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„Agropuzzle 2” meeting in Portugal 06 - 12 April 2014 Presentation Day 4.

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1 „Agropuzzle 2” meeting in Portugal 06 - 12 April 2014 Presentation Day 4

2 Directions for creating of multimedia presentation by participants of Portugal’s mobility within Leonardo da Vinci „Agropuzzle 2” project.

3 The aim of presentation: To show characteristic features of running a farm and agribusiness enterprises in Portugal on the basis of: 1) FRULACT 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE 3) PARKURBIS 4) BEIRABERRY Each group (country) prepare its presentation in their mother tongue or in English for every visited place taking into account:  Characteristic features listed above  Personal remarks and feelings not included in the chart  Photos taken on the spot

4 1. Business specialization 1)FRULACT It started in 1987 as a plant for processing fruits from the region. It now has factories all over the world and are one of the biggest companies of this type in Europe. 2)LOCA/VINOLIVE It started 18 years ago and it specializes in extracting virgin olive oil. It now has a capacity of 3000 t / year

5 3)PARKURBIS Is a business centre which creates a good environment for little companies to grow and develop their ideas. 4) BEIRABERRY A small plantation of blueberry with only 4 ha that started in 2013.

6 2. Family oriented business activity 1)FRULACT It started as a family business but now is a multinational company 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE It is a family business. The owner started it 18 years ago and she is reluctant of growing it because she doesn't want to lose quality. 3) PARKURBIS It is an institution funded by the municipality. 4) BEIRABERRY It is a family business.

7 3. Vocational education of company owners and their children connected to secondary agricultural school 1)FRULACT They have a lot of employees with specializations in all the fields of activity related to the business. 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE The owner learned how to extract oil from olives from her father, and in the present she tries to get her children involved in the activity as well.

8 3) PARKURBIS They provide information for the developing companies. This institution assures a dynamic interface between the University of Beira Interior (UBI) and entrepreneurial tissue in order to bring together the R&D offer and needs of companies. 4) BEIRABERRY The owner doesn't have a background in growing blueberries.

9 4. Acquiring of funds from European projects aimed at development and modernization of farms and enterprises (in close relation to agricultural education) 1)FRULACT For this plant they accessed European funding, 30%. 2)VINOLIVE They did not have any European or national funding. 3)PARKURBIS For the construction of the building they had a 70% European funding. 4) BLUEBERRIS The cost of the plantation was 160000 euros, part of which came from the EU

10 5. Cooperation with regional institutions 1)FRULACT They do not have special connections with regional institutions 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE They cooperate with olive farmers, and have a regular relationship with the regional institutions 3) PARKURBIS They have connections with all the regional institutions including the health department. 4) BEIRABERRY They do not have special connections with regional institutions

11 6. Showing significant production connections with foreigners 1)FRULACT They import a lot of the fruits they are processing and also a lot of their products go to export. 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE Export is a good way for them to sell the oil some of the best external markets being France and England. 3) PARKURBIS In their effort to help small companies to develop their ideas they frequently have connections with foreigners 4) BLUEBERRIS They plan to export most of their products because Portugal is not a big blueberries consumer

12 7. Development of side activities such as agritourism and restaurants 1)FRULACT Besides production they have two research and development laboratories. 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE They started a winery and a jam producing plant. 3) PARKURBIS They do not have any side activities 4) BEIRABERRY They do not have any side activities

13 8. The use of natural climatic and qualities in running the company within given area 1)FRULACT The natural climate doesn't influence the running of the company 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE The climate and soil conditions make the area suitable for growing olive trees which ensures raw materials for making olive oil, and other food products 3) PARKURBIS The climate doesn't influence this company 4) BEIRABERRY The climate and soil conditions are suitable for growing blueberries.

14 9. The use of landscape qualities in running an agricultural company 1)FRULACT The landscape does not influence their activities 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE The landscape does not influence their activities 3) PARKURBIS The landscape does not influence their activities 4) BEIRABERRY The farm is collecting the natural water in underground tanks and using for irrigation.

15 10. Reduction of unemployment in the local area due to creation of new workplaces (recently) 1)FRULACT It is a big company which needs a lot of employees and creates a big number of workplaces 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE In the fields and in the plants they have over 50 workers, most of them being from the region. 3) PARKURBIS They help reduce the unemployment rate by helping small companies grow and create workplaces. 4) BLUEBERRIS At the moment only 2 people work in this plantation. In the future, they plan to use seasonal workers for harvesting.

16 11. Proecological activities 1)FRULACT They are planning to develop a line of organic products but they say that the market for them is not a big one. 2) LOCA/VINOLIVE Being a processing plant they can not control the production of olives but they do rigorous testing of all their products (oil, wine, etc). 3) PARKURBIS They encourage their companies to be ecofriendly 4) BLUEBERRIS They do not produce organic fruits, but use the organic substrate for blueberry growing in order to reduce soil erosion.

17 Your opinion about visited place Advantages : -The people have a lot of initiative in starting and developing businesses in multiple areas of activity. -The coexistence of big and small companies that creates opportunities for both employees and small business owners Disadvantages: -

18 Done Thank you

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