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How to Survive Mrs. Grace’s English Class My Expectations and a Quiz…

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1 How to Survive Mrs. Grace’s English Class My Expectations and a Quiz…

2 In this class I expect you to… Be responsible Put in your best effort Be respectful

3 Your Responsibilities Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings. Finish food before class time Bring blue/black and red pens, pencils, paper, and all necessary books to class. Have 4 dividers for this class labeled: 1. notes 2. vocabulary 3. returned work 4. starters

4 Your Responsibilities Continued You must turn in all work on time or early for full credit. Late work is only given half credit and certain work is not accepted late at all. Late work is only given half credit and certain work is not accepted late at all. Some class assignments can only be done in class. Absences can only result in a lowered grade. You are responsible for making up missed exams and assignments outside of class time.

5 Your Effort Works for You! All final drafts must be in blue/black ink or typed ! All final drafts must be in blue/black ink or typed: No Exceptions! You need to participate in all class discussions. “I don’t know” is NOT allowed. For extra help with assignments make an appointment to meet with me after school. I’m more than willing to help any time I can.

6 Respect means… Being an active listener. Do not talk, sharpen your pencil, or other rude activities, while someone else is talking. Look at the person talking Being kind: treat others with courtesy (no put downs). Using the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated!

7 Advice if you don’t do as expected If you get “caught”, simply take responsibility either through silence or an apology. NEVER say “I didn’t do anything” If you feel you’ve been wronged, speak to me after class; NOT during my teaching.

8 Fail to follow my advice then… First, a verbal warning Second, sent outside Third, a detention Fourth, a referral

9 Grading Grades are updated at least every other Friday. Grading is based on a point system. The points can be earned in the following areas: Essays/projects/free read Quizzes/exams Class work, including class participation Homework (please check my website click on faculty, Christina Grace, then assignments)

10 Silent Reading Requirements Every day you are required to have a book to read when you finish an assignment. You must read 2 novels outside of class that are at least 150 pages per quarter Some Fridays we will read in class

11 Silent Read- Flow Chart Once you’ve read the novel you must create a flow chart with no fewer than 4 boxes and no more than 8 boxes that summarizes the story. Underneath the boxes that summarize should be another box that identifies and labels the internal or external conflict that is moving the plot. The last summarizing box should have the theme underneath it. You must include and label the Title, Author, setting, Protagonist, conflicts, new vocabulary (at least two words), and theme.

12 First main event 2 nd main event3 rd main event 4 th main event Create a Flow Chart that follows this example, but make it in a creative way. Use complete sentences and NO PENCIL! Example of conflict Theme you figured out Title: Protagonist: Author: New vocabulary with definition: (at Setting: 2 words)

13 Procedures When you first come in there will be a “starter” on the overhead. These are collected every Thursday. Turn in all papers to the “In” box- NEVER to me. When absent, check the website, and file for any handouts and notes. You will have a row partner to check with during appropriate times. You may borrow my reading books but check them out with me. You may email me questions at school: or at home

14 Rewards Throughout the days, weeks, and months I will be handing out “Gotchas” which are tickets that can be used for drawings or extra credit (1 point per ticket up to 15) at the end of a quarter. You can earn these by being on task, answering challenging questions, winning class games, and overall just impressing me. You may also get five points added to writing assignments when you meet with me to get advice and criticism.

15 Grading Grades are based on the typical A-F scale, but how they are earned and weighed are as follows: 60% of your grade is based on the completion of task charts that keep track of completed assignments during specific units. 35% of your grade is based on the completion of assignments outside of specific units 5% of your grade is based on participation (class discussions etc.)

16 Quiz Time! wait Grab a white board, marker, eraser. Write your answer on your board and then wait to hold it up.

17 1. How many dividers do you need for my class? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4

18 2.What are the dividers labeled? A. English, Math, History, Science B. Notes, Vocabulary, Starters, Returned work C. Homework, Menus, Friend notes, After School Schedule

19 How do you earn extra credit? A. Meet with me about a writing assignment. B. Turning in “Gotchas” at the end of the quarter. C. All of the above.

20 Where do you turn in papers? A. The “in” box at the back of the room. B. Directly to Mrs. Grace C. No where because I don’t do my work.

21 Where do you find handouts and notes when absent? A. On line B. In the back files C. All of the above

22 What happens if you have a D or an F in this class? A. You get an Academic Detention B. Nothing C. You get a referral

23 What is the best thing to do if you get in trouble? A. Say, “I didn’t do anything” loudly and argue with the teacher. B. stop the behavior and speak with Mrs. Grace after class. C. Yell at Mrs. Grace and storm out of the room.

24 When someone is talking, what should you NOT do? A. sharpen your pencil or get out of your seat B. talk at the same time C. All of the above

25 True or False: You can turn in a final draft in pencil

26 What do you do if you don’t know the answer to a question during class discussion? A. Ask a clarifying question B. Check with your row partner C. All of the above

27 True or False: Late work only gets half credit and some assignments can’t be turned in late at all.

28 What supplies do you need for class? A. binder with 4 dividers, and paper B. red pens, pencils, and black pens. C. all of the above

29 True or False You’re tardy if you’re walking into the classroom while the bell is ringing.

30 How many novels do you need to read outside of class per quarter? A. 2 B. 4 C. 100

31 True or False: You can create a flow chart for a novel we read in class.

32 Who is your favorite teacher? A. Mrs. Grace B. Mrs. Grace C. Mrs. Grace

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