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What Lurks in the Shadows By: Tesia Buckles Choose Your Own Adventure Book: 1 Start Story 

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1 What Lurks in the Shadows By: Tesia Buckles Choose Your Own Adventure Book: 1 Start Story 

2 Chapter 1 It was a cold winter’s night so you decided to go sleep downstairs. As you walk downstairs it seemed to get warmer as the fireplace got closer. You lay down on the couch. You were getting shivers but not from the cold. It seemed like your body was trying to tell you something. And that’s when you heard something in the kitchen and saw an outline of a person. But more like a shadow. Go see: Page 9 Stay Laying Down: Page 5

3 Chapter 3 You go in the office and finally see the shadow, face to face. You ask it why it is there every night and what it wants. It mumbles something and you try to hear what is said. You try to link the pieces together and find out it said, “revenge.” It stops looking at you and starts digging through the files for the old camera footage. You have to do something about this. Call For Your Parents: Chapter 4: Page 8 Converse: Page 12

4 Chapter 2 You went downstairs to find that is was your dog digging in the trash again. You watch the film your camera got and see that the shadow went upstairs in your room. You put down the camera in awe because you are scared and you don’t know where the shadow is. You go in your parent’s room downstairs and tell them what happened. Go To Page 11 

5 Chapter 1 You see the shadow just sitting there. You decide to quietly go back upstairs and go to sleep, hoping it was a dream. You helplessly wait for morning as your body clenches up because you remember it was cold that night. Congrats. You chose the right thing. You were a coward and kept to yourself. Your mother would be so proud! Go To Page 6 

6 Chapter 2 The next morning you tell your parents what happened the night before. They have a hard time believing you and tell you to get a camera and record the “shadow” if you’re that dedicated to finding out who this person is. You get the camera that day from your parents and you have to decide whether to set it up or not. You set it up and wait patiently to hear a noise from the kitchen. You finely lay down and hear that noise you were waiting on. You must check it out but you are scared to. Go Check: Page 4 Stay Upstairs: Page 7

7 Chapter 2 You decide to lay in bed but soon see that there is a shadow in the corner of your room. Quickly you realize what it is and you get a big sense of insecurity when you hear it breathe louder and louder as it gets closer and closer. You feel it touch you and feel intense pain in your neck as your vision slowly faded. You Died THE END Start Over 

8 Chapter 4 You call for your parents. You see the shadow sprint for the door hoping it wouldn’t be caught. You try to stop it but you’re afraid. Your parents come out asking what was going on. You could try to show them the shadow that sprinted for the door, but it is probably long gone by now. You let it escape. You have no proof and you have grumpy parents still sitting there wondering why they got out of bed at 2:00 in the morning. You are yelled at and sent to your room to sleep. THE END Start Over 

9 Chapter 1 As you went to go check it out you trip on your blanket and fell to the kitchen floor. The shadow was on the other side of the kitchen and was sprinting at your helpless body laying there on the floor. You are taken and killed. Sorry, you should have watched where you were going. THE END Start Over 

10 Chapter 3 You sit in your room wondering if you should go see if it is one of your father’s old colleagues. You hear it rummage through the files and your hear a breathe of release. You hear the door open and close harshly downstairs. You go down there and see that the film and camera are gone. You let him get away with the evidence. You have no proof of the break in and you still don’t know who the “shadow” is. You should have gone and checked. THE END Start Over 

11 Chapter 3 Your parents listen to what you have to say. They tell you to keep an eye open from now on. You save the film and plan on keeping all the film in a file in your dad’s office. You reload the camera and set it up in the same spot. You go to your room and lay down and wait to hear the noise again. You hear the noise but this time it doesn’t sound like its coming from the kitchen. It sounds like it’s coming from the office. You spend 5 minutes to the most trying to think who would sabotage your family like that. You finally think it through. Your dad is the owner of a business and he just fired one of his colleagues, Mr. Wesson. Go Check: Page 3 Stay Put: Page 10

12 Chapter 4 You try to communicate with it. You ask the shadow its name but it keeps saying I can’t say. After 5 minutes of asking and begging for a name the shadow finally says, “ I’m Mr. Wesson, and your daddy fired me from the best job ever.” You tell it that just because your dad did something doesn’t mean the shadow had to take it out on your whole family. You also tell Mr. Wesson that you’ve heard that he was fired because some people have mysteriously vanished from the office and that he had a lot of fingers pointed at him. Mr. Wesson took in a long breath and said, “You know my name not my story.” Then he walked out of the house speechless. You didn’t even bother calling the cops because you are frightened and speechless. You go back up to your room and go to sleep. CONGRATS YOU MADE IT!! Start Over 

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