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New Features Trimble GCS & Cat AccuGrade

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1 New Features Trimble GCS & Cat AccuGrade

2 Common New Features in V11.30/12.00

3 Common New Features in V11.30/12.00
Background TCC Sync Auto TCC Sync Location RTK Configure SNR450 over CAN MS972 Support VRS NTRIP Client Mapping UI Changes Recent Names and Codes List for Point Mapping VM430 Support Languages

4 Background TCC Sync Previous version forced you to stop guidance while you synchronized to the Connected Community Now you can start a TCC sync & continue to work

5 Background TCC Sync Always “On”
Start the Sync either manually or automatically and exit the screen to keep working Return to the screen anytime to view progress

6 Auto TCC Sync Lets you keep office & machine data up to date
without manually initiating a TCC Sync TCC synchronization is performed: when a new tag file is created (every 5 minutes) or every 60 minutes, whichever comes first

7 Auto TCC Sync Press the softkey to toggle between Auto & Manual Sync

8 Auto TCC Sync Manual Sync is useful to minimise Cell Phone data
When you have Wi-Fi as well Only sync data when in Wi-Fi coverage Use cell for VRS corrections everywhere

9 Location RTK Location RTK GNSS Receivers offer a lower cost solution for machines that don’t need high accuracy Location RTK with Precise Horizontal Opposite of Trimble Site Positioning Systems V11.30/12.00 adds support for receiver Location RTK 1 cm Horizontal Full accuracy 10 cm Vertical For Cab mount machines systems only 10 cm 1 cm 1 cm x

10 Location RTK Best for Compactors Need accurate Horizontal positions
Also some rough grading machines, such large dozers, scrapers So coverage mapping is good But only when not using vertical information

11 Location RTK System diagnostics reports the functionality level of the GPS Receiver So users can easily see if the system is using a full RTK or L-RTK receiver for troubleshooting 10 cm 1 cm 1 cm x

12 Configure SNR410 over CAN Should be transparent to users
Used to be done on the serial line Now done on CAN Allows serial line to be used for other communications if required

13 MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna System recognizes MS972
Allows them to be used on compactor cab-mount install only

14 MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna Will show up as “Invalid Sensor” in diagnostics if not allowed

15 VRS NTRIP Client V11.30/12.00 adds VRS NTRIP Client v2.0
The Control Box itself, can be configured to receive VRS corrections & not the modem SNM940 can be used for TCC and VRS/Remote Base corrections This adds value as it does not force users to have 2 cell phone modems & 2 service plans on the 1 machine

16 VRS / Remote Base In V11.2x the SNM930 had to be configured by a PC to receive the Remote Base corrections This modem was dedicated to Remote Base support & had to have a dedicated RS232 line Problem was in V11.21 you had to have 2 SNM930s if you wanted VRS Corrections and TCC support

17 VRS / Remote Base In version 11.3 only - SNM930 can now be configured over the CB430 Only ONE SNM940 required for BOTH VRS Corrections and TCC support

18 Mapping UI changes Major changes over last version
Now map multiple different types at once Display whichever you want

19 Mapping UI changes

20 Mapping UI changes Excellent for Compaction
Map Pass Count & CMV & CMV Change & Cut/Fill All at once

21 Mapping UI changes

22 Mapping UI changes Can now Record Points while Mapping
Very useful to operators Especially in the Excavator Press and Hold to Record Point while mapping

23 Main Screen Views

24 Main Screen Views Yes or No

25 Main Screen Views Yes or No

26 Main Screen Views None, Points only, Points and Names

27 Main Screen Views If Mapping for the main screen views is No
Then NO Map Active Views are available

28 Main Screen Views If Mapping for the main screen views is Yes
Then Map Active Views ARE available

29 Main Screen Views “Active views” are all Yes or No
Note the line of explanatory text

30 Main Screen Views “Active views” are all Yes or No
Note the line of explanatory text

31 Main Screen Views Ripper mapping has changed Now “No” (Off) by default
Obeys the same rules as other mapping types

32 Main Screen Views Compactor has different “Active views”
Add CMV and CMV Change Lose Ripper

33 Main Screen Views Softkey F5 is configurable
None, Mapping: On/Off/Auto, Reset Maps, Record Point

34 Main Screen Views Softkey F5 Press and Hold is also configurable
None, Record Point

35 Main Screen Views Mapping: On/Off/Auto also has
Compactor has both Softkeys F4 &F5 configurable None, Mapping: On/Off/Auto, Reset Maps, Record Point, In Field Report Mapping: On/Off/Auto also has Press & Hold for Record Point

36 Main Screen Views When Compactor is Not mapping softkey F4 becomes Vertical Offset

37 Mapping/Recording Different screens for: Compactor and non-compactor

38 Mapping/Recording Settings
In Manager Mode only by default

39 Mapping/Recording Settings
Yes or No

40 Mapping/Recording Settings
No, Yes, Yes when mapping Yes when mapping - *NEW* Only creates TAG files when Auto Mapping conditions are met

41 Mapping/Recording Settings
Yes or No

42 Mapping/Recording Settings
Yes or No

43 Mapping/Recording Settings

44 Mapping/Recording Settings

45 Mapping/Recording Settings
Yes or No

46 Mapping/Recording Settings
For Compactors None, All maps, CMV, CMV and Pass Count

47 Mapping/Recording Settings
For other machines Always, Driving forward, Automatic on, Auto + forward

48 Main Screen Views Plan Views Active Views Mapping Softkeys
Rotation and Auto Pan are set here Rotation is now available on excavators Active Views Terrain, Cut/Fill, Pass Cont , CMV, CMV Change, Ripper, Radio Coverage, Plan View, Cross section, Profile, Text1, Text2 Mapping Softkeys None, Mapping: On/Off, Reset Maps, Record Points, In-Field Report

49 Mapping UI changes Recent Name & Code List for Point Mapping Now select from a list of recently used point names and/or codes Previously you had to re-enter the point name or code

50 Mapping UI changes Recent Point Code List

51 VM430 New Valve Module to replace both VM410 & VM420
Works in all AGCS systems – old & new Adapter cables required on old harnesses AND/OR old displays New cables to valves Only one for Grader Lift, Lift, Sideshift Used to require 2 VM420s

52 Languages All supported languages are in the first release of software
Documentation is only available in English on release

53 Languages

54 Questions ?

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