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READ 180 Expectations, Requirements and Rewards

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1 READ 180 Expectations, Requirements and Rewards
Mrs. Link

2 Expectations This is a level 0 activity.
Mrs. Link will give you a few minutes to silently read the current slide. Each student has been given a number. Mrs. Link will draw a number of a student to answer the question out loud. Write down the answer to the question on your paper. If you have a question or need help reading, please raise your hand.

3 Question #1 I’m going to be honest. I grew up in a quiet house. I like a calm, peaceful environment. I especially like a calm, peaceful environment in my classroom. The best environment for learning is quiet and free of distractions. This is what I’ll ask of each of you. Please be respectful to your peers and provide them the best learning environment possible so that they can work hard and achieve their goals just like I want you to work hard and achieve your goals.

4 Question #2 When you are working on the READ 180 software, you are constantly being graded. Therefore, it is important that you try your best. In order to keep a calm, peaceful environment while doing your best on the computer, you will need to engage with the software (some parts are timed), use good school posture (no slouching in your chairs), use a level 1 voice, ignore any distractions in the classroom and do your best!

5 Question #3 Small Group is important because this allows me to teach you helpful reading strategies, guide you in your reading skills and assess what you may need help on or what you already know. Since 4 or 5 people are sitting at one small table it is important that we work together to have a successful Small Group time. In order to do this you must listen for directions, use a level 1-2 when you speak, raise your hand to speak, participate and share your ideas, use good posture, and do your best!

6 Question #4 Independent Reading is my FAVORITE area!!! I know most of you don’t like to read (and that is okay) but it is so important that you can pick up a book, read it in its entirety and understand what you read. You will be expected to do this increasingly each year you are in school. This is where Independent Reading will help you form these important skills. As independent readers you must quickly and quietly get your book, actively read (understand what you read), be at a level 0, complete an entry in your Reading Log, and do your best!

7 Question #4a Everybody has taken the SRI test. This test gives you a Lexile number which tells us what your reading ability is. Middle school students should be between 900 and lexile. By the time you graduate high school, you should be at 1300 lexile or close to it. Your 180 book needs to be within your lexile range.. Your range will be 100 points below your lexile to 100 points above your lexile. For example, if I scored a 825 on my SRI, my range will be If you do not know your lexile score, it will be given to you in small group tomorrow. The lexiles are on the back of the 180 books at the bottom.

8 Question #4b In life we will fail. Everyone does. However, giving up is not an option, so when we fail we need to stand back up, brush ourselves off and try again. The same is true for the 180 Reading Books. If you fail the test the first time (60% or less), you will reread the book, complete a graphic organizer and retake the test in no less than 3 days. If you fail the test a second time, you will need to reread the book again, do a better job completing the graphic organizer and schedule a time with me during leadership to take your test the 3rd time in no less than 3 days after the 2nd test was taken. This 3rd test score is what I will record for your grade on this book. We DO NOT fail a test and GIVE UP!!!

9 Question #4c You are not only required IN class reading but also OUTSIDE class reading. Why, you ask? Because only the most successful people read ALL. THE. TIME. And I want YOU to be successful. You are required to have a passing score on a 180 book (IN class reading) and you are also required to have at least 3 AR points (OUTSIDE class reading) every 4 weeks. If you are reading your AR books for your Language Arts class, you have nothing to worry about – you are doing your job. If you are not reading AR books nor have you been reading outside of school, you had better start! AR is so important that it is a grade in this classroom as well as your Language Arts class!

10 Question #5 This is your question to answer. Why do I have expectations at each station and in this classroom? Ponder (think about) this question for a moment and write down why you think a teacher has expectations in the classroom.

11 Question #6 Did you know the READ 180 computer software is grading you? When you answer the questions based on the passage you read, your first answer is graded. This is your Comprehension Grade. You are also graded on the Spelling section. There is a grade on your Fluency passage, Vocabulary and Context. So it is important that you pay attention and do your best when on the software. You aren’t able to pass a topic unless you have a proficient score.

12 Question #7 I much prefer rewarding students for good behavior to handing out consequences in T3 cards or in writing sentences. As responsible middle schoolers, you know how to act and you are able to do the work that is expected of you. When you do this, you will notice that the rewards come easily. The WEEKLY reward is free technology time on Friday during Independent Reading time. This reward is given to a group who has met behavior expectations in each section, completed their Reading Log for each day, and has an average of 15 minutes on the computers per day.

13 Question #8 The MONTHLY reward is a little better but must be earned. This is an individual reward. If you have all your work turned in (completed Reading Logs, 15 minutes average computer time, passing score on a 180 Book, and your 3 AR points) you will get the Monthly reward. You are allowed to bring an individual snack and watch a movie during Related Arts time. If you did not earn this reward (by not doing your job and getting your work done), you will be in regular class.

14 Question #9 The QUARTERLY reward is Related Arts dodgball. The next time we will do this will be at the end of 2nd quarter around before Winter Break. In order to earn this reward, you must not have any T3 cards. I don’t give out many T3 cards. I only give them out for breaking one of my rules: Be Respectful Be Responsible Do your best

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