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Building Colonial Unity Chapter 5-2

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1 Building Colonial Unity Chapter 5-2

2 Chapter 5-2 Protests for Liberty and against unjust treatment and action by Parliament in Boston led to large quantities of British troops being sent to occupy Boston British troops treated Bostonians poorly How did the colonists feel about being policed and monitored by British troops

3 5-2 The Boston Massacre Protest turned violent when colonists threw objects at British troops British troops fired into a mob and killed 5 people One being Crispus Attucks an African American Samuel Adams called this even a Massacre

4 5-2 The word of the deaths spread
Colonial leaders used propaganda, information designed to influence an opinion, against the British Sam Adams and Paul Revere Made posters and other items to spread the word Colonists boycotts of British goods increased Parliament repeals all the Townshend acts except the one on Tea

5 5-2 Colonists felt this was a victory and ended their boycotts except on Tea Some Colonial leaders still called for a resistance to the British 1772 – Samuel Adams revives the committee of correspondence to help circulate grievances about Britain

6 5-2 Colonists think of British colonial policy as a “conspiracy against liberty” Tea Act 1773 Issued to save The Dutch East India company from ruin Allowed them to bypass most of the taxes placed on imported tea in the colonies This allowed them to undercut, or sell their tea cheaper than, their colonial competition

7 5-2 Colonial Merchants called for an immediate boycott of British tea
Most colonies turned the ships containing The Dutch East India Company’s tea away or left the tea to rot on the docks In Boston however, the royal governor ordered the ships to be docked and the tea unloaded

8 5-2 Sam Adams and The Sons of Liberty took action
They dressed as Mohawks and on December 16 threw 342 chests of tea overboard This even became known as the Boston Tea Party

9 5-2 When word reached King George III he realized that Britain was losing the colonies “We must master them or totally leave them alone” 1774 Coercive Acts Response by Parliament to the Boston Tea Party Closed Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the tea

10 Coercive Acts continued
Harbor closing prevented new supplies and food from being shipped into Boston Laws also took away rights from the colonists such as Assembling, and forced Bostonians to quarter soldiers Colonists felt the Coercive acts violated their rights as English citizens

11 5-2 Quebec Act Gave French Catholics the right to worship freely
Also gave Quebec the land west of the Appalachians and north of The Ohio River Colonists renamed the Coercive Acts “The Intolerable Acts”

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