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Projector Controllers

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1 Projector Controllers
Presenting the JED T440 and JED T460 Projector Controllers

2 Why a wired controller? Reliable: 60m via CAT5 cable;
No IR ‘bugs’ to be stuck on (& fall off); RS232 codes well published and able to be monitored with simple PC software; Feedback from the projector on: Projector present and communicating; Lamp hours (and soon, filter hours); Projector state: keeps controller in sync.

3 Enter the T460 (in 2002) The T460 is the only low-priced controller with an LCD display, so setup is easy and self-contained; There are over 1,000 projector/flat panel code sets in the ½ Mbyte data base, so NO downloading at setup time; All options & timers can be setup using the LCD display.

4 Complete status is shown at startup and after each cycle

5 The projector is polled, comms checked and lamp hours shown
If a T461 audio mixer or T462 relay box is connected, communications to these devices is checked at this time, and a message is displayed indicating communications to these OK.

6 Pressing the ON button starts
If screen and lift control is done via the T461 or T462 or T464 relays, the screen descends at this time, the projector is turned on.The projector can also drop from the ceiling via a scissor lift, all automatically.

7 Warm-up proceeds As the projector warms up, the countdown is shown, and channels can be pre-selected; When warmed up, the audio volume is shown below the channel name.

8 Pressing ON advances channel
Incremental volume projectors are shown with +/- indication

9 Mute function during run mode
Press both yellow audio buttons together and picture and sound are both muted.

10 Functions during run time
Aspect ratios can be set as a dummy channel, and set by selection. Pressing the OFF key starts the cool-down count-down. That’s the end of the cycle.

11 Alternative keyboards
The keyboards can be chosen from the standard blue or white background (Volume up / Volume down) keyboards, or the two above, if audio is controlled separately.

12 Round the back The T460 uses a powerful 16/32 bit CPU with ½ Mbyte of memory, holding over 1000 sets of data. There are two RS232 interfaces, an RS485 interface and a PIR input.

13 Audio control in the T461 The T461 is controlled by the T460 via the second serial port, mixes four stereo channels at line level and controls the room volume in stereo.

14 Relay control in the T461 The T461 has an optional set of relays which can be controlled by the T460 as it goes through its cycle, controlling screen up/down, projector drop and room light dimming. It can also power the T460 via its 12 volt output.

15 T462 – Relays in a box When a system needs relays (for screen, lift or dimmer control) the T462 is a separate RS232 controlled box which can operate direct or Somfy ILT motorised screens (eg via a CD4 controller).

16 T465: Microphone mixer The T465 accepts stereo audio from the projector (or T461), and mixes it with a low-level balanced microphone input (with phantom power) and an auxiliary input (eg from a radio mic.)

17 How to set up a T460 Pressing OFF then ON at the same time prompts for a PIN number, which is entered via the yellow keys. A series of 18 menus allow a range of options to be set, without needing a laptop connection to set hex codes, etc.

18 Choose a maker and model
Projector menu: the buttons scroll up and down through makers, then to an individual model. OFF exits back to the top menu. (This menu system is similar to a mobile phone.)

19 Allocate labels for channels
Channel setup menu sets labels for up to 8 channels from 100 preset or user set labels. Skipped channels are omitted. A default channel can also be preset.

20 Audio/Mute/Freeze setup
The audio setup menu allows for audio control via the projector, or via the T461 (if the projector has no audio I/O or control). This menu also sets up for Mute On/Mute Off or Mute & Freeze On/Off.

21 Timers are setup with menus, or can use defaults
The run-time is reset by a PIR click on/off as people are detected.

22 Relays are setup for times and functions for screens, etc

23 Setup options showing T460 flexibility, using flags, EEPROM.
Relays can be allocated for control of a variety of Kramer/Extron/Quest video/RGB switchers. A number of other menus provide channel links for T461 to T460, a variety of startup options (eg PIN or timer start), flag settings for options, projector audio presets, EEPROM loading for special communications via SER1 to mixers, and cloning.

24 Product launch: T440 T440 is a budget RS232 wired controller with status LEDs and a variety of keyboards; LEDs flash during warmup/cooldown lockout; Communications status read by pressing OFF.

25 Choose your keyboard These four are initial release; Be creative!
Logos, help line phone numbers, custom colours all available; Up to 8 keys, so can control screens, TV channels etc.

26 The T440 is very easy to set up: just select a driver on the program switches, set keyboard type, and use option switches for specials. It’s that easy!

27 What’s unique about the T440?
No need to print and cut-out key labels and stick them behind windows; Keys are high quality matt polycarbonate; No need for a lab-top to configure a system, entering hex codes on site; No IR code capture: all RS232 codes inside; No messy “clone” via IR. … just set the switches;

28 JED Microprocessors Pty Ltd
So at JED we have a pair of controllers to suit both low and medium budget installations, and a variety of accessories to make the installations easy and efficient.

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