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Bullying is A Pain in the Brain

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1 Bullying is A Pain in the Brain
Mrs. York School Counselor LFNE

2 What is bullying? Bullies are mean on PURPOSE
Bullies hurt someone again and again OVER & OVER Bullies can be one person or a group of People Bullies make you feel afraid it will happen again. FEEL LIKE THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO Bullies can be in school, on the playground, on the bus- anywhere. *Act is done on purpose, happens over and over again, victim feels there is nothing they can do, and the bullying act is done to make someone feel afraid. *

3 Bullying Behaviors What does it look like
Bullying Behaviors What does it look like? It can be verbal or nonverbal. Name calling, teasing ( Mouth Bully) Hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, or physical contact that would hurt or injure a person (Muscle Bully) Telling others not to be someone’s friend, spreading rumors, excluding someone on purpose from groups ( Friend Snatcher Bully) Sending messages, pictures, or information using the computer or cell phone with the intent to make fun of someone ( Cyber bully) Definitions from Time for Tolerance

4 Bullying Terms THE BULLY- Someone who is unkind to someone else on purpose THE VICTIM- Someone who is being bullied. THE WITNESS- A person or people who sees the bullying happening but are not the bully or victim

5 How does it feel when someone gets bullied

6 What is your shield if you get bullied?
Take a deep breath and get calm. Give yourself a positive message. Use an “I” message. Use a strong voice and body language. Try an ignore the person teasing you. Walk away and get help from an adult Go play with supportive friends Say something funny “You have a funny way of making friends” “Thanks for noticing” “Sorry you feel that way” Tell an adult ( Teacher, Mrs. York, Principals, Recess ladies, Specialists) . WIN!! – Walk away, Ignore , Notify an Adult

7 How can you help someone who is getting bullied?
* Stick up for them. Refuse to join in. Don’t rush over and take them on – it might not be safe. If you report a bullying behavior it is NOT tattling!!!

8 What can Parents Do? Create open lines of communication so your child will be able to talk with you if a situation arises that they feel is bullying. Model appropriate ways to handle anger and conflicts. Avoid Programs and Games that encourage violent behaviors.


10 Bullying is not Someone getting in front of you.
A friend calling you a name one time. Someone not sharing with you. Someone calling you a name and you calling them a name back is not bullying.

11 **REVIEW** 4 types of bullies :
Bullies make you feel______________ and like there is ______________ You can do. Bullies do the same thing ___________ and _________ again. A bully is mean to someone by accident or on purpose ? What can I do if someone is being a bully? W- I- N-

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