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Eycon Visual Supervisor

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1 Eycon Visual Supervisor

2 Eurotherm Vision “Common understanding of our preferred future”
Eurotherm will be the leading supplier of automation solutions and services in our chosen markets, unleashing the passion that people feel for Eurotherm. We will constantly search for competitive advantage and innovation to create value for our employees, customers and shareholders Focus / complete solutions / passionate culture / innovation / value driven

3 New range of HMI Panels EyconTM10 Eycon 20 T820 5.5” QVGA Display
12.1” XGA Display T820 Terminal (No Control) Control If you get nothing else from this presentation the three things you need to remember about the T2550… 1.       Simplicity! Simple to use, simple to upgrade, simple to install, simple toolset. Never has engineering redundancy into a solution been so simple. 2.       High Availability & Affordable The most cost effective solution to bring high availability to more parts of the process. Easy synchronisation (E-Sync); plug and work secondary processor; hot swap processors and modules, and online reconfiguration. 3.    Complete Solution A unit solution, an integrated solution, a distributed solution. T2550 PAC fits easily, whatever the scale of the solution.

4 T820 Operator terminal 128 x 64 Mono Graphic
Use with Simplex/Duplex T2550 4 User definable function keys Context sensitive data entry key pad Custom Operator Screens Area, Group, Point Displays Access Security Alarm - Event List Language support and switching Panel or DIN Rail Mount Serial Communications Direct Serial Connection to IOC (Proprietary) Control - Optional Integrated IOC Ethernet Connection 10/100 M baud ELIN and Modbus-TCP Master or Slave The T820 can be used in two variants: Without IOC With IOC Without the IOC the T820 is connected to the T2550 serial comms port and all configuration for the T820 is performed in the T2550 configuration. As the serial comms port is a part of the Termination Assembly it is also automatically connected to the standby TA if Duplex mode of operation is required. Therefore the T820 will continue to operate if the Primary Processor fails. With IOC, will give full LIN database functionality as per the T2550 IOC. It supports ELIN and Serial communications both supporting Modbus Master and/or Slave. This means that the T820 can be connected to an ELIN network as an HMI to any LIN based product, e.g. T2550 or T940X, or to ALIN based products via the T225 ALIN/ELIN Bridge.

5 Eycon 10 / Eycon 20 Advanced HMI Products.
T800 Functionality in Slim display Based on 6000 Series Hardware NEW FEATURES User definable Off Screen Function keys USB Port for removable data archive 45Mb Internal NV Flash for Archiving Removable Personality Flash Card Serial Communications Modbus-RTU Master or Slave Two serial ports (422/485) Ethernet Connection 10/100BaseT ELIN and Modbus-TCP Master and/or Slave FTP for transferring Archive Data to Server Most Features of the T800 will be ported to the Eycon-10/20. All application library functions will be available. DCM blocks are not supported which would necessitate more engineering effort if used with a The Eycon use GWF files. This presents us with a cost effective HMI solution compared with the existing T800 which has a relatively high material cost and FTP. The Eycon are based on the 6000 series microboard and uses the same displays. T ” ¼ VGA 320 x 240 T802 XGA 12.1” 1024 x 768 There are several advantages of using the 6000 series HW as follows: The User definable keyboard area can be configured as required. Customers can design their own keyboard templates or use the standard template as supplied. This custom Keyboard functionality is configured using the USE. USB Port. This can be used for transferring archived data files from the Internal Flash memory to USB memory stick. Configurations and databases can also be transferred to the Personality Flash card which have been created on a PC/Laptop. 45Mb Internal Non-Volatile Flash memory is a huge increase over the current T800 of 16Mb, used for Archive data storage. Removable Personality Flash card as per the T2550 Processor, for storage of the current Firmware, configuration files etc. This card is NOT used for Archive Data Storage. Eycon supports Ethernet and serial communications only. It does not support Profibus or ALIN comms. For ALIN comms the T225 ALIN/ELIN Bridge should be used. For Profibus a T800 solution will be required.

