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CCS900 for Asphalt Compactors

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1 CCS900 for Asphalt Compactors
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2 This presentation covers:
How Trimble CCS900 for Asphalt Compactors completes the Trimble offering for road building Current operation of asphalt compaction and contractor issues What is Trimble CCS900 for Asphalt Compactors and what does it solve for the contractor Configuration options Summary

3 Trimble is the ONLY after market player which covers all phases of the asphalt construction site
Measure Design Bulk Earthworks NEW Compact New roads From initial survey to finish surface Compact Pave Fine/Base Grading

4 Trimble is the ONLY after market player which covers all phases of the asphalt construction site
Design Measure Mill Resurfacing From initial survey to finish surface Compact Pave NEW

5 Target Customer General Contractors – medium to large sized companies
Paving Specialists doing production paving Many are medium sized companies Often as a sub for a general contractor Rental houses Most compactors are rented for the first few years

6 Goals for Asphalt Compactors
Goal of asphalt contractors = achieve the target mat density as efficiently as possible What does that mean: Minimize number of rollers by running most efficient rolling pattern Minimize fuel usage Avoid over-compaction Avoid under-compaction Avoid re-work

7 Customer issues with asphalt compaction: Passcount Tracking
To reach desired compaction, the compactor operator needs to achieve a certain pass count target. However: With a requirement of up to 8 passes, the operator easily loses track and the job becomes guesswork The contractor cannot monitor compaction performance and cannot verify accurate completion of the compaction job

8 Customer issues with asphalt compaction: Passcount Tracking
Tracking the pass count without CCS900 shows the huge inconsistency in pass count Result: Inconsistent density Under compaction Over compaction Penalties, missed bonuses, premature road failure and legal issues Example: Pass Count Source: Twente University, 2008

9 Customer issues with asphalt compaction: Asphalt Temperature
You can only compact asphalt within the ºC ( F) surface temperature window Below 80ºC*: material too hard to compact, possible to crush surface Above: 160ºC*: material too soft and can be displaced It’s an art for the operator to correctly judge the optimal time window for compaction Example limited time window (50mm thick, delivery temp, 135ºC) *: Temperature values can differ dependent on mix type and equipment used

10 Adding Science to the Art of Paving
Better Info to the Operator = Better Surface The CCS900 system provides: Pass count maps to avoid over/undercompaction Real-time temperature maps for the operator to find the optimal window for compaction Documentation of compaction effort across the entire project Verifiable as-built information for sign-off and payment

11 Pass Count Mapping Takes the guesswork out of asphalt compaction
More consistent compaction effort to target pass count Increased productivity to taking the most efficient rolling pattern

12 Temperature Mapping New Trimble IS310 Infrared Sensor
One front, one rear facing Leading sensor active Replaceable lens

13 Temperature Mapping New Trimble IS310 Infrared Sensor
Provide temperature maps for a user definable min and max value User defined high/low temp warnings are displayed over the machine icon Operator can watch pass counts and temp warnings on the same screen

14 In-field reporting Proofing mode and summary In-field reporting
On-machine validation of final compaction runs Increases the quality of the final compacted material In-field reporting Get real-time summary of work completed Print in-field with thermal printer for sign-off and approval

15 Office Reporting: Trimble SiteVision® Office v7
Office Reporting: Trimble SiteVision® Office v7.41 and it’s Compaction Module New SiteVision Office v7.41 release to support CCS900 v11.3 and v12.0 SiteVision Office v7 features: Data referenced to job site coordinates Pass count, Compaction meter value Detailed data views and analysis Design and compaction data archival Temperature mapping - release v7.42 with the Trimble IS310 launch

16 As Built Mapping Cut / Fill Coverage Mapping Productivity reporting
QA / QC design grade specifications have been met, post-compaction Catch errors prior to the start of paving the next layer Productivity reporting Includes: System usage Compaction terrain logging Machine productivity statistics Logged to a *.TAG file Analyzed in Trimble SiteVision® Office 7

17 Configuration: Base System
Pass Counts only Economic solution that increases efficiency and layer quality No designs or coordinate systems required CB450 MS972 (SBAS) CI310

18 Configuration: Popular Upgrade Options
3rd Party Printer MT900 SNR IS310 * 2 Location RTK + SNM940 CB460 3rd Party Printer MT900 As-Built Mapping + MS972 Location RTK CB460 SNM940 CI310 IS310 IS310

19 Configuration: All Options
MS972 MS992 MT900 3rd Party Printer SNR SNM940 CB460 CB450 Add Machine Types AS450 or AS400 CI310 IS310 IS310 CM310

20 Summary customer benefits
Increased rolling productivity, lower O&O cost By choosing more efficient rolling patterns and reducing rework Quality Control Through in-field reporting and office synchronization Improved layer quality By taking the guess work out Operator can verify if pass count targets has been achieved within the appropriate temperature window

21 Unique benefits of Trimble CCS900
Trimble Ready configuration Upgradeable and Portable to any machine brand and type* SITECH and Trimble expertise and support Affordable within customer’s reserve price for a more cost sensitive machine *: For other machine types an option key would need to be purchased

22 Availability and Distribution
Trimble CCS900 for asphalt compactor Release March 22, 2011 Trimble IS310 Infrared Sensor and SiteVision Office v7.42 Release June 2011 Distribution All SITECH and Trimble H&H dealers

23 Thank you

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