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The three R’s of bullying.

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1 The three R’s of bullying.
Recognize, Refuse, Report

2 Recognize Recognize bullying If someone has power over somebody
If a person has more toys If someone has more friends If someone is older If someone is in a higher grade If it is constant or if it happens alot

3 Refuse Refuse bullying Help victim Stop bully
Try to not be a bystander If you are a bystander help victim Tell the bully to stop and if he or she doesn’t go tell an adult

4 Report Report bullying Go with victim to a teacher
Go with victim to an adult Tell an adult about the bully and have the victim with you. Tell the adult that you told the bully to stop and that he or she did not

5 Bystanders You are a bystander if you are watching a bully
When you watch a bully you are almost cheering them on When a bystander stares at a bully and more bystanders come it is showing the bully that he or she has an audiences and will keep going If you are a bystander stop being one and help the victim Bring the victim to a adult and you have taken action and are not a bystander anymore

6 Making Friends Think of a topic to talk about
Ask if you can sit with the person Ask a question and start talking about the topic you thought of Ask questions about the topic Show you are listening Nod your head and say aha Say something positive to the person and ask more questions Don’t change the subject

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