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„Agropuzzle 2” meeting in Czech Republic 05 - 11 January 2014 Presentation Day 1.

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1 „Agropuzzle 2” meeting in Czech Republic 05 - 11 January 2014 Presentation Day 1

2 Directions for creating of multimedia presentation by participants of Czech’s mobility within Leonardo da Vinci „Agropuzzle 2” project.

3 The aim of presentation: To show characteristic features of running a farm and agribusiness enterprises in Czech Republic on the basis of: 1) David Kostruh and his business – story of Davidův Mlýn To show similarities and differences between David Kostruh and agrobusiness enterprise in your country Each group (country) prepare its presentation in their mother tongue or in English for every visited place taking into account:  Characteristic features listed above  Personal remarks and feelings not included in the chart  Photos taken on the spot

4 1. David Kostruh business specialization David Kostruh is specialized in agri-tourism, economy, fishing activities, restaurants, open-door activities in connection with organizations and local communities as well as with the import of Chinese products. His hobby is rally championship.

5 2. Family oriented business activity David Kostruh, and his family share the same specialization. Their choice help them to manage better their economic activity.

6 3. Vocational education of company owners and their children connected to Opava Secondary Agricultural School The companies connected to Opava Secondary Agricultural School are: IVAX – company that made an apprenticeship program based on pharmaceutical products ARBORETUM – part of Silesium Museum and is specialized in landscaping NATURA OPAVA – they are cleaning the forest from garbage, they made info maps, scientific expeditions, etc. and is collaborating with University in Ostrava, University of Olomouc and University of Brno.

7 4. Acquiring of funds from European projects aimed at development and modernization of farms and enterprises (in close relation to agricultural education) Yes. He needed the funds to build and develop Daviduv Mlyn.

8 5. Cooperation with regional institutions He cooperated with the regional institutions to obtain the funds and project permits from the Czech Government and the European Council.

9 6. Showing significant production connections with foreigners The most important thing regarding the connections with foreigners is that they organized EU programs with students from different country from EU.

10 7. Development of side activities such as agritourism and restaurants They have their own crop-fields and fish farm and use the products. The restaurant use that to prepare the food.

11 8. The use of natural climatic and qualities in running the company within given area They use solar panels for warm water and heating and the mill for electricity.

12 9. The use of landscape qualities in running an agricultural company The company use the region with the mountains and rivers to develop the agri- tourism and social activity in the area.

13 10. Reduction of unemployment in the local area due to creation of new workplaces (recently) In Czech Republic the unemployment rate is about 7%, but in this area, in 2012 they built Breda shopping mall and used their local human resources.

14 11. Proecological activities They constructed foot path for walking, running and cycling.

15 Your opinion about visited place Advantages : - The people from here are honest, generous and friendly. - The landscape is beautiful in the visited area. Disadvantages: - They don’t use international languages on indicators from the city in this area.

16 Thank you Frantisek Uhnak Tomas Baranovic Marek Kubalak Peter Farkas Andrea Minarova Dominika Huturova Alexandru Grosu Mihai Ionescu Marian Gheorghe and

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