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„Agropuzzle” meeting in Poland 25-31 March 2012 Presentation.

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1 „Agropuzzle” meeting in Poland 25-31 March 2012 Presentation

2 Directions for creating of multimedia presentation By participants of Polish mobility within Leonardo da Vinci „Agropuzzle” project

3 The aim of presentation: To show characteristic features of running a farm and agribusiness enterprises in Poland on the basis of: 1)a farm specialized in porkers run by Teresa and Rajmund Bulik 2) a farm and fish breeding pond and agribusiness activity and gastronomy by Grazyna and Leszek Krzywniak 3) factory of soil for champignons cultivation by Karol Kania and sons To show similarities and differences between running a farm and agribusiness enterprise in Poland and other European countries viewed through observations during previous mobilities Each group (country) prepare its presentation in their mother tongue as well as in English for every visited place taking into account:  Characteristic features listed above  Personal remarks and feelings not included in the chart  Photos taken on the spot

4 1. Vast area farms; so-called individual farms and specialization in terms of plants and animal production Bulik – We are talking about a farmer who is specialized in pork stockfarming. Alongside a percentage of animals food is being produced by the same. Krzywniak- he is just occupied with animal production. Kania and sons he is not specialized in plants and animal production. He process one kind of plant straw for furthemore plant –mushroom- production. My country- In our region there are some farms that operate like the Bulik company.

5 2. Family oriented business activity Bulik – all the family is focused just in animal production. His sons are occupied with the cultivation and growth of plants they are used for animal feeding. Krzywniak – he has many activities restaurant, farm, touristic business including breeding ponds but for the operation of all of them, he only acts as a manager and occupys employees for the hole business. Family enterprise in my country- it depends of the business capacity.

6 3. Vocational education of company owners and their children connected to Komorno Secondary Agricultural School Bulik – all the members of the family apart of the mother the had been educated in Komorno Secondary Agricultural school. Krzywniak – The owner is one of the older students who took certificate of this school. My country - Most of the farmers in my country have vocational education in the Secondary Agricultural School of their regions.

7 4. Acquiring of funds from European projects aimed at development and modernization of farms and enterprises (in close relation to agricultural education) Bulik – Bulik farm has been funded from European Comunnity. Krzywniak – His has been funded for the building of the restaurant at 45 percent Kania and sons- He has just been funded for pellet production not the rest of them. In my country - In such product lines such as Bulik, Krzywniak and Kania’s firms are also being funded from E.C. projects.

8 5. Cooperation with raw materials’ suppliers and recipients of farm goods, both animal and vegetable Bulik – His suppliers are mostly Denmark and he definitely keeps in touch with them with purpose to order the piglets. He also connects with the recipients in order to sell the animals. Krzywniak – He is the supplier for his restaurant but the feed for the animals of his farm are being ordered from the suppliers with whom he definitely contact with. In my country - It depends on the case

9 6. Any marketing activities aiming at acquiring raw material (straw) and cooperation with recipients of final product (soil for champignons and pellets) Kania and sons - there is a connection between production and raw material. The factory works with specific farmers who produce a specific amount of straw which is needed to cover the demand of the product which is ordered of the recipients. So there is a cooperation with the recipients as well. In my country- In my country there is a close connection between the quantity of raw material and the quantity of final product requested of the recipients.

10 7. Showing significant production connections with foreign markets Bulik – he export the final product to Russia, Ukraine and China Kania and sons – he export the final product to the nearest countries because it will be damaged if it will be not delivered within 12 hours In my country- depending on the kind of the final product there are exports to other countries for example meat or is used in the local market. Althought there is a production of mushrooms in Greece there is no factory which processes straw.

11 8. Development of side activities such as fish breeding ponds, agritourism and restaurants Krzywniak – these activities are the mainly products of Krzywniak company In my country - In the field of agrotourism there are many facilities with the help of European Community funds

12 9. The use of natural climatic and soil qualities in running a farming company within given area Bulik – Mr Bulik has the available fields to cultivate the plants for feeding the pigs. Also has the available space to develop the factory and there is no any special climatic characteristics needed to for the animals. We could say that the cold weather helps the existence of such a facility because the pigs can survive with difficulty in hiqh temperatures. Krzywniak – he does has low temperature’s climate that pigs can survive but doesn’t need specific water temperature for fishes’s growth. Kania and sons – it is the most appropriate place for such a company because the low temperature helps the maintenance of the processed straw in steady conditions of humidity. There is also plenty of space to be cultivated and give us the straw as a raw material In my country – the most common use is the production of electric power for farming facilities from solar energy

13 10. The use of landscape qualities in running a farm and agricultural company Krzywniak – he has three activities. For the first one the farm there is the appropriate landscape to supprt the farm and there is the available ground for the cultivation of any plants for animal feeding. The breeding ponds is also supported of the width of the space that farmer has. The restaurant is also supported of the other two facilities. In my country - Mostly of the agricultural activities are being created in the available places with purpose to be harmonized with the hole landscape. And are being created depending on the kind of facility. For example breeding ponds next to lagoon, pigsties in uninhabited areas e.t.c.

14 11. The use of high quality straw as a side product of crop production Kania and sons- it is necessary to use high quality straw for the quality of the final product. In my country - Usually in the production the higher quality of the straw makes the final product better.

15 12. Reduction of unemployment in the local area due to creation of new workplaces (recently) Kania and sons – Employees are more than 250 being occupied in the factory operation and also there are many farmers who grow the straw with purpose to supply the production line of this factory. In my country -

16 13. The use of the abundance of straw to biofuels’ production Kania and sons – straw is pressed in small pieces in order to be used for thermal heating fuel In my country- In my country are being used two other kinds of plants for pellet production for heating use. Elaiokamvi and artichoke

17 14. Proecological meaning of pellets production Kania and sons – it is fact that any use of ecological products such as straw pellets its much more effective and leads to the reduction of air pollution and energy cost. The old and traditional ways of producing energy, like the use of oil or gas tend to be replaced of the new renewable sources of energy. In my country - In my country the use of renewable sources of energy are being expanded year by year. Apart from the energy production of plants there is a wide use of solar energy including photovoltaic cells and wind turbines.

18 Your opinion about visited places 1. We had useful information about the area of the county chairman 2. The way that agricultural school works find it useful to the training of new farmers. 3. The enormous and imposing Chitler s theater fears you. Is totally harmonized with the width of disaster he caused 4. Kania s farm was very interesting place and almost unknown to southern countries the production line of the straw for mushrooms cultivation use. 5. Krywniak s farm was also interesting because of the variety of animals. 6. This family farm is a proof that agricultural education is useful for every person who wants to work in this field without having difficulties even from his first steps in the work. Remarkable was his hospitality.

19 Thank you

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