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In Class Registration Richmond Region - November 5, 2014.

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1 In Class Registration Richmond Region - November 5, 2014

2 We have a goal to retain 76% of fall enrollees Fall 2013 ATD Cohort Students Why In-Class Registration?

3 Richmond Process for In-Class Registration Sessions 1. 1.Director of Advising obtains instructor permission to visit the class. 2. Advisors obtain rosters for the approved course sections and separate the students by assigned advisor. Students not assigned an advisor or connected to someone other than an Academic Advising Center (AAC) advisor are distributed to AAC advisors to assist.

4 3. Advisors create a full Academic Completion Plan (ACP) for each of their students and save it as active in Ivy Advising. Advisors print copies of the plans (optional). a. a.For students that have an existing plan, advisors check the plan to ensure that the student has not changed program and the student is registered as indicated on the plan for the current semester. Updates are completed as necessary.

5 4. Advisors remove registration holds associated with academic plans. a. Advisors note any other holds that may prevent student registration (accounts receivable, missing information, etc.). If these can be addressed in or before the registration session, they must be resolved. b. b.Advisors note next semester PIN numbers for selective programs on academic plans. 5.A minimum of 3 advisors (or one advisor per 5-7 students anticipated) attends the registration session. At least one advisor accesses Native Banner to look up test scores, release or check holds, etc., as needed.

6 6. Advisor gives a brief demonstration (5-10 minutes) Accessing Ivy Advising Uploading a photo and updating student profile Importance of the ACP for degree planning Viewing existing academic plan Scheduling an advising appointment Registering for classes in Campus Connect

7 7. Students are provided with academic plans and advised to schedule an advising appointment to discuss with theiradvisor if they have not already done so. Advisors assist with scheduling appointments in Ivy Advising.

8 8. Students are asked to log in to Campus Connect and may begin registration. Advisors assist students as needed with registration. 9. Students with holds that cannot be removed in advising are referred to appropriate office.

9 To date, advisors have visited and/or scheduled to visit 75 classes. The classes visited consist of IVYT 101 & 120, English, Math, Communications (101 and 102) and two Health courses (Medical Terminology). It generally takes 15 minutes (30 for a full class) to complete the registration process.



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