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Bully Prevention: Part II

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1 Bully Prevention: Part II
Redland Respect! Let’s put an end to bullying now!

2 Current Expectations- for review
Highlight our school’s three rules: RESPECT SELF, OTHERS, AND SCHOOL

3 Student Matrix- review as needed
Remind students that this is their guide to knowing what to do in and around the school

4 Review of Lesson One Say “STOP” and use the hand signal
If that doesn’t work, “WALK” away If that doesn’t work, “TALK” to an adult

5 Responding to “Stop, Walk, Talk”
This is a school-wide expectation If you are doing something and someone uses “stop”, “walk”, or “talk” your response should be: 1. Stop what you are doing 2. Take a deep breath and count to 3 3.Go on with your day

6 The Response should include:
Responding appropriately even when you don’t think you did anything wrong Responding appropriately even if you think the other student is just trying to get you in trouble

7 Practice Time Your teacher will divide you up into groups of 2
Practice using the “STOP” signal with each other and Practice using a correct response when given the “STOP” signal Take Turns Possible scenarios to act out: Johnny says something rude to Sally Joey takes something that Sam is playing with

8 Adult responses When you report a problem to an adult, they will:
Thank you for coming to talk to them Ask you what the problem is Ask if you said “stop” Ask if you “walked away” calmly Practice Stop/Walk/Talk with you if needed Appropriate can be: Johnny pokes Sally in the back over and over, Susue teases Sally and calls her names, Joey tackles Sam whle playing two-hand touch football, Sam steals the ball away from Fred when they are not playing a game that involves stealing Inappropriate use examples: Johnny accidentally breaks double dribble rule in basketball, Kelly makes a suggestion for a game that Fred does not liked, Sam steals a ball away from Fred when they are playing basketball, Sally continues to poke Susie in line even after Susie has delivered the stop signal

9 More practice – time permitting
This time, groups of 4 One instigator One target One bystander One adult in the hallway Practice the entire process Stop/Walk/Talk technique Instigator talking to adult

10 Stop – Walk – Talk Method Review Dipsticking:
When should you use Stop? When should you use Walk? When should you use Talk? How to react if someone tells you “Stop” How will adults respond?

11 POSTER CONTEST Using what you have learned from the first lesson and today, develop a poster to display this information as a reminder to students in the hallway and throughout the building. All posters should be submitted to the counseling office no later than January 6th. All contestants can earn up to1 SSL hour for participating. Winning posters will be displayed around the building. Provide examples and call on students for how to respond

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