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Building Colonial Unity

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1 Building Colonial Unity
Chapter 5: Section 2

2 Trouble in Boston 1768 Parliament sends troops to Boston to prevent rebellion Colonists are upset British violated colonial rights Sent an army to occupy colonial cities British soliders acted rudely and violently towards colonists Stole goods Competed for jobs

3 The Boston Massacre March 5, 1770
Fight between Bostonians and soldiers Angry Bostonians moved toward customhouse, where British taxes were collected Crowd threw sticks and stones at the soldiers One soldier is knocked down British soldiers open fire, killing five colonists

4 Colonial Leaders use this even as propaganda
Crispus Attucks, a dockworker who was part African and part Native American is killed. Colonial Leaders use this even as propaganda Propaganda: Information made to influence public opinion Paul Revere creates an engraving of the event Samuel Adams puts up posters

5 Committees of Correspondence
Parliament repealed all of the Townshend Acts taxes except the one on tea The colonists who had been boycotting, ended their boycott except for the one on tea 1772 The Boston committee of correspondence begins airing the colonies’ grievances against Great Britain Samuel Adams Committees of Correspondence Spread throughout the colonies Unite colonists who disagree with British policies

6 The Tea Act 1773: British East India Company faced bankruptcy
Allowed the company a virtual monopoly of tea in America Company could sell its tea directly to shopkeepers and bypass colonial merchants Merchants called for a new boycott

7 The Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773 Boston Harbor
Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawks boarded 3 tea ships Threw 342 chests of tea overboard

8 The Coercive Acts 1774 Harsh laws intended to punish the people of Massachusetts Closed Boston Harbor until the tea was paid for Prevented the arrival of food and other supplies from entering Boston Harbor Banned most town meetings in New England Forced Bostonians to shelter soldiers in their homes

9 The other colonies sent food and clothing to support Boston
Quebec Act Set up a government for Quebec Gave Quebec the area west of the Appalachian Mountains and north of the Ohio River Ignored colonists claim to the land Colonists name the Coercive Acts and the Quebec Act: the Intolerable Acts

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