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“We Care About YOU”.

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1 “We Care About YOU”

2 [Insert School Name] Our school is safe and cares about you.
We treat everyone with caring and respect. We are all here to help you. Bullying and harassment are not acceptable.

3 “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible”
[Insert and review your school’s expectations or core ethical values] [Review that following the school’s expectations/rules leads to positive acknowledgement & recognition and in appropriate behavior leads to consequences]

4 Because We Care About You

5 How do you feel? If . . . “He takes my crayons and never gives them back. He does that to me everyday. He said if I told anyone he is going to punch me out.” “You’re a whale. You’re a fatty and nobody likes you.” “Everytime I speak in class, the boys make fun of me at recess because I stutter”. “They always push me out of the lunch line, saying, “Move over Shorty, you belong in the back.”

6 What is Bullying? Bullying is when someone wants to makes you feel miserable or threatens you. Bullying makes people feel frightened or unhappy.

7 If you are bullied, you may get . . .
Pinched, punched, hit Teased and called names Left out of a game on purpose

8 If you are the “Bully”, you may be . . .
Saying mean things about another person Pinching, punching, hitting another person to get something Making rude gestures like sticking out your tongue Writing mean things about a person

9 Is Bullying . . . Fair? Deserved? Funny?

10 Does it hurt people?

11 Yes, Bullying Hurts Bullying is just not part of growing up
Bullying can make you feel: Lonely, unhappy, and frightened Unsafe There is something wrong with me. Not want to go to school anymore

12 Bullying Sometimes easy to see Sometimes hard to see
Both boys and girls bully Both boys and girls get bullied Bullying is not fair and it hurts

13 Why Do Some People Bully?
They think it’s a way to be popular Look tough and take charge Do it for attention To make people afraid of them May be jealous of the person they are bullying

14 Why Do Some People Bully?
May not understand how wrong their behavior is and how it makes the person being bullied feel. They may be being bullied themselves at home or outside of school.

15 If you get Bullied . . . Tell your parents or an adult in school
Your teacher, school counselor, or principal Telling is not “tattling.” Don’t fight back. Don’t try to bully those who bully you.

16 If you see someone being bullied . . .
Help the person by telling an adult you can trust Listen to the person being bullied, so they know someone cares

17 Let’s Practice “Stop” Stop signal Hold the stop hand signal firmly out
Give eye contact to the bullier Use a clear voice and say “Stop” If the problem continues then . . .

18 Let’s Practice “Walk” Walk Away If the problem continues then . . .
Walk away from the situation By walking away the bully doesn’t get what he or she wants If the problem continues then . . .

19 Let’s Practice “Talk” Talk: Report problem to an adult
Talking is not “tattling” “Talking” is problem solving “Tattling” is when you don’t use “stop” and “walk away” “Tattling” is when you want to get the other person in trouble

20 Remember . . . Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Someone will always want to help. Someone will always care!

21 Webisodes Stop Bullying Now!
US Department of Health and Human Services offers flash movies, games, and information about bullying and how to prevent it.

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