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Don’t Stand By, Stand Up! Westridge Middle School New Policies and Procedures Adopted January 2013.

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1 Don’t Stand By, Stand Up! Westridge Middle School New Policies and Procedures Adopted January 2013

2 Student Cries For Help Pictures Below Were Taken from Bathroom Stalls at Westridge Middle School

3 What Can You Do? Don’t be a bystander….

4 THINGS TO DO: Do NOT cheer for the fight… Do NOT ignore the situation… DO tell an adult… DO say something to the bully… STRATEGIES BYSTANDER STRATEGIES THINGS TO SAY: Come on, this isn’t worth the trouble… There’s a better way to handle this… You’re better than this. Be nice… Being a bully isn’t cool… Leave him/her alone… Stop. That’s Rude… That’s not Funny…

5 Report Bullying at Westridge

6 New form is available at 4 locations throughout the building 1.Front Hall 2.Library Hallway 3.By Room 160 4.Downstairs by display Students may put forms in metal box by front office (anonymously). Box will be emptied daily.

7 Could I Be a Bully? THINGS TO THINK ABOUT: Is my intention to cause distress? How often do I tease this person? Do I have an unfair advantage? Is the person I’m attacking an unfair target? How does the target feel?

8 Caught Bullying?

9 SMSD Policy JBAA Prohibits…. Any intentional written, verbal, or physical act that: Harms a student or damages a student’s property Substantially interferes with a student’s education Is severe or persistent enough that it creates an intimidating or threatening environment

10 Consequences for Bullies at Westridge Student Will: Student May: Be suspended. Be given packet to complete which includes:  Reading material and quizzes  Contract  Information regarding “Redirections” Have parents notified. Meet w/Admin and SRO upon return to discuss packet. Be placed on Hallway Restriction. Be restricted from riding bus for a period of time.

11 Consequences for Bullies ADDITIONAL Consequences for Repeat Offenders Enrolled in “Redirections.” Possible legal charges.

12 Redirections Taught by counselor(s) and peer mediators. Meet weekly. Students will be responsible for classwork missed. Counselor(s), SRO and Administration will determine when student has met objectives of the course.

13 PREVENTION: Make eye contact… Be friendly… Take a joke– laugh at yourself… Have good posture… Use a firm voice… Being Bullied? You Will Survive! Here Are Some Ways…. PROTECTION: Avoid the DANGER ZONES… Stay with friends or groups… Walk away from the fight… Don’t give up… Practice what to say… Don’t over react… Stay calm… Don’t show your tears… Tell a trusted adult…

14 PREPARATION: Practice what to say… “It’s okay. Say whatever you want – it doesn’t bother me.” “Who are you again?” “Whatever. Anything else?” “You’re repeating yourself.” “She noticed my ears (pick feature) are big (pick adjective)… Great eyesight.” STRATEGIES MORE SURVIVOR STRATEGIES REMEMBER: ACT confident Stay calm… Don’t show your tears… Laugh along… Change the subject…

15 BULLY SURVIVORS UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING: Bullying happens almost everywhere and to almost everyone at some point in their lives… Bullies like audiences… Bystanders usually do not agree with the bully, but they may not know what to do… Survivors concentrate on what THEY can do to improve, not what the bully should do… Being a bully does not make a person more successful in life… often it makes them less successful… SURVIVOR SECRETS

16 Thanks for standing up for ALL STUDENTS at Westridge!

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