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By: Sravan Asutkar Warning!!! Do not read this book straight from the beginning to end! These pages contain many different adventures you can have. From.

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2 By: Sravan Asutkar

3 Warning!!! Do not read this book straight from the beginning to end! These pages contain many different adventures you can have. From time to time as you read along, you will be asked to make choices. Your choices may lead to Success or Disaster! The adventures you will have to be the result of the choice you make. After you make a choice, follow the directions to see what happens next. You have been warned! Good luck!

4 Sharkboy loved sharks. He made them sushi every-day. He even named them. There names were Pinkey, Stelly, and Mounty. One day, a big storm was coming. Sharkboy went in a little boat asleep. When he wok up, he saw his dad floating in one diction as he was floating in the other diction. While he was floating on the boat, a shark recognized him. It was Pinkey. Pinkey told his shark friends, ‘’Don’t take a bite out of him. He’s a friend.’’ So they took him to their shark lire. Their he learned the ways of a shark. He started to grow a shark fin and his teeth started to sharpen themselves. He also grew gills. He grew into a shark, a Sharkboy. He had two ways to go to find his dad. The ways were North and South. If you chose to go North through a tunnel go to page three. If you chose to go South where a deep, long swamp. North page threeSouth page four

5 You decide to go North. Sharkboy goes through a tunnel. Sharkboy went to a dead end. While he was turning back a sadocone took place of him. Then the sadocone killed Sharkboy. Sharkboy is dead. To try again click me

6 You decide to go South. Sharkboy swims through a swamp. At the other end of the swamp, Sharkboy sees a lot of dinosaurs. Sharkboy gets out of the water and goes deeper into the forest. Sharkboy then meets a kid named Dinokid. Dinokid told Sharkboy a true story about how his name came and how he looks like a dinosaur and a kid morphed. Dinokid told Sharkboy the story. Dinokid told Sharkboy,’’ I never had any parents. Well, I had parents, but I never met them. When I was 2 years old when a dinosaur found me alone. I heard what the dinosaur was saying to me and the dinosaur knew what I was saying.’’ I am trying to save the world from Fireman. ’’After we save the world if I believe you, you have to help me find my dad. If you believe him and want to save him, turn to page 6. If not, turn to page 5.turn to page 6page 5 Page 5 Page 6 This is the swamp

7 You did not listen to Dinokid. Seven days later, Fireman came and burned up the world. Close up of the world. To try again click me

8 I believe you. I will help you defite Fireman.’’ Answered Sharkboy. So they were going through the forest looking for Dinokid’s lare because it has some cool gajets and make a plane there. So Sharkboy and Dinokid were riding Dinokid’s Dino motorbikes. They were going so fast, it was like a built. Sharkboy and Dinokid stopped. They locked up. There was a big, huge, moss covered, rock looking, thread feet, and wooden handed forest monster. They were going to fight the horrible monster. Sharkboy and Dinokid were the first ones to fight it. Dinokid told Sharkboy this is going to be a peace of cake. Dinokid called his dinosaur friends to take care of him. When the dinosaurs were coming, the freak pushed Sharkboy and Dinokid somewhere alls in the forest. They have two ways to go. If you decide to go to the creepy, old, spiderwebed place, go to page 7. If you want to go to a old house turn to page 8. Page 7 Page 8

9 Sharkboy and Dinokid went into the spider web and a giant spider ate them up. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo! To try again click me

10 You go in the old house. They find a teleporter. They both touch the teleporter together. Sharkboy and Dinokid both went back where they last were. The monster was dead. Sharkboy and Dinokid went on the motorcycles and went and wert and went until they came to Dinokid’s lair. There, they made a plane. The plane was when we find Fireman, my Terex will lead Fireman to the ocean and then… ’’But what do I do!’’ exclaimed Sharkboy. ’’I was going to that Sharkboy.’’ said Dinokid. So ware was I. O, then you Sharkboy will call all your shark friends and tell them to make Fireman go in the water and die. If you think the idea will work go to page 9. If not, go to page 10. Page 9 Page 10 This is the lair.

11 Sharkboy went with the plane. Sharkboy and Dinokid took all the gajets and spilt it fifty, fifty. Then they went on the dinomotorcycle. They were then headed for the ocean. At the ocean, Sharkboy took out his sharkboat with turbo boosters. Dinokid and Sharkboy took the sharkboat with turbo boosters for a ride to the middle of the ocean. It took 3 days to get to Fireman’s house. Fireman lives in a volcano. When the got there, they saw a little door at the bottom of the volcano. If you want to go through the door, go to page 10. If not go to page 11. Page 10 Page 11

12 You did not go with the plan. Sharkboy made his own plane. The plane Sharkboy suggested was to go to Fireman’s place where he lived and take a Terex and kill him. The plane might not work because… Sharkboy interrupted lets go before it is too late. So they went to on the dinomotorcycles. They got to the ocean. Then they took sharkboat with turbo busters to get to the middle of the ocean. There they told Dinokid Terex to bite him but then Fireman burned up the Terex. If you want to turn back, go to page 12. If you want to surrender, go to page 11. Page 11Page 12

13 Sharkboy and Dinokid surrendered and was held as a prisoner. Several mouths later, they die! To try again click me

14 You go with the other plane and win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other plane was to make fireman fallow the dinosaur to the ocean and the sharks bite hem and he falls into the water and die. To try again click me

15 To try again click me

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