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Trimble GCSFlex for Excavators

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1 Trimble GCSFlex for Excavators

2 Trimble GCSFlex for Excavators
New Heavy and Highway GCSFlex Product Family “System in a Case” design 2D excavator system All system components, cables, brackets in single case Targets Excavators: The untapped masses, non-adopted The hurdles to adoption which we’re trying to overcome with this customer base are: Investment /cost – system price, infrastructure, people MC Complexity – infrastructure, design files, services For owned, leased and rented machines Doesn’t mean large contractors won’t buy this as well

3 Machine Control Product Positioning
Price Features and Customer Value GCS900 CCS900 GCS600 (2D and 3D) H&H Trimble Ready Machines Medium / Large Jobs Connected Sites H&H 2D Excavators Rental machines Small / Medium jobs Compact machines (“Mini’s) Small jobs, Rentals

4 GCSFlex Customer (Example) Contractor of the Year – Equipment World magazine Characteristics: Owner operator / small site contractors Annual revenues between $3-$15 million Own at least five ride-on construction machines May rent additional machines over purchasing

5 GCSFlex Target Applications
Target Applications (e.g., Contractor of the Year) Site development, utilities and public works jobs (R. D. Jones Excavating - Harrod, Ohio) Residential and commercial building construction, excavation (C. Laney and Sons Construction) Commercial building (Elk Valley Development) Mix of public and private highway, utility and site work (Tennoca Construction) Site work, pipeline and utility services (Raydon Inc.) Clearing residential and commercial lots, plus building roads and installing foundations and septic tanks (Bluestem Landscape & Design)

6 GCSFlex for Excavators - Overview
Standard 2D system: Depth, slope, with Laser Catcher Add-on Kits: 2. HS410 Heading Sensor A magnetic compass-based heading sensor Provides heading information Allows the operator to rotate the machine and still receive accurate guidance Mounted in the center of the counter balance * does require mount plate to be welded 2. Tilt-bucket

7 GCSFlex for Excavators
“System in a Case” Installed & calibrated in ~2 hours by the dealer or customer No expensive tools, welding required Leverages existing CB450 control box, software, and sensors

8 GCSFlex for Excavators
Everything you need in one case Mounting Brackets Sensors Carrying Case Control Box Documentation Control Box Suction Cup Mount and Bracket Installation and Measure-up Tools System Cables

9 GCSFlex for Excavators
Standard 2D system configuration Depth, slope and Laser Catcher configuration Includes 2D excavator software – only! Add-on kits available HS410 Heading Sensor Tilt-bucket Designed NOT to be upgraded to full 3D IF you want to upgrade then, purchase separately: Trimble Ready base kit Mast kits Control box software option keys Make it Trimble Ready

10 Marketing Messages GCS900 GCSFlex Premium level 2D/3D functionality
Typically installed by dealer Fully upgradable, modular Designed for portability – includes all earthmoving machines Trimble Ready, permanent installation of rugged components GCSFlex Entry level 2D-only Excavator system Installable and “learnable” by the customer in ~2hr Ideal for rental machines – easy to move between machines Cost engineered (e.g., minimum connectors) Excavator only, not all machine types Preconfigured “System-in-a-case” Limited expandability/upgradability

11 GCSFlex benefits to customers
Easy to use and install Customer installed, up and running in 2 hours Share system among other excavators in fleet Quickly installed/removed on rental machines Affordable Ideal for price sensitive, non-adopted contractor Increase productivity Less experienced operators become more productive, more quickly Reduce reliance upon manual labor / resource Increase accuracy Tells you where to dig, correctly, the first time Increase quality Perform higher quality work, get more jobs

12 GCSFlex benefits to SITECH
Easily demonstrated Benefit for GCSFlex and GCS Premium Easily installed, trained and supported Common GCS components and user interface Quick to install and train Limited functionality, supported over the phone Rental Systems Rented by SITECH Rented by OEM dealer / rental store with machines

13 Kits and Part Numbers GCSFlex for Excavators – System
Use the following part numbers when ordering a complete GCSFlex 2D system Part Number Description Quantity Kit - System, 2D Excavator, GCSFlex 1 81799 Cable - Excavator Linkage, 18.5m Option Key – 2D Excavator, GCSFlex

14 Kits and Part Numbers (cont’d)
GCSFlex for Excavators – Add-on Kits HS410 Heading Sensor Tilt Bucket Part Number Description Quantity Kit – Add-on, HS410 Heading Sensor, GCS 1 78174 Cable – Body Harness, Excavator, GCS Part Number Description Quantity Kit – Add-on, AS455 Angle Sensor, Tilt Bucket, Excavator, GCSFlex 1

15 Thank you

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