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Baxall Vivid As vivid as it gets!

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1 Baxall Vivid As vivid as it gets!


3 Introduction What is Baxall Vivid?
Combined digital video multiplexer recorder (like MDR+) Best of traditional CCTV design and functionality Using latest hardware & software Three ranges: Vivid Lite, Vivid, Vivid+

4 Why buy Baxall Vivid? Improved picture quality!
JPEG2000 compression gives superior picture quality compared with leading competitors products At comparable quality Baxall Vivid can extend disk drive storage by up to 30%

5 JPEG2000 Other DVR File Size 24Kb Baxall Vivid File Size 24Kb
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6 Improved picture quality
Vivid offers sharper images and less blurring JPEG2000 reduces artefacts in pictures (artefacts are the blurring part of pictures after a compression has been applied) Image manipulation JPEG2000 externally archived images can have edge enhancement techniques applied to them. This enables vastly improved pictures to be used in court i.e. more likely to convict.

7 Drop a disk size With comparable picture quality, Baxall Vivid uses up to 30% less disk space… …so you could drop a disk size when purchasing without having to compromise on image quality!

8 Easy to install… which means…

9 Easy to install Simplified set-up 31 day power up configuration:
take the unit out of box plug in cameras plug in monitors power up unit automatically optimizes itself for 31 days recording

10 USB Connectivity Download images onto a USB memory stick (or any other USB device) During multiple installations, settings and configurations can be saved onto USB sticks and uploaded to other Vivid machines – saving installation time! Software enhancements and service upgrades can be issued via the memory stick Connect a USB PC keyboard to the front unit – for a cheap and familiar keyboard and quick camera titling

11 Vivid Models Three Vivid models in range
Vivid Lite: entry level, cost effective digital recorder Vivid: mass market, excepted feature Vivid+: higher specification for projects

12 Vivid range Features VIVID Lite VIVID VIVID+ 25 IPS 50IPS
50IPS + Turbo* Duplex Triplex CD r DVD a Optional Record Speed Mode Internal Writer Alarms SVHS Monitor Audio SCSII Front panel USB BaxNet Dome Control Ethernet Features

13 Vivid range specification Vivid Lite Vivid Vivid+ 6ch 80Gb  6ch 320Gb
16ch 160Gb 16ch 320Gb 16ch 600Gb 16ch 1Tb

14 Value added CCTV features
Baxall Vivid is packed full with all the features end users have come to expect…

15 Features such as... Dome control (9 domes protocols supported)
Local Baxnet keyboard support 16 alarm inputs as standard on all models In-built motion detection with individual zone sensitivities Pre and post alarm recording to partitioned parts of the drive (selectable by size) Covert cameras

16 Features such as… Schedules (night time and weekend modes)
Extensive system logs notification of events (alarms, motion detection, video loss etc) Multi-language support (English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian,) SMNPv3 – network administrator friendly Vivid viewer - remote viewing software



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