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Biology Departments Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop.

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1 Biology Departments Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop

2 Great! Lets get started! You will need to print out an AA Hold Worksheet to fill out while you watching this presentation. Ready? Great! Lets get started!

3 Begin by filling out the basics…

4 Now, on to DegreeWorks! Sign on at: Sign on to DegreeWorks with your NetID and password.

5 DegreeWorks You will use DegreeWorks to fill out the information on your AA Hold worksheet. This is the page DegreeWorks will open up to.

6 DegreeWorks Scroll down and this is what you see. What do the different colors mean? Green means you have completed this requirement. Blue means you are currently enrolled in a course that will fulfill this requirement. Red means that you still have to complete this requirement.

7 Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) All students enrolled as an undergraduate student at USF are required to complete the FKL Requirements. Here is a list of the requirements. They are also on your AA worksheet. So what exactly are these FKL Requirements?

8 Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) Great question! There are several places to find this information, here are 2 of them. 1. DegreeWorks The classes that will fulfill this requirement are listed here Make sure you DO NOT choose a class listed after Except to try and fulfill the requirement 2. USF Undergraduate Website USF Undergraduate Website click here to view a list of eligible courses Ok, but how do I know which classes to take to complete the FKL requirements?

9 Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) Heres the 3 rd way! 3. USF OASIS SchedulerUSF OASIS Scheduler When you are searching for classes, you can search by the FKL requirement you want to complete. Ok, but how do I know which classes to take to complete the FKL requirements? You may not have used OASIS since Orientation, so if you need a refresher you can click here for a here

10 Now, take time to fill in the FKL Portion of your AA Worksheet Heres an example of what it may look like:

11 Gordon Rule Requirement 2 Components Communication (12 hours) ENC 1101 ENC 1102 Writing Intensive Your Choice! Computation (6 hours) Any 2 courses in the Math Dept. Will be completed by your major requirements. Click here Click here (p.42-46) for more information or ask your advisor! Ok, I think I am understanding everything, but what about the Gordon Rule Requirements? You will already complete 9 hours through your FKL requirements. You only need to choose 1 additional course to complete this requirement. When choosing your last course to meet the Gordon Rule communication requirement, you may choose a course that also meets one of your FKL requirements.

12 FLENT/FLEX Requirements Foreign Language Entrance (FLENT) Can be satisfied by taking 2 consecutive years of the same language in high school OR By completing 2 semesters of a foreign language at the university level Foreign Language Exit (FLEX) For Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) only. Biology does not have a BA degree at this time Can be satisfied by taking 2 semesters of a foreign language at the university level I know about this requirement! Let me explain what FLENT/FLEX means! If you are proficient in a language, you may take a language test to see if you test out of the requirement at CPR 419. For more information click hereclick here

13 Next, fill in the Gordon Rule, and FLENT/FLEX requirements

14 How to use DegreeWorks to fill in your Spring 2013 Schedule: Choose classes that are listed under the requirements that you still need (red boxes). You may also use the Undergraduate Website and/or OASIS resources we talked about to search for your classes to complete your schedule. Undergraduate Website OASIS

15 search-a-bull If you are unsure about which class to take, this is a great resource to help you decide. Heres a list of some of the things you can find on search-a-bull: search-a-bull Prerequisites for a class Class name and description Requirements the class meets (e.g. FKL, Gordon Rule)

16 Lets make it happen! Fill in your Spring 2013 Schedule: Here is an example of a possible Summer schedule based on Rockys current grades and Spring schedule: We suggest you create a schedule that consists of at least 1 Chemistry course, another Math/Science Course and 2 additional courses that satisfy a requirement (FKL, minor, etc.) Your Summer/Fall schedule should be based on the following: -Your Spring schedule -Your major/minor requirements -The FKL requirements you have left to complete

17 Great Job! All you have left to do to prepare for you appointment is write down any additional questions you have for your advisor.

18 So you have done all this work and now youre thinking… You can easily find all this information and more on OASIS. Check OASIS for your registration date and time.OASIS You can also view your midterm grades in OASIS and any holds that may be on your account. When do I get to register? And how do I find out?

19 Tips for your Advising Meeting Show up at least 5 minutes early at SCA 203 for your appointment Make sure you bring your AA Hold Worksheet (after all, you did put all this hard work into it) Remember, you must meet with an advisor during walk-ins or a scheduled appointment in order to have your AA Hold released. Note: Walk in advising meetings are only 15 minutes long, if you have something that you would like to discuss that will take more than 15 minutes, please make a full 30 minute appointment with an advisor on our eScheduler.eScheduler

20 Stay tuned for additional information!

21 FAQ What if I am declared the wrong major in DegreeWorks? You can process a What-If degree sheet to view the requirements of your desired major. Please see the following slide for a demonstration. Do I have to meet with an advisor to get my hold lifted? Yes, if you are a first year student, the only way to get your Academic Advising hold removed is to meet with an advisor either during a scheduled appointment or walk-in hours. We will not remove AA holds through e-mail. Who should I see if I want to declare a different major outside of the Biology Departments? Who will lift my hold? In order to make sure you are taking the right classes, it is important for you to meet with the advisor for the major you wish to pursue. The advisor will help to ensure that you are taking an appropriate schedule for your intended major and will lift your AA hold.

22 How to process a What If Degree Sheet After you Click Process What-If a degree sheet will appear that shows what your DegreeWorks would look like if you were declared that major.

23 Helpful Links OASIS Scheduler Tutorial Visit Bioadvise for:Bioadvise Degree Sheets: Walk-in Hours Calendars Follow us on Facebook for more Advising updates!Facebook

24 Still have questions? Email us at Please make sure to include your full name, major, and U # so that we may assist you properly. - Thank you!

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