6 Eycon 10 5.5” 1/4 VGA TFT touch screen display

7 Eycon 10 Terminal View

8 Eycon 20 12.1” XGA Touch Screen Display

9 Eycon 20 Terminal View

10 Eycon Ordering Code

11 Common Tool Set Toolset (Ease of Use) Context Sensitive Help
Off line User Screen Editor (USE) Updated Modbus Configuration Tool Multiple Application Programming Languages to IEC 61131 FBD (Function Block Diagram), SFC (Sequential Flow Chart), Ladder, ST (Structured Text) Work is being done on Project Studio and LINTools to give an ease of use feel about it. This work is anticipated for a release about May06. The toolset going forward is important to be as simple as possible. Work is being performed on the Toolset to include for Easy start Wizards, Auto Network Scanning to establish connection with all units on the network. Context sensitive help where applicable. This work is not available right now but it is intended to be available over the next 2 months or so, with further enhancements/simplification throughout the year. 4 User tasks Task 1 10ms synchronised to Digital I/O Task 2 User defined Task 3 110ms synchronised to Analogue I/O Digital I/O Task 4 User Defined The T2550 PAC has four user tasks for fast (10ms) and slower (110ms) scan times for both analogue and digital functions. User Task 1 and 3 is synchronised to the I/O. User Task 1 being 10ms for Digital I/O requiring this speed, and User Task 3 of 110ms for Analogue I/O. User task 2 would typically be used for Boolean Function Blocks required to operate at User Task 1 time of 10ms or multiples of it, e.g. 50ms. User Task 4 would be typically used for blocks requiring a slower execution at 110ms time or multiples of it. These could both be Analogue of Digital. This provides the user with the ability to configure the control strategy to meet the speed and criticality requirements of the process. Task 1 is the highest priority and 4 is the lowest. The I/O can only be set to User task 1 or 3 as specified above. Typically user task 2 would be set at multiples of 10ms and user task 4 would be set at multiples of user task 3. For example any digital I/O not requiring fast processing e.g. interlocks, alarms etc would be allocated to task 3 and associated FBs to task 4 as there would be no need to process them any faster. Programming to suit your needs FBD Function Block Diagram SFC Sequential Flow Chart for Sequence Control or Ladder Diagram for Sequence Control ST Structured Text It also important to note that iTools and LINTools are now sharing common ideas and Icons etc with common terminology. The Toolset now includes an integrated USE (User Screen Editor) with the database configurator. LINTools has been around for many years and is included in the Project Studio Package. Further work is being dome on this package to ensure a cohesive, integrated user friendly tool.

12 User Screen Editor Off Screen Function Keys Import T800 User Screens
Will need to resize for Eycon-20 Improved Image support Group & Resize

13 Off Screen Function Keys
Function key pages can be assigned to entire unit or individual pages.

14 Modbus Configuration Tool
The Modbus GWF file defines: The operating mode (Master or Slave) The communications link set-up (TCP or Serial) The mapping of LIN parameters to Modbus registers This Modbus GateWay file data defines: The operating mode (Modbus master or slave). The communications link set-up (Serial or TCP). The mapping between fields in LIN function blocks and the registers of a Modbus instrument. How field values are transferred between instruments. For example which Modbus function codes to use, the addresses of Modbus registers and the format in which data is to be transferred. .

