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„Agropuzzle 2” meeting in Portugal 06 - 12 April 2014 Presentation Day 3.

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1 „Agropuzzle 2” meeting in Portugal 06 - 12 April 2014 Presentation Day 3

2 Directions for creating of multimedia presentation by participants of Portugal’s mobility within Leonardo da Vinci „Agropuzzle 2” project.

3 The aim of presentation: To show characteristic features of running a farm and agribusiness enterprises in Portugal on the basis of: 1) SABORES DA GARDUNHA 2) TWINTEX 3) ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO 4) BEIRAMORANGO Each group (country) prepare its presentation in their mother tongue or in English for every visited place taking into account:  Characteristic features listed above  Personal remarks and feelings not included in the chart  Photos taken on the spot

4 1. Business specialization 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA Is a small company that makes good quality jams, jellies, compotes and liquors. 2)TWINTEX A textile company funded in 1979 that develops and manufacture clothes for some of the biggest brands in the world.

5 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO A cooperation with over 1000 associates, that was founded 65 years ago by the grape producers in the region to make and market wine. 4) BEIRAMORANGO Is a strawberry farmer that started activity in 2013 using a hydroponic system.

6 2. Family oriented business activity 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA Due to it’s size in this company is formed only by family members. 2)TWINTEX It started 35 years ago, by the owner, producing children wear. In the present him and both of his sons are involved in running the business.

7 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO The ownership of the cooperative is shared between the grape producers. 4) BEIRAMORANGO The owner started the plantation with one of his friends. None of the other family members are involved in the business.

8 3. Vocational education of company owners and their children connected to secondary agricultural school 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA The owner learned to prepare jams from his mother and she from her father. So the recipe and techniques of production are traditional. 2)TWINTEX Within the company there is a special department which is called Twintex Academy where they train and retrain their personal.

9 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO In the cooperative there was an agricultural engineer that dealt with all the wine making process as well as giving advice to grape farmers. 4) BEIRAMORANGO The owner does not have any agricultural school

10 4. Acquiring of funds from European projects aimed at development and modernization of farms and enterprises (in close relation to agricultural education) 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA They didn’t access any EU funding. 2)TWINTEX The company implemented 3 European funded projects.

11 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO In order to modernize the productions facilities the cooperative received EU funds in a percentage of 70%. 4) BEIRAMORANGO For the construction of the plantation and cold storage facilities they had a 60% European funding

12 5. Cooperation with regional institutions 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA The cooperation with regional institutions include collaboration with RUDE Agency. 2)TWINTEX The philosophy of the company is to help their employees even outside the factory, that’s way they negotiated discounts for them with many local business from pharmacies to restaurants. They also support the local school.

13 6. Showing significant production connections with foreigners 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA For the production they use mostly fruits from the region to help the development of local producers. The final products are sold all over Portugal and also a big quantity goes to export. 2)TWINTEX They get fabric from all over the world, however they prefer to work with the local manufacturers because of the speed of delivery and lower prices at the same quality. The clothes that are produced by them are all going for export.

14 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO The wine varieties made here are typical to the region and to Portugal and so they are more appreciated on the interior market, but the cooperative also sales to a lot of countries all over the world and are planning to extend their market even more. 4) BEIRAMORANGO Although the plantation just started production the owner plans to sell on the local market as well as exporting it.

15 7. Development of side activities such as agritourism and restaurants 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA There are no side activities associated with the business 2)TWINTEX Besides developing and manufacturing clothes for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, the people at Twintex have started to propose their own designs.

16 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO Wine making is the only activity of the cooperative. 4) BEIRAMORANGO The company has just started production so for the moment there are no side activities associated with it.

17 8. The use of natural climatic and qualities in running the company within given area 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA Being situated in a region famous for it’s fruit production the company has easy access to quality row materials. 2)TWINTEX The climate dos not influence the production of this company.

18 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO The soil and climatic conditions are ideal for growing grapes which results in high productions and good quality wine. 4) BEIRAMORANGO In an controlled environment and hydroponic system climatic and soil conditions have no influence.

19 9. The use of landscape qualities in running an agricultural company 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA The landscape does not affect the business. 2)TWINTEX The landscape does not affect the business. 3) ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO The landscape does not affect the business. 4) BEIRAMORANGO The landscape does not affect the business.

20 10. Reduction of unemployment in the local area due to creation of new workplaces (recently) 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA being a small business it doesn't have employees, only family members work here. 2)TWINTEX The company has 350 employees most of which are people living in the region, and their activities sustain the reduction of unemployment in the local area.

21 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO The cooperative only has 15 employees but counting all the farmers that work in vine we could say that it creates a lot of income for the people in the area. 4) BEIRAMORANGO The plantation just started and it only has 2 workers, but this number is going to grow a little when the production is going to increase with local people.

22 11. Proecological activities 1)SABORES DA GARDUNHA Although at the moment they do not have organic products, they plan to develop this segment by creating organic baby food. 2)TWINTEX The company has a lot of ecofriendly politics for reducing their carbon footprint starting with using natural gas, solar panels, recycling water and having UV filters on the windows.

23 3)ADEGA COOPERATIVA DO FUNDAO The waste resulting from wine making process is used as part of compost. 4) BEIRAMORANGO Being a hydroponic plantation it can not produce organic products, but the water used was recycled.

24 Your opinion about visited place Advantages : -The existence of many cooperatives helps small farmers to get better prices for their products - Better valorification of local raw materials - Help reduce unemployment and retraining the local workforce - New ideas for small business in Romania Disadvantages: - The organic products market is small.

25 Done Thank you

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