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The Dynapac Touch A new series of pneumatic tyred rollers: CP224, CP224W and CP274.

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1 The Dynapac Touch A new series of pneumatic tyred rollers: CP224, CP224W and CP274

2 Performance Visibility Operator Comfort Serviceability Compaction Control Environment Unique characteristics – From the experts in road construction

3 Performance - balance Balanced all the way To achieve the same ground pressure on front and rear tyres, the ballast is distributed evenly, whether water, sand or steel is used.

4 Performance The CP224W with wide base tyres which causes less lateral movement of the particles than standard tyres.

5 Performance – displays & controls Display The display, which always follows the seat, give all vital working information to the operator such as, working speed, water level (option), fuel level, asphalt temperature (option), tyre pressure (only with air-on-the run)

6 Performance – displays & controls F&R-lever Driving direction is controlled with the F&R-leverand speed is controlled with the throttle pedal. The F&R-lever and throttle control make the machine stop and accelerate smoothly when changing driving directions.

7 Performance – brake system Dual circuit braking system Brake pedal Brake cylinders Valve Disc brakes The brake pedal works on two independent brake cylinders and two separate hoses control the brake valve. This means that if one of the brake cylinders or one of the hoses from cylinder to brake valve fail, you still have full braking capacity on the two disc brakes.

8 Performance Under 3 meters The CP224 and CP274 are under 3 meters in height with Rops or Cab, which enables easy transporting.

9 High performance Modern low emission diesel engines Stage 3A are standard in all markets. When working at high altitude (3 000 m/ ft) the Cummins QSB automatically adjusts the fuel pump and charges pressure to keep the power. Performance - engine

10 Performance – options Sprinkler back up pump If the ordinary pump breaks, you can easily switch over to the back up pump and continue your compaction work. Air on the run The rollers can be equipped with Air on the run, meaning that the operator can adjust wheel pressure during operation. Asphalt temperature meter Gives the operator information about the compaction condition; too cold asphalt gives less or no compaction efficiency. Too warm asphalt increases the risk for sticking and picking up asphalt.

11 Performance – options Foldable scrapers The scrapers are easy to fold up for cleaning and will also avoid wearing during transport of the machine. Cocoa mats Cocoa mats give extra protection against picking up asphalt on the tyres and can also make it possible to use less water.

12 Performance – options Edge compactor / joint cutter A hydraulic controlled edge cutter with three different cutting discs is available.

13 Battery voltage 24 volts give good cranking capacity Performance

14 Visibility Operator Comfort Serviceability Compaction Control Environment

15 Visibility Excellent visibility The Cab design, as well as the 4-post ROPS, minimizes obstruction of the operators field of view. External process mirrors (optional) make it easy to follow curb stones.

16 Visibility Operator Comfort Serviceability Compaction Control Environment Performance

17 Operators comfort Operators station Excellent operators platform with possibility to slide and rotate seat and steering module including display, throttle, foot brake, switches and F&R-lever.

18 Operator Comfort Steering The steering wheel can be tilted for best operator comfort. Display & lever The operator never has to stretch out to reach different handles or switches. The display is always in front of the operator since everything follows the seat and steering module both when sliding and turning. Menus The display and menus are very easy to read and use. It is also easy to change between metric and imperial values. Change menus by using the switches at the bottom of the display unit.

19 Operator Comfort Cab The spacious asymmetric cab can be equipped with Air Conditioning (AC) or Automatic Climate Control (ACC).

20 Operator Comfort Well located steps make it easy to climb up or down from the machine.

21 Visibility Operator Comfort Serviceability Compaction Control Performance Environment

22 No waste It is easy to drain hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant liquid without any waste. The roller can be equipped with hydraulic bio-degradable oil

23 Environment– Cooling fans Cooling fans Hydraulic and thermostat controlled cooling fans give lower fuel consumption and less noise.

24 Visibility Operator Comfort Compaction Control Performance Serviceability Environment

25 Serviceability Modularization Modularization makes it possible for service people to quickly learn about the whole range. From a spare and wear parts point of view, this means quicker service to the end-user.

26 Serviceability Water system Large water tank, 415 litres (110 gallon) with two filling caps. There are three filters for the water; one strainer in the filling holes, one strainer close to the water pump and one strainer in each nozzle. Lockable filling caps available as option.

27 Serviceability Alarm The operator or a service technician receives any alarm directly on the LCD screen.

28 Serviceability Everything within reach Servicepoints, such as filters are easy to reach and replace.

29 Visibility Operator Comfort Performance Environment Serviceability Compaction Control

30 Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for static compaction Tracking of how many passes done Tracking of the temperature Full documentation of the compaction work

31 Driven by innovation – committed to customer performance

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