15 Distributed Control Solution Eurotherm Suite Server
Complete Solution SQL Server Distributed Control Solution Eurotherm Suite Server ELIN (Ethernet) Optima Eycon 10/20 T225 ALIN Devices Distributed Solutions (Slide specific) Connected to other T2550 units Multiple Workstations, Added functionality, e.g. SQL Server, Batch Manager, etc Multiple T8XXs located at point of convenience Industrial PC Optima Peer to Peer Communications makes for a truly Integrated Distributed control solution Simplex or Duplex Mode T2550 PAC Connected to other LIN Products T940, T103, T640, etc T225 Bridge for ALIN connectivity Distributed Solutions The T2550 PAC is a true Integrated Distributed Control Solution component. The T2550 PAC sits at the heart of the system and through the powerful but simple peer to peer communications allows data to be communicated across the network to al nodes requiring information. PLCs are good at communicating upwards but not across a networks to other PLCs. The T2550 PACs can be mounted in a central control panel located in a central control room, as is the traditional method for such systems. However the T2550PAC can be mounted where it is most convenient to perform control or plant connectivity. By using the Ethernet communications (ELIN), expensive plant installation of running cables back to a central location is minimised. The peer to peer communications passes information to where it is required such as the central control room, lab other ELIN nodes, or a local HMI etc, the possibilities are endless. A local HMI can consist of an industrial panel (Optima), the T8XX range etc. Local HMIs can be located exactly where required offering a truly Integrated Distributed Control Solution. The T2550 PAC can provide for a complete DCS solution, utilising the ELIN connectivity with peer-to-peer communications. HMIs and operator panels can be conveniently located in multiple locations – local to machines and in central control rooms. The T2550, in simple or duplex mode, can be added to existing ALIN or ELIN based systems to enhance and extend existing processes. For ALIN systems, this can be implemented by the use of the T225 ELIN-ALIN Bridge which requires minimal configuration. Integration with instruments such as T940, T103 and T640 is simple! T940X T820 T2550

16 Networking Made Simple
IT Connectivity DHCP Link Local 10/100BaseT Ethernet Fixed (Static) IP Addressing Easy Network setup Tool IT connectivity is an important consideration and the T2550 delivers this functionality. DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Most PCs in Eurotherm connect to our network using DHCP, Most corporate networks support DHCP No need to register your MAC address before an IP address is assigned. It just works Easy connect to your Laptop/PC by using a cross over Ethernet cable. T2550 will try to connect using DHCP, if this fails it will fall back to Link Local. Note: The cable from the Laptop/PC can either be a crossover or direct cable. The ports on the T2550 processor are auto sensing and will configure themselves correctly for whatever cable is used. Link Local – In systems with PC’s using Windows 2000 or XP but no DHCP server, simply connecting the T2550 to it enables a negotiation between them that mutually agrees to use unique (on this “network”) IP address’s that are in the reserved private range xxx.yyy Again “Plug and Play" but non-routable! . T2550 also supports Fixed IP addresses which would be the most used method in a system which would typically be using an independent network. It is unlikely that a control system would be connected to a corporate network. However for Lab installations this might be the situation. Real Time Clock An onboard Real time clock can be used for applications demanding reference to Real Time. Other T2550s or other LIN based products connected to the network can be time synchronised to a master clock to ensure correct time stamping applications such as Alarms etc. The Master clock could be another T2550, T800, Eurotherm Suite Workstation etc. The Workstation clock could also be synchronised to an external clock reference e.g. Atomic Clock. ELIN Crossover Cable

17 Complete Solution Modbus TCP ELIN Integrated Solutions Ethernet EIA485
Master/Slave Modbus Communications TCP or RTU Connect to Eurotherm C & I Products Connect to Third Party Products OPC Server Scalability Add to the system when required Ethernet Integrated Solutions T2550 PAC can form the central control package to form part of a totally integrated solution by tying together the functionality of the traditional product range and HMIs. This includes 2000/3000 Series controllers, 5000/6000/4000 Series recorders, T800 Visual Supervisor etc. 3rd party equipment could also be integrated with this – from PLCs to SCADA systems. The integration is performed by using the Modbus serial or TCP master/slave comms fitted to most Eurotherm and 3rd party products. Integration into other SCADA systems can be facilitated using Eurotherm’s powerful OPC server. Modbus RTU/TCP Slave mode is fitted as standard. The standard EIA485 serial port is non-isolated. If a T820 is connected using the serial port, Modbus RTU cannot be used, only Modbus TCP Slave mode would be available. . If isolation is required on the serial port this is available as an option. Master Modbus communications is also available as an option. For Modbus TCP it can be configured for Master or Slave or both modes at the same time if required. The Modbus serial port must be configured for either Master or Slave it cannot be both at the same time. EIA485

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