right now shall we? You are approaching the berm “carefully”. But you get on the edge of the berm and almost fall off, but you save yourself just in time. So, you keep riding and finally get to the end of the berm and shoot down the hill. When you see and exit coming up but the trail keeps going after that. If you want to go down the rest of the trail click here. But if you want to go down the “short cut” click here.

8 The ramp looked bigger than it really was. It looked like it was 40 feet tall close up. The jump looked like a death trap and just to make it more nerve racking, there was about a 30 foot drop-off on the other side. Between the ramp and landing ramp there was another trail going right through the middle. Anyway, your riding fine, then you see a huge ramp. You panic a little, but you have a reason. You lose control right before you come off the ramp and land upside down. You don’t feel your leg, you know you are out for the race, but that doesn’t matter right now. What really matters is that you are in the middle of the track and might not be able to move.

9 “Amen” you mumble to yourself as you finished praying that all of this would turn out fine. But you really don’t have a lot of hope for yourself. I mean really, if you’ve ever met a person that has ridden their bike down the “hardest” trail in the world without a back brake, I’d like to meet them. Anyway you said a prayer and wished yourself luck. “Let’s try this again,” you mumbled to yourself. You start down the trail again, it’s a little hard at first but you get used to it. You get about 10 more miles into the trail before you stop to get some water and about a 5 minute rest. Then you get going and about another mile into the trail you come upon a huge gap. In the middle of the gap is a river with sharp rocks, so if you fall in it’s H.E. double hockey sticks. Then you see another trail that goes off to the right that goes to the same place, but it might take longer. Your choice is, if you want to go off to the right, click here. If you want to jump the river, click here.If you want to jump the river, click here.

10 How are you? I’m guessing that you chose to try to fix your brake. Good choice! I don’t know if you could make it without your back brake. I’ve heard it’s pretty hard. OK! I kind of forgot what I was supposed to talk about for a second. Anyway, you got your tools out and sat down and go to work. You notice that this was going to be pretty hard to fix. You’re not sure, but you’re just guessing. Yet out of all the things you could predict correctly, you predicted right on this. It was so hard to fix that you really just gave up. You couldn’t think of any possible way, other than taking the whole brake apart, that was guaranteed to put you in last place because of the time it would take. You decided to just give up and lose.

11 “wuz up”! I’m guessing you stuck to the non short cut trail huh? You probably made the right choice because when they say short cut I don’t think they mean it. I think they’re just testing you. Most of the riders that take the short cut usually don’t turn out so well. Anyway you’re screaming down the trail, you don’t have time to think about what might happen if you should do this or that. It’s just you your bike and the cold hard ground. If you can guess what happens next I wouldn’t be surprised if you get it. You lose control and your bike fly’s out from underneath you and you fall flat on your face and your out for the race.

12 “aaaahhhhh” you scream as you plunge over the river. “I’m gonna make it”! You shout. Well, you make it but you never said that you were gonna land it. You land flat but you fall off after you land you notice two of your spikes are broken so you lay your bike down and try to fix it but you couldn’t bend it, you couldn't take it off because you don’t have any spare ones. Well after 30 minutes of that you get back on your bike and start riding. Now you’re way behind your just around the corner from the finish line. But, you weren’t as behind as you thought you were still in 5 th place out of 100 people. So you still finished you just didn’t get 1 st and win 50,000 but you did win 2,000 so you did pretty good.

13 So you chose the short cut trail huh? You’ve got a lot of nerve person, my god I'm surprised that you even looked at this trail!! The trail is as wide as your tire with sharp jagged rocks on each. So if you “lose” it you’re as good as dead. Anyway you start down the trail it’s pretty easy at first so you go a little bit faster. Suddenly you are in mid air flying off a flight of stairs, and when that happens you usually feel a little pain. Sure enough you start to feel the pain and you “lose” it and fall off the edge of the cliff ! and none one ever sees you again all because you got a little cocky

14 I don’t know about this you mutter to yourself as you head off to the right. Your not sure if you’ve made the right choice or not. But the trail turned out to be pretty easy. The trail was real flat and have lots of little bumps that were real fun to jump. Before you know it the race is almost over, as you turn around to see if anyone is behind you and a racer shoots past you. Now you have some competition ahead of you. But of coarse about 400 feet from the finish line so you pedal as fast as you can and at the last second you pull ahead and win the race!!!

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