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College of Professional Studies - Advising University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

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1 College of Professional Studies - Advising University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

2 CPS Departments: Business & Economics Communicative Disorders Education Health & Exercise Science Health Promotion & Human Development Health Sciences

3 Finding my DPR & learning to read it (Degree Progress Report) Calculating my GPA ◦It is easier to lower a GPA than to raise it! Understand credits/points relationship ◦It’s pretty simple math My on-line GPA calculator Tools for Success – Reading MyPoint







10 Be resourceful! Check myPoint for answers before you contact your advisor.




14 Find assigned advisor on DPR…some programs have Peer Advising Make appointment – Most advisors/peer advising programs send out email instructions. Prepare for appointment: ◦Think about personal, educational and career goals ◦Print DPR – some advisors will ask you to bring 2 copies ◦Be familiar with requirements for major/minor ◦Review timetable ◦Prepare list of questions ◦Make list of approvals needed (i.e. advisor authorization, Permission Required “PR”, overload approvals, repeat authorizations, etc.) What happens when I meet with my advisor?




18 The Records and Registration website has many resources for students, including helpful “how to” videos.” University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point



21 Prepare multiple schedules Watch myPoint Timetable for seat availability or PR additions (PR added later usually means the course is closed and a waiting list has been started) Pay deposit(s)($100 for each term) & take care of any additional “holds” What Do I Do After My Advising Appointment?

22 Register on assigned date & time. ◦Registering late can impact seat availability ◦If a desired course/section is closed, get on waiting list(s) immediately by contacting the department that offers the course to find out how it works. Each Dept. does it differently. Register for an alternative just in case! Contact advisor if you have registration issues What Do I Do After My Advising Appointment?





27 Look for answers! ◦Search UWSP website ◦Read all emails including MOD – Biz & Buz ◦Ask your advisor if you don’t understand something

28 Ask for help! The Student Academic Advising Center website lists campus resources available to all students: Examples: o Career Services o Assessments and Career Counseling o Counseling Center o Multicultural Student Information o Special Needs Student Information o Student Involvement and Employment o Student Organizations o Tutoring-Learning Center o Offers tutoring in most General Degree Requirements Campus Resources




32 Get Involved ◦Research indicates that students who get involved in campus organizations and UWSP sponsored activities are academically more successful than those that don’t. ◦For majors in the College of Professional Studies, it is important to be involved in a student organization tied to your future profession. This involvement shows future employers that you have leadership abilities. Great resume builder! ◦Stop by the student organization tables on your way out!

33 Questions?

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