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6000 Series Recorders. The Best Paperless Graphic Recorder in the World.

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1 6000 Series Recorders

2 The Best Paperless Graphic Recorder in the World

3 3 6000 Series Because it is ……….. Easy Secure Adaptable

4 4 Easy to Use Touch Screen Clear informative menus Integrated Stylus USB ‘Plug & Play’ >Keyboard & mouse >Recorder could be behind panel door Trial Mode = ‘Try Before You Buy’

5 5 Easy to see Clear bright display High definition Wide viewing angle User screens Bridge – complete remote viewing, operation and configuration

6 6 Easy to Migrate 5000 configurations load onto 6000 5000 user screens load onto 6000 Same terminal blocks for wiring Bridge works with 5000 and 6000 Review works with 5000 and 6000 (4000 and 394!) Same menu structures, same operation All 5000 software features on 6000 Same panel cut out (reduced depth 6180 of 261mm) FDD available via USB If you know the 5000 you know the 6000! If you have 5000 Series on your plant, the upgrade path is simple…

7 7 Easy to Upgrade Local Upgrade >From CF/SD >From USB Memory Stick Remote Upgrade >From FTP Server >From other 6000 units 6000 – Should you need to upgrade the software at any time this can be carried out on site and couldn’t be simpler…

8 8 Secure Data Data protection with traceability Compressed, binary, check-summed data files Auditor Audit Trail Security Manager integration Lockable electronic media flap Selectable sizes of onboard flash memory >32Mbyte or 96Mbyte

9 9 Secure Archiving Data archiving strategies that keep your data safe Multiple archiving strategies >Archive on Demand >Archive Automatically >Archive using ‘Review’ Package Multiple Archiving Destinations >Archive to CF/SD >Archive to USB memory Stick >Archive to FTP Server Primary and Secondary Server Function

10 10 Secure Access User Accounts Unlimited, unique user names and passwords Total flexibility for user access permissions Password controls to 21CFR Part II Suitable for FDA Validated sites Edit Own Password Change Alarm Setpoints Acknowledge Alarms Edit Maths Constant Reset Maths Preset Totalisers Preset Counters Start/Reset Timers Set Clock Adjust Inputs Archiving Control Save/Restore Paste/Delete Files Full Configuration Full Security Batch Control Can Sign Can Authorise Perform Upgrades Event Permission 1 Event Permission 2 Event Permission 3 Event Permission 4 Event Permission 5 Edit Output Channel Default Action Demand Writes User Access Permissions

11 11 Adaptable Hardware Adaptable hardware to fit your process USB peripherals Latest removable media Multiple Communications options Flexible Input/Output boards >6 Channel Universal Input boards >CO, NO and NC Relays boards >Event Inputs Local printing

12 12 Adaptable Software Adaptable software to create flexible solutions Up to 128 Maths, Totalisers and Counters Master Comms Up to 12 Groups 96 configurable logic Events Alarm and Notify – including email and SMS (mobile phone text message) 8Hz Trend Speed Trial Mode – “Try before you buy”

13 13 Adaptable Batch Flexible Batch functionality Up to 12 independent Batches – 1 per Group within 1 recorder Up to 6 fields for batch information Enter batch field data using USB barcode reader Local printing of batch report at end of batch

14 14 Adaptable Screens Ultimate flexibility for User Screens Up to 24 user screens on the recorder A further 100 user screens via the PC Bridge interface JPG and GIF image support 65,536 colours Clear, bright displays

15 15 A complete, Adaptable solution to meet your Process needs

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