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I’m made of wax. Larry, what are you made of? By Chris Mouse.

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1 I’m made of wax. Larry, what are you made of? By Chris Mouse

2 Hey Brad what are we going to do today cause it is the weekend and its summer and we kind of want to go swimming and we all have a tent so I think we should go camping how about you. Woe why so fast on making a plan for the weekend and why so jumpy? Because I had like four monsters and Im ready to go and do something like right now. Ok ok let me go get ready and who is all going with us. Me, you,

3 Garit, and wyatt. Ok cool well lets go get ready. Ok were are we going to camp? I think the creek down through the woods. Oh ok it’s a little out of town but no one will bother us so it good. Well ok then lets get going and set up and maybe we could hunt for some fish and stuff. Yeah that would be cool. Yeah so lets go.

4 Wow its so creepy. Calm down brad its not that bad. Well set up everything then. Ok. How deep is it? I’m not sure maybe 10 feet deep that’s good enough for it to be a creek. Yeah I know and there is a lot of tree’s here so at least we got good fire wood and stuff. What about the food. I brought it, its in the cooler over there. Ok that’s good. Well lets set up.

5 Ok were all set up so ready to swim? Yeah hold I have to get some trunks on so hold up. Ok well I’m gonna find the deepest part around here. Ok I will help you. Ok cool. Hey wyatt do you know were we the closest person lives around here just in case one of us gets hurt. No I think maybe 5 miles away. Dang I didn’t we would be out so far. yeah well lets go swim.

6 I think we should climb those rock and jump into the water cause its pretty deep and look like fun. Yeah ok well the fire is starting to go down so I will keep it going. Hey wyatt wanna help me go scale those rocks. Sure. said wyatt. At least there is a lot of tree’s around here to cut down. Yeah said brad. Well I think this is a good spot to camp because there is a deep creek, a lot of fire wood and a good jumping spot into the water. Yeah I guess it is.

7 Its starting to get dark we should start heating out food up. Look at us, were finally camping, I feel so alive. Do you guys know what I mean. Yeah no parent‘s around. Just us guys. I like it is pretty fun. I can’t wait until I move out of my parent’s house, to finally live on my own. Yeah I know. Hey we all should get an house or an apartment together.

8 Yeah that would be cool buy I bet we would all probably get tired and I don’t like being tied down and stuff and I really don’t like the town we live in so if we do, do this plan we need to move to a new town or city or something. Yeah I know what you mean. So is this settled four best friends are gonna move in with each other. Yeah pretty much. Ok I‘m excited for this to happen.

9 Alright the sun is down and its starting to get cold so we all need to get fire wood like now. Ok we will meet up in 10 minutes. Ok sound good man. Ok how much wood did you guys get. We got a lot of wood I think it can last us for the night ok good cause we got a whole lot to. Ok good. What time is it 9:00 right now. What really. Wow its gonna be a long night. Well I learned this trick from my mothers fathers grandson on how to start a fire. So ill get it started.

10 Hey it getting really cold I need a blanket can one of you guys get me one. Yeah sure, here brad, thanks man. No problem. Throw some more wood in there. Ok lets not use all of it. Ok well I think we should go to bed right now. Ok well I’ll sleep in this tent and since there is only two tent im pretty sure we are all going to have to share with each other. Most likely. Ok well I don’t really care it way to cold to do this

11 Hey I kinda want to start that fire again I pretty sure its better than this. Ok me to. Alright lets get out. Ok agh! What is it I just now got a real bad cramp in my leg I… I can’t get up hold on. Ok ok im gonna start the fire. Ok im gonna sit this out. Ok dude just hold on it will go away in a bit. Yeah I it just hurts so bad. Yeah I know just wait ok well its starting to go away. Ok good well lets start this fire ok.

12 Hey I can’t stop shaking I think we should take our covers and go sleep with Jon and wyatt. Yeah we should let go now. Hey you guys we can’t sleep and it way to cold were gonna jump in with you guys. Ok hurry cause we are to cold to. Ok well is everyone situated? Yeah! ok let try and go to sleep. (the next morning the boys made it through the night and they all realized going camping isn’t that good of an idea so they never went camping again) the end. Fin.